No matter, parenting is of which country, parents always want the best for their kids. Parents believe in doing the best for their kids, and they are ready to take that extra mile if required. No one is born perfect, not even our parents. They get their qualities over the time they spend learning things. They learn about doing parenting in a better way from the society they live in and their parents.

Our parents saw their parents raise them, and they learned about parenting skills. Moreover, no parenting style is good or bad. It is just that every method has its pros and cons, and parents should deal with them. There are a few tips that Indian parents follow, and parents of the US don’t. Hence, in many ways, Indian parents are different from US parents.

If you have ever witnessed a parent teaching a kid in India, then you will see a mixture of western and Indian styles of parenting. This is the best part about Indian parenting that you glimpse different cultures in it. Let us see how Indian parenting is different from US parenting. Additionally, they also filter out the best ways from both styles to look for what is best.

Ways in which both styles of parenting is different


  • According to a survey by The Times of India, 51% of Indian parents look forward to seeing their children succeed in their careers. The figure is the highest among any other cultures.

In contrast, only one-fifth of US parents expect the same for their children. It means that Indian parents are more ambitious for their kids.

  • US parents believe in letting their kids take important decisions independently. They also let their kids choose career options on their own, whereas 18% of Indian parents want their kids to join IT firms. This, again, the highest from other parenting cultures. They focus more on their kids’ careers and want them to perform great in their respective fields.
  • 91% of Indian parents aspire to have a chance to opt for higher studies for their children. This is 31% higher as compared to the US culture.

This is a look at just the career of kids, but Indian parenting is different from the US in several other ways. There are a lot more aspects in which both parenting types are distinct. In some aspects, Indian parenting peaks, while in others, the US’s rank is higher. Hence, you cannot denote one style of parenting the best. It is just that both styles are different from one another.

Considerations of Indian Style of Parenting


  • Indians are more grounded in the culture of India. They respect their heritage and tradition and teach their children the same thing. They help their children remain rooted in the Indian heritage from an early age.
  • Indian kids are taught a few things very well, and no other culture can beat that. They are taught to respect their elders, duties, and customs. They are also taught to take-up their responsibilities adequately. They are taught to face tough situations with greater ease.
  • Indian parents believe being vigilant over their kids. They like to include their kids in some decisions of life so that they get to understand how different situations are dealt with.
  • Indian parents believe in keeping their children on a healthy diet. They like to offer their kids with food items that make up a balanced diet. Research says that Indians have a wide variety of meals for their kids. Know about the perfect weight according to the height of your baby from​m.​
  • Indian parents are more dominating. At the same time, they are supportive and protective. They also believe that their kids should grow up with society rather than staying alone.

Traits of US parents


  • Right from when they get pregnant, people in the US join birthing classes to learn more about birthing and parents. It is from these classes that they get parenting lessons, and they learn more.
  • US parents teach their kids financial independence. Regardless of their family background and status, children as soon as they turn 18, they are taught how to be financially independent. This way, you can earn their living by themselves.
  • US parents decide a strict schedule for their kids. The children are instructed to follow the schedule so that they can lead a well-managed life.
  • Kids are made to sleep separately from their parents right from the time when they join the nursery. They are taught to do so from the beginning.
  • Parents in the US have broad minds and are more science-oriented. They are not like Indian parents who have blind beliefs.
  • US parents don’t feed their kids after they attain a certain age. This is done to teach them eating habits from a younger generation. They have adequate eating habits norms set for their kids according to their age, and they are taught to abide by such rules. It makes the children disciplined in every field.

The Final Words


So you see that both the styles of parenting have positive points. Moreover, there are a few things that Indian parents should consider learning from US parents. The first and foremost thing that people should consider as a change in India is, husbands should be allowed to attend the delivery.

The second thing that is worth following is the way US kids are taught to work for themselves. Indians, in some way or the other, make their kids dependent on others. This is a wrong practice followed. Self-defense is a critical trait that makes your kid strong. You should train them on it.

These changes, when implemented in society, will make the Indian community a better place to live in. These implementations will help parents and kids develop in unimaginable ways. Indian kids will become vulnerable to face challenges in a better way and will come out stronger than ever. It is not that the style of parenting in India is wrong; it is just that parents can try to get prepared in a better way. Moreover, Indian parents should stop being biased regarding passion, earning, and interests. Let your kids do what they are interested in doing more.