Nowadays, many people pay little or no attention to their air conditioner. Even if they notice its reduced efficiency, they often believe it’s because the unit’s not new anymore. Perhaps, ageing can be one of the reasons for your machine’s lack of cooling power. Still, conducting a proper aircon chemical wash can quickly bring your air conditioner back from the dead. If you ever notice there’s something wrong with your machine – don’t worry. All air conditioners accumulate dirt and dust over time. While this won’t harm its work at first, leaving your unit without regular maintenance can create some issues. In the long term, the dirt and bacteria may invade the entire aircon system, causing clogging and malfunction. Luckily, you can deal with the issue in no time with a professional aircon chemical wash. This type of overhauling will clean everything that may be blocking your unit’s drains, pipes and filters. That way, you’ll bring back your machine’s peak performance without spending a fortune on aircon repair. Here are the most immediate effects of a proper aircon chemical wash on your home.

What is aircon chemical wash


Simply put, aircon chemical wash is cleaning an air conditioner with a chemical-based cleaner. This procedure involves dismantling the unit from its wall mount and treating its components with the cleaner. These components may be the air filters, the fan evaporator coil, and other essential parts of the system.

When it’s time for aircon chemical wash

  • The aircon doesn’t cool as efficiently;
  • The unit’s louder than before;
  • There’s a foul odour that comes from the inner parts of the unit;

The effects of aircon chemical wash


Before you call a company for an aircon chemical wash, you must know why it’s so important. Behind the simple-looking cleaning technique, there are lots of benefits that will improve the overall performance of your machine. Here are 5 of the most immediate effects of an aircon chemical wash:

Improved air quality

Undoubtedly, the first benefit of chemical overhauling is clean air. As you already know, the inner parts of your air conditioner work like a magnet for dirt and bacteria accumulation. These may become harmful to your health, especially if you have asthma or other respiratory allergies. Thanks to an aircon chemical wash, you’ll get rid of the harmful contaminants that accumulate in your air conditioner. Consequently, this will clear out the air coming in and out of your unit’s filters. Ultimately, the once again clean and fresh air will safely circulate in your home or office.

Prolonged aircon lifespan

As already explained, a chemical overhaul is a type of service that involves cleaning and inspecting every part of the unit. In this regard, it’s safe to say that you’ll get a complete repair of your air conditioner, effectively extending its life. Bear in mind that this may not make your system brand new, but it will likely perform like so.

Higher energy efficiency


The main reason for the reduced efficiency of an air conditioner is the dirt build-up inside it. Over time, it may clog up the filters and pipes, forcing the machine to work harder to push the air through. Along with the reduction of the unit’s efficiency, clogging will skyrocket your electric bills. But you can deal with the issue with a simple aircon chemical wash. After the technician cleans your widget, it will smoothly and effortlessly. You’ll immediately notice that it consumes much less electricity than before.

Protection from freezing

Another pinpoint in chemical cleaning is the protection for your aircon. Apart from using chemicals to get rid of dirt, this service also involves refrigerant and cooling elements maintenance. This is an essential procedure as some parts are highly susceptible to freezing. Such an issue can quickly turn into a disaster which may cost you an extensive repair. Since you don’t want to deal with more extensive repairs, an aircon chemical wash can help before your unit breaks down.

Foul odour removal


Last but not least, dirty and clogged up air conditioners almost always have mould and mildew build-up inside. As expected, this may pose potential respiratory problems and a foul odour coming out of the unit. That’s why an evident smell from your system may indicate the need for an aircon chemical wash. As this is the most thorough way to clean an air conditioner, you’ll safely eliminate any bad smells present. Moreover, you’ll prevent further build-ups for the months to come.

Final thoughts

Finally, choosing an expert company to perform an aircon chemical overhaul is crucial for an efficient service. After the technician carries out essential maintenance, you’ll get thorough information about the condition of your machine. Consequently, the expert will repair, replace, and troubleshoot any problems that may come up. Due to the complex nature of the aircon chemical wash, you should rely on a professional aircon technician. Luckily, the experts from LK Brothers are well-trained and will provide high-quality aircon chemical wash services. In case you have problems with aircon leakage, they will quickly find and eliminate the issue. They will lubricate the fan bearings for reduced noise and optimal performance of your unit after the cleaning.