India is a beautiful country and very diverse. The south and the north of the country are different stories so you should be very careful and smart when you pack your bags for the specific Indian State.

If you continue reading you can learn what you should pack for a trip to South India.

What to Wear in Mumbai, Goa, and Kerala

This country is stunning and magic, but for tourist sometimes can be difficult with the weather change and 6 seasons. Yes, you read well, they have two more seasons, the monsoon season, and winter`s eve season.

If we are making a minimalist packing list for a trip to south India it will include 2 tops, 2 bottoms, 1 dress, 2 layers, and 2 pajamas. Sometimes is better to pack fewer clothes, only core pieces for 3 months’ travel, instead of packing the whole wardrobe because it will only slow down your journey. It is much easier to travel with fewer clothes.

If you hesitate which part of India to visit first, come to the South first.

Best Clothes to Pack When You Plan Trip To India

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Mumbai is a big cosmopolitan city and more relaxed than Delhi, and you just spent a few days here, try local food, go on walking tours, and stay at one of the stunning hotels in this city. In this city women usually wear long sleeve cotton tunics with jeans. On feet they wear sandals.

Instead of jeans, you can wear breezy pants or a long skirt because the heat and humidity are high, or you can buy there on the market harem style pants. Trainers and harem pants do not look very stylish, so you must pack a pair of sandals or buy them there.


boho-chic clothes


If you want to buy beautiful boho-chic clothes you can do that at the Saturday Night Market in Ampora. Every girl in North Goa looks like she is going to a music festival in the desert, and you must admit this is not what you are expecting in India.

The most girls are dress in strappy tank tops, long skirts, and leather biker boots. At the beach cities of Goa, you can wear usual beachwear.


harem pants

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When you come to Kerala you must take a rickshaw, and ferry for a city ride. Here you will need harem pants and a tank top, or short sleeve. One of the most famous houseboat tours here is a trip to Alleppey, which costs around 5000- 10,000 rupees.

Besides this trip, you can do a canoe tour or local ferry ride to Kottayam. Also, here you need to wear airy clothes made of cotton. If you are going to Varkala you should buy sundresses and cotton shirts.

Do not forget the local culture and customs, and respect that, bring all your airy, cotton clothes, and take with you a pair of long pants and long sleeve top.