Believe it or not, the stability of the social structure we live in depends on how healthy the young minds are. When a stable and dynamic leader leads a country, it makes things work positively. Not to be forgotten, the children today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

While a day boarding school in Siliguri plays a pivotal role in shaping the young minds to face future challenges, this pressure to excel affects the little minds, thereby disturbing their mental health to a great extent.

Unfortunately, neither teachers nor parents seem concerned about the enhancement of a child’s mental health. For them, until the acute depression is caused and detected by a psychiatrist, a kid is doing all well. If you are one of them, it’s time to get alarmed.

However, the management of Sri Sri Academy Siliguri, understands the importance of the mental health of children and accordingly develops its curriculum to make sure the body and the mind of the children are equally worked upon.

Why is Mental Health Awareness for Children Necessary?


Look around yourself once! You will get an uncountable number of people who will talk about staying fit and healthy. And their mantra to remain healthy is to visit the gym and perform the required exercises regularly. It’s surprising how they forget that it’s not only the body or physical structure that constitutes their health but also their mental well-being.

According to TheSafeParent The only reason behind this discrimination is the lack of awareness about mental health, especially for kids. Adults understand the mental changes they go through and identify the same to make sure they need to visit a doctor. However, in the case of a child, it is difficult to notice the mental issues. Most people are entirely unaware of the signs and symptoms that indicate the poor mental health of children.

If you find your children behaving unusually, it is recommended to keep a watch. Mood swings, lousy behavior, restlessness, anxiety, etc., are only some of the signs you may observe. Though it might be difficult for parents to identify these changes quickly, the teachers are expected to be more prompt in action.

The teachers of the best school in Siliguri get a chance to attend seminars and workshops concerning mental health awareness, which helps them, notice the constant changes in their students’ behavior.

What Factors Affect a Kid’s Mental Health?


While talking about the changes in a child’s behavior that indicate deteriorating mental health, it is essential to know the factors that affect him/her:

  • Deteriorating self-esteem
  • Diminishing level of confidence
  • Feeling unloved
  • Family issues
  • Physical health issues
  • Physical, psychological, and sexual abuse
  • Constant criticism

Teachers of the best day boarding schools in Siliguri have the skills to understand and handle the mental health issues that the students face due to the factors mentioned earlier. There are several CBSE schools in Siliguri with in-house counselors who help them overcome their mental health issues.

How to Ensure Sound Mental Health for Children?


Talk to the Kids

As parents and teachers, you should make your child comfortable sharing anything and everything with you. In many instances, it has been observed that children are physically or sexually abused, but they hesitate to share such unfortunate episodes with their parents.

It’s important for parents to create the right ambiance at home so that the child can share uncomfortable incidents. Don’t stop them; listen to what they have to say. Once they are comfortable discussing things with you, they will come to you with even the worst of their secrets.

Stop Comparing Them


Do you often compare your child with his/her classmates? If yes, stop doing so. You hardly realize to what extent it is affecting your child’s self-esteem. Being their parents and teachers, we have to make sure our activities build their confidence and self-esteem to understand their self-worth.

Enough of Criticism

Nowadays, there is numerous counseling sessions’ help by day boarding schools. If you attend one such session, you will learn how adverse the effects of criticism can turn out to be. It can lead to depression and anxiety in kids, and they gradually stop loving themselves. Thus, you should appreciate them, and if you feel they are doing something wrong, there are ways to deal with such situations politely and patiently.

Teach Them Stress Management

A child is suffering from abuse, or just the misbehavior of his/her classmates could cause huge stress and affect his/her mental health. As parents and teachers, we should take the responsibility to teach them to deal with the stress that they might be having.

Organizing different activities to keep them engaged would be a great idea. Keep them involved in something they like, asking them to be vocal about their issues, and teaching them ways to divert their mind to keep off from whatever stress they have, help too.

Develop Healthy Habits


When one is physically fit, confidence and self-esteem are always high as they believe they can conquer the world. On the other hand, a kid who is not physically fine could suffer from anxiety because of the sense of helplessness. Therefore, it is recommended to help your kids adopt a healthy lifestyle and teach them the importance of a disciplined life and proper eating habits.

The best thing to ensure your kids do not lose confidence and start loving themselves once again is to sit with them and talk like a friend instead of opting for parental dominance. Remember, when you are trying to improve your child’s mental health, it is better not to give instructions. It is important to participate too. For instance, if you instruct them to eat healthily, it is expected that you too adopt the same lifestyle. If you ask them to engage in a recreational activity to avoid stress, give them company. This will give them a sense of belongingness and help overcome their mental health issues.