Kids of a growing age tend to understand and evaluate things with greater capacity. As young minds are more active than an adult mind, they can recapitulate things easily. Every parent wants to make their children an expert in coding as well as maths. Coding and maths are the subjects that will help a young mind to be more intellectual. It clutches the mind to follow the right path and bring fruitful ideas rather than just investing the time in gaming sessions.

The major benefit of coding is that it develops the mind of a kid in such a way that he can take up humanity’s biggest problem and solve it. It enhances the Problem Solving and logical thinking capacity of the kids from such a tender age. The greater impossibilities of life then seem to be possible by taking up the right decision.

Maths and coding should be taught to every kid in school and just to the ones who are interested in this field, said some great educators. The languages can just let a student have a good hold on communication but maths & coding is something that will enhance the practical learning process. So instead of being an optional subject, it should be made compulsory. There are a ton of online websites and institutions available that can help a kid to pursue his field of interest. These classes have a dynamic class pattern that captures the interest of the students; let us know about it in detail.

1. Duration and time of classes

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• These classes are usually held 2 times a week and the duration of the classes is 60 minutes.
• The classes are arranged with a motive to encourage practical learning among kids. The size of a class is 1:6; one teacher interacts with 6 students at a time.
• But in case your kid wants personal attention and custom classes, the same can be arranged for the student.
• For this matter, the cost of the personal classes would follow the same. The classes can also be organised 3 times a week depending upon the results and grades of the kids.
• If he is doing well in his coding, the classes can be 2 times per week and if he needs some learning lessons it can arrange 2+ times a week as well.
• The concept requires real understanding and until it’s done well, there is no looking forward.
• So, you don’t need to worry in case your child is not so bright in studies, it will take some time. But this process is going to make him outshine others.

2. Personalised training

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• We all believe and understand the fact that every individual has different capabilities to understand and evaluate things and so does kids.
• A kid might be good academically and understand the basics of coding in the first run but there might be students who may find it difficult.
• Personalised training is the way out for such students. It helps them to find questions to all their answers and have a better understanding of the concept.
• As children, some of us were quite hesitant to ask questions because we thought that it might not create a good impression on the teacher.
• But now as we understand that it is more important to learn than to create an impression on your coach, personalised training is important.
• The coaches at various institutions take up serious responsibilities to make sure that the students learn in the best way possible.
• When personalised training is given to the kid, he gains some confidence to talk about his queries and let his doubts upfront him.

3. Real interaction-based classes

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• Coding and maths is a form of practical learning that might not be clear to the students if taught through videos.
• Online source for such mediums of education is preferable only when a teacher is teaching live so that the kids can directly ask as many questions as they want to.
• Learning happens only when there is a two-way communication platform where kids aren’t hesitant to ask out their queries.
• If the kids have to learn through videos, the coach or the tutor wouldn’t be able to catch up on the kid’s intellectual level and how he is performing. Even if he is understanding the concepts or not.
• Just the facial expressions of a kid are enough to understand if he has got the concept or not, through his face which is visible to the tutor on an online platform.
• So make sure that your kid is not just hopping onto the concepts but understanding them by heart. The basics need to be clear otherwise as the level grows, the concepts will be difficult to understand.

So this was a detailed brief of information that can help you regarding how the classes are taken and how many students are filled in a single batch. It’s totally upon the capability of your kid that if he wants to go for a group batch or a one to one personalised batch. These institutions have so many options just for the convenience and easiness of the kids.

These institutions believed to be one of the most renowned coding platforms that have its institutes in 20+ countries. It is creating young leaders with young minds who can solve any problem that comes their way. Their logical minds are developed with intellectual thinking powers that help them to think rationally. They make the learning process a fun activity for the students so that they enjoy while learning. Even in the group batches, the interaction takes place in one session so that no query of students is left in their minds and taken back home. Everyone has a laptop or desktop at their homes nowadays, and that’s all that you need to attend Cuemath Classes. Don’t waste your time and just focus on your toddler’s mind and let him grab this opportunity.