If you’re involved in the trading industry in any capacity, you could be missing out on the chance to build up a stable stream of passive income. By partnering with a respected Forex trading service provider like MTrading, which is now available to investors, partners, and other interested parties across India, you can earn money for each referral you make and take advantage of a whole host of other benefits, too.

The main attraction of such a scheme is that you can boost your bank balance with a minimum of effort since there is the potential to earn money with every transaction that is undertaken by one of your invitees. Having said that, there is a wide range of other associated perks which should not be discounted, either. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages that Indian professionals can expect to enjoy when teaming up with a trading partnership program at MTrading.

Choice of IB rewards

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The biggest pull of any trading partnership scheme is undoubtedly the monetary pay-off it brings. With MTrading, you can decide whether to receive your reward as a percentage of the investment revenue (which varies depending on the spread involved and the volume traded by the referred individual), as a denominational value per traded lot, or on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis.

That range of options allows users to select whichever form of passive income is most attractive and convenient to them, allowing for maximum gains at minimum effort. And of course, the larger the number of invitees you bring to the trading platform, the higher your potential earnings will be since you’ll essentially be multiplying your revenue streams with every new referral.

Partner Dashboard

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As an all-in-one business tool for managing your referral portfolio, the MTrading Partner Dashboard is the place to survey your network of contacts and their activity quickly and easily. As well as offering a comprehensive overview of the current state of play, the Dashboard also facilitates control of important metrics, improves your business operations with the platform, and helps you to enhance your earnings.

At a glance, you can monitor the number of new leads and new clients who have registered to the site but are yet to dip their toes into the trading pool, thus giving you the opportunity to provide the encouragement and incentivization they need to get started. You can also keep tabs on the net rupee deposits that have been made, the volume of lots that have been processed, and the amount of commission you are due, as well as the number of active, retiring and retired clients on your books. What could be simpler?

Event sponsorship

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In India, a trading partnership program can yield many benefits outside of a simple commission-based scheme, too. One such pro is the sponsorship that a respected platform can bring to your next educational event or commercial conference. With plenty of experience in overseeing the planning and execution of events with over 200 attendees, MTrading are well-placed to guarantee that your event goes off without a hitch.

As well as their expertise, there are other benefits that you can leverage to your advantage, as well. Not only will you be able to make use of their financial support in setting up the event and manufacturing the merchandise, but you can leverage the reputational boost that association with a respectable brand brings, too.

Increased exposure

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In India’s emerging market, online exposure and presence is so important in tapping into the country’s enormous consumer base. Another advantage of partnering with a trading platform is the help they can lend you in building your audience. With featured articles, in-depth profiles and focused interviews that put your name in the best possible light, you can enhance your reputation in the industry and position yourself as an authority on your chosen type of trading.
The influence that comes with such a hefty online presence should not be underestimated in terms of differentiating yourself from the competition and promoting your brand. By building up a network of traders via MTrading’s partnership program, you can access the marketing materials they provide and convert your social accounts to maximize your brand exposure – as well as maximizing your profit margins, all at the same time.

Software testing

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India is famous around the world for being a hotbed of technological innovation. For technologically gifted individuals involved in the back-end creation of apps, algorithms and other forms of trading software, a trading partnership program offers the opportunity to test out your prototypes in real-world environments. Indeed, it’s this kind of A/B testing that can help you to identify weaknesses, iron out kinks and enhance the UX for your target market in ways which other testing simply can’t hold a candle to.
Not only will you benefit from unique insider insight into the efficacy of your products and how well they perform in real-world market conditions across India, but you can do so without paying a single rupee for the trouble. That kind of testing potential allows you to fine-tune the efficiency of your output, all without damaging your bottom line – now that’s a benefit that’s worth its weight in gold.

Cutting-edge trading features

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Of course, the beauty of striking up a trading partnership with MTrading is that as well as monetizing your links with your clients, followers and invitees, you can also benefit from the same sophisticated features that they do. For example, the MTrading site offers unfettered access to all the most popular currencies, commodities, stocks and trading indices, with absolutely no requotes and attractive spreads available. In fact, the M Pro account has spreads from just 0.0 pips, which is undoubtedly one of the best rates in the market and an offer not to be missed.
Meanwhile, the software which supports those features is also second-to-none. That means that all transactions are processed efficiently and effectively, as confirmed by independent watchdog site VerifyMyTrade. As a result, you can enjoy fast order execution and exciting bonuses that can expand your deposit by up to 200%. That’s good for everyone involved.

Dedicated support

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As with any business arrangement in India or abroad, the biggest test arrives when things aren’t quite going to plan. When you enrol into a trading partnership program with MTrading, you can rest assured that any troubleshooting issues or teething problems you come across will be dealt with swiftly and satisfactorily.
That’s because MTrading offers robust customer support for all their partners, including a wealth of guidance on how to get the best out of your partnership and on-demand assistance for any obstacles you encounter. Whether you prefer to get in contact via online chat, email or over the phone, one of MTrading’s friendly and knowledgeable team is always on hand to lend the help you need.

Early retirement…?

Okay, so it might be the Holy Grail of Forex trading for Indian investors everywhere, but if you build up enough stable streams of passive income, it is possible to retire before your 40th birthday – or even sooner. Real estate and stocks and shares are the most common avenues of crafting an escape from the world of work, but the revenue generated from your trading partnership program can also contribute to a sizable nest egg over time.
As with all types of savings, however, the sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll be able to set sail into the sun without a care in the world. That’s why it makes sense to set up your trading partnership program right away – choosing the specific type of arrangement that serves your situation best – and begin earning passive income on all your referrals. Don’t delay your dream retirement date any further – sign up today!