If you feel like your kids are not getting enough of activity throughout the day because you are constantly busy working, cleaning or cooking, you are probably looking for all the different fun and safe games that they can play by themselves.

You might have been thinking about signing them up to some casual sport such as soccer, basketball or volleyball, but these sports still require a lot of attention from you as a parent. You will have to take them to their sports classes and then take them back, you will also have to pay for those classes and constantly supply them with new gear and equipment as they get older.

And the worst thing about signing up young toddlers for a sport is that they can love it the first few days and then hate it right after you have bought them their new set of jerseys, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs or whatever else it is.

That is why most parents, including you, are looking for casual outdoor games that are simple to understand, easy to play and you could join in anytime you want. These games usually have a few sets of rules that need to be followed and are never complicated, so you will not have to go through tons of effort just to help your toddlers understand what they need to do.

However, finding the right game can be quite a difficult task as you will need to either think of one or find one that won’t require any kind of previous planning or organization. As we all know, toddlers can be quite chaotic, so organizing them is simply impossible, especially when they are free outside in your backyard.

To help you find the right games, we have made a list of few games that will surely be fun for your toddlers while remaining quite simple. No matter whether they are a toddler under 5 years old or an 8-year-old middle schooler, they will surely have no trouble understanding the way these games need to be played out.

Keep in mind, you won’t have to be so strict with the rules as you can always change them to better suit your needs or your children’s needs. So, here are some of what we believe are the most interesting games for toddlers.

The Floor is Lava

source: criticallyrated.com

Who doesn’t remember this adventure during their childhood days? I remember laying down dozens of pillows throughout my home and would jump around from friends with my imagination telling me that everything on the floor is lava. In other words, you were not allowed to touch the lava because if you did, you lost.

Well, by using the imagination of children and your adult logic, you can make this game much more interesting, much safer and as a way to get all of the kids to play outside. If you have any backyard furniture, you can move it around throughout the whole backyard, lay down some sheets, some wood planks and a bunch of other stuff so your toddlers can jump around.

Put down a flag or a sign to mark the start and the finish line. The next thing you need to do is just let them have their fun while you are working in the peace of your home.

Get a trampoline

source: bjs.com

Do you remember as a kid how much fun you had at those bouncy houses that were only present during the summer days? Well, I sure do, and I can truly say that was one of the best times while I was a kid. So, why not go one step ahead and get your children a trampoline for your backyard?

Not only is it much more fun because it bounces you much higher than a bouncy castle, but it is also a lot smaller and quieter as you will not have to listen to the air pump constantly working to keep the castle filled with air.

However, while a big trampoline might seem like an interesting choice, we recommend that you first think about getting a mini trampoline for your kids as it can be much simpler to use and safer. There is no need to set it up since you can easily pick it up by yourself and store it anywhere you want.

A big trampoline needs to be disassembled by at least two adults which can make things a lot more complicated. So, why not check this website out for small trampolines to give your children infinite amounts of fun.

The classic, hide and seek

source: dissolve.com

This one is a no-brainer. It is probably one of the oldest outdoor activity in the history of kids’ games. This legendary game has probably been transferred from one generation to another for thousands of years. It simply cannot be forgotten and it will always be a great source of fun. The only thing you will need to do is to explain to your kids the way it works, set down a couple of rules and then let their imagination work.

Just make sure that you set down a rule that they should not stray anywhere outside of the backyard when hiding. They can find a perfectly good spot to hide right there in your backyard. If all of their hiding ideas have been used up, you could move around some of your furniture to create new spots where your kids can hide in. Think of it as a way to reset the game.

Tag, you are it

source: thehealthjournals.com

This is another one of those games that will always stick with kids. It is one of the simplest games, it is immensely fun and includes tons of running which means your children will always come back home with the need to sleep.

Who can stay awake after spending so much energy constantly running? So, not only will you have peace and quiet while they are outside, but you will also have more time for yourself after they go to sleep early.