Table could not be displayed. Almost every woman in this world loves to dress up. And when she dresses up, she also loves to feel comfortable and beautiful in those clothes. If you want to look good in your clothes, of course, you first need to take care of yourself and your body, eat healthily and exercise.

But if you still do need to cover something we have some tricks and tips for you. If you want to look fabulous in your Indian wear we are going to share some tricks with you, how to do it.

Pick the right always

How to Look Slim and Beautiful in Indian Clothes


If you love wearing salwars you should always buy the slim-fit ones. And it is because the ones that are slim-fit make you look like you are one size smaller. You can combine them with whatever you want.

If they are casual and they have a more sporty look you can wear them with a simple shirt. And if they look more classy you can wear them with kurtas. The most important thing is the material you of salwars. Never choose the ones that are made of lycra, because they stretch and they look cheap.

Also, you can always wear cigarette pants because they are very flattering to the body figure and they can be worn with anything, like shirts and kurtas.

And what about kurtas?



When it comes to kurtas, just like with the salwars you shouldn’t choose the ones that are too tight. It is better to choose the ones that are loose. And of course, when you are picking a kurta you need to also pick the right material. The best material that you can choose is cotton.

It is light, comfortable and it will keep you cool. When you pick a loose kurta also have in mind that you should not pick ones that are too much loose, just the ones that are slightly loose. If you want to camouflage your hips then you should wear a longer kurta.

Look fabulous with a saree


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If you want to wear traditional Indian wear then you should definitely wear a saree. The fabrics that you should avoid when choosing a saree are stiff fabrics, and the ones that are stiff are organza, cotton, and silk. And why you should avoid them?

Because they add up the volume to your body. So you should pick some lightweight fabrics, like crepe and chiffon. When you style your saree you should adjust it across your waist so that it does not appear just in one place and it does not add to your weight.

Pick the right blouses

The ones that you should avoid are the embellished and embroidered ones and pick the printed ones. Again choose the ones that are made of lightweight fabric, because they are going to look prettier on you. Also, avoid sleeveless blouses if your arms are not something that you want to show.

Choose the long-sleeved ones or quarter-sleeved ones. Also, pick longer blouses because they are going to cover your waist and hips.

Always go with dark colors

This is an old school trick and it is used by every woman in this world. Always pick the dark-colored clothes because it will create an illusion of being slimmer and it will hide all the problem areas.

Always wear your hair the right way

If you want to look even slimmer and you want your face to look slimmer then you should let your hair loose. You will look younger and slimmer if you avoid styling your hair up.

The right shoes



The final touch to your outfit is always the right pair of shoes. And if you want to fabulous in any outfit then you should always wear stilettos or pumps. You will look higher, you will add length to your body and you will look like you are more in shape than ever.