Even if you have an hourglass figure or plus size, every woman has the right to look beautiful. We know that there is not much option available for plus size women when it comes to choosing a dress. Choosing a cocktail dress is tough for plus size women. When choosing a dress there are certain things you should keep in mind.

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Tips for choosing a cocktail dress for plus size women

We will share some tips in this article that will help you choose the perfect cocktail dress for a plus-size woman.

1. Choose the feature you want to focus on

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Those who have beautiful legs and want to flaunt them should choose a dress that ends above the knees. If your collarbone is the main feature, you need to focus then opt for a dress with a V neckline. Women who have narrow wrists can wear a 3/4th sleeve dress to highlight that feature. If you are aware of your best feature, then choosing a dress becomes easy.

2. Which event will you wear a cocktail dress?

Your cocktail dress will vary according to the event you are planning to wear it. If it is for an official event, then you should dress up modestly. One can also choose a cocktail dress, which you can wear on any occasion. The dress can go down to your knee to look more conservative. One can wear this while partying, attending a meeting, or going to a wedding.

3. Choose the right shapewear

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When you are wearing a cocktail dress having bumps and bulges will make you look unappealing. This is why you should invest in the right shapewear. If the cocktail dress is tight, then wearing shapewear is necessary to hide the bumps.

4. Opt for the right style

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Choosing the right style is essential when buying a cocktail dress. Plus size women are known to look their best in an A-line dress that ends just below their knees. Women who want to draw attention to the upper part of their body can opt for a halter neck dress.

5. The right fabric

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Plus size women look their best when they wear a flowy dress. Choose a soft satin material or silk for your plus size cocktail dresses. Try to avoid stiff fabric.

Plus size women often have a hard time to find an evening gown. If the right dress is not chosen, then you will end up looking bulky, and the dress will hug you in the wrong places. Evening gowns tend to be costly, and many women have a hard time buying them. They can use the city chic promo code to get outstanding deals. Also, women can visit HotozCoupons to get the best discounts and deals on evening gowns.

Tips for purchasing an evening gown for plus size woman in India

There are few tips one should consider when buying an evening gown for a plus-size woman. We will talk about a few of them in this article.

1. Choose the right cut

Choosing the correct cut for your body type is the first step to purchase an evening gown for a plus-size woman. There are three body types: straight, A-line, and empire. Women who have a broad shoulder and small lower body should opt for the straight cut dress. If you have a pear-shaped body with a large bust, then the empire cut is the right choice. For most plus size women, A-line is the best choice. It helps to showcase your curves in an appropriate manner.

2. Go for dark colors

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Choosing dark colors like black or navy blue are known to make you look slimmer, and every woman should have them in their wardrobe. Choosing a dress with a solid color will also help you accessorize better.

3. Say no to large prints

Prints can make a dress look fun and pretty. But choosing a large print for a plus-size woman is a big mistake. Your body will look disproportionate with large prints and make you look wider. The smaller pattern is known to make you look proportionate. Hence it is essential to choose the right print to look slim and gorgeous.

4. Don’t obsess about the size

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It is important not to obsess oversize. Designers have different sizes for their dress. The number on the tag is just a reference point.

5. Build a strong foundation

Choosing the right undergarment is essential or else you will have a problem with your bra strap showing and bulges being present. Plus size women often choose the wrong size bra, which will end up looking disastrous. Seek professional help when opting for a bra.  If your evening gown is tight, then don’t wear a bra and opt for a bodysuit.

A Complete Guide on Buying Lingerie for Your Plus Sized Lover

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Women Love beautiful lingerie. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, birthday, or anniversary, they will always be happy if you give them her favorite lingerie. But it might feel a bit tougher to choose from the plus-size section as the sizes vary from the regular ones. Before you head to the plus size lingerie or romantic shop, please be prepared with these tips!

  • Pay attention to your girlfriend and the shades she’s wearing a lot

Does she wear a vibrant color or just pastels? Do you think she appears beautiful in red? Will purple render her feel like a princess? Pay heed to the clothing she carries as she heads out to eat with you or her sisters.

  • Check the label size

Please test the briefs at the front of the closet. That’s going to be the one that your partner wears a lot. The one in the back of the wardrobe is likely to be undies that she charged a ton of money for and might or might not suit anymore, but she holds them on principle!

  • You’re going to need her bra size, too

Find her bras stock and test the mark again. We’re going to need to learn the height of her band and her cups. The size of the band will be a number. The outline of the cups is a letter or a few letters. Seek to locate her older bras and the ones she’s wearing now. Women prefer to hold on their bras forever, wearing a 42 size, although they are 44 or 46. But make sure the bra isn’t a bra she’s been wearing for four years, because they’re going to be super worn out and the size doesn’t matter.

  • Take a peek at her tops, blouse and pants/skirt measurements

If you go to a lingerie store with her top and pants size, it is a 90% chance that the shopkeeper will guess her lingerie size. Do not forget to use city chic promo code to get offers and great deals.

  • Think about her overall style

Several people are in love with a very feminine, sexy feel. Some people choose a more glamorous or dark appearance. If you want anything special, you should purchase a second piece of it. But if you just want her to wear something, feel super comfortable and get excited about it, buy her one that’s her genre, not yours.