One of the most intriguing and beautiful countries in the world is India. It is colorful, magnificent, interesting. It is totally different from anything that you have ever seen. But like in any other country there are some rules that need to be followed. When it comes to dressing and what do you need to wear when traveling to India, there are not some strict rules, but you should consider wearing the clothes that are abiding by the cultural norms of India.

If you are planning your trip to India any time soon, and you are a woman, then you should consider some of these tips and tricks when it comes to clothes you should wear.

Of course, you should prepare your clothes before you go to India, but what you also should do is to buy clothes locally when you come there. The reason for that is the clothes are much cheaper than anywhere around the world, they are authentic, they are beautiful and colorful.

And you will also have a wonderful memory about your trip when you come home. You are also helping the local economy and you get a souvenir that you are really going to use in the future.

What You Should Wear When Traveling to India

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Also, another thing that you need to consider is the weather and temperature in India, so everything that you wear should be suitable for the weather conditions there.

Long skirts

A perfect clothing piece in India, if you are a woman is a long skirt. Women in India do cover their legs, and if you want to respect their country and culture you should do it as well. If you don’t have any long skirt be sure to buy one before going to India, or by a few of them there. And if you have some midi skirts then you can combine them with leggings for some extra coverage.

Cotton blouses

Something that you can combine with your long skirts are simple cotton blouses. You want to wear pure and quality cotton blouses because they are gentle to your skin, they are easy to wear and combine and they can keep you cooler when it’s hot. Also, if you want to feel cooler and not worry about the heat you should wear light colors, pastel ones, or just plain white ones.


This is something that you don’t need to carry with you, and you can easily buy it in the markets in India. Scarves are very popular in their culture and something that women in India wear a lot. And if you buy your scarves there you will have a great memory and a souvenir.

Also, they are so versatile, and you can use them in many ways. You can use them as an accessory, you can use them to keep you warm, also you can use them to keep you cool. But also, you can use them to cover your head if it is needed because you need to cover your head if you want to enter and certain places, or to cover your shoulders. You should know that women in India do cover their shoulders and it is not appropriate to go in tops that show a lot of skin.

So, if you have some of the tops that are like that and you still want to wear them on your travel, you can easily use a beautiful scarf to cover your shoulders.

Harem pants

What You Should Wear When Traveling to India

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These pants are popular around the world, but you can especially see them in Asia, Africa and yes, India. There are many colors, patterns for you to choose, and they are another thing that you can buy at a local shop in India. The best thing about these pants is that they are comfortable, and you can get hot or sweaty in them.


This is a traditional gown in India, and you can buy them at every corner. They are beautiful and you really do blend in when wearing one. And there isn’t a better and more authentic piece of clothing that you can buy in India then this one. If you have an occasion to dress up, then this is the perfect piece of clothing for that. And the part of everything is that you can buy them for very little money.


When it comes to shoes you just need to wear what’s most comfortable for you. You can wear comfortable sneakers or flip flops if you like wearing them. Another thing that you can buy in India is their traditional leather sandals. They can be very comfortable also and very interesting looking. You will definitely feel like a local in them. They go perfect with a traditional sari.

And other things you should consider packing with your other shoes are some shoes or boots for hiking. There are a lot of places in India where you can hike and walk, so it is best if you prepare the right shoes for that sort of activity.