A fairytale wedding is something every girl dreams about. Imagining the perfect dress, flowers, cake, and bridesmaids have become a major event in almost every girls’ life. The bride’s attire is carefully chosen to accentuate her beauty and take it to another level; that is her day and she should be the star.

In Indian culture, this is even more true, since wedding preparations could take months, and the main focus is on the bride’s look, especially the jewelry. Wedding jewelry is massively made mostly out of gold and in recent times silver, diamonds, and other precious stones and metals.

The more the merrier is one of the most followed rules along with honoring traditions. Lately, Indian brides are combining the modern with customary jewelry from which new trends emerged.

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Traditional jewelry

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Even though some western influence is clearly seen in the Indian brides’ wedding ornaments, the majority of the jewelry is inspired by tradition and religious deities. The vast majority is made out of pure gold, and a lot of it. Everything is massive and oversized to emphasize the bride’s presence and charm.

Some alterations were made regarding the metal used where today you can see some white gold and silver pieces with added studs on the brides. Still, overwhelming pieces of jewelry are made out of gold.

Engagement rings

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Just like western brides, the Indian girl’s best friends are diamonds. Engagement rings are very much alike everywhere else in the world with big shiny studs and, usually white gold or silver surrounding them. However, lately, brides were seen carrying gigantic diamond necklaces, bangles, and even studded belts around their waists.

Diamonds have found their way into Indian tradition, and it looks like the brides love them. There are many main pieces as well as the single rings and earrings to choose from a Flawless Fine Jewelry, so definitely check them out.

Temple jewelry

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Those enormous golden pieces around the bride’s neck, arms, face, ankles, and pretty much everywhere, are temple jewelry. Not a single wedding passed without honoring tradition with this massive jewelry ornaments, and it takes a front-row seat in every bride’s preparations for the wedding.

They are usually handmade for days, some even for months, and are exclusively made out of gold with some added rubies and other stones. These large royal-like pieces are decorated with motifs of goddesses and each has some ancient role like protection, fertility, and so on. Unmistakably, the most recognizable jewelry of Indian brides.


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Modern brides have incorporated diamonds in their thick necklaces since no other stone has such power of drawing attention. Still, many are choosing the traditional massive double necklaces as the main pieces. These maharani style necklaces are super-expensive and are decorated in many tiny details with flowers featuring precious stones.

The general rule that modern brides started following as opposed to the traditional ones, is that if you’re going to choose a massive neckpiece, you should tone down with other jewelry like bangles and waistbands.

This is mostly due to the western world influence, where eastern brides are trying to keep up with the fashion trends while still keeping the traditions part of the wedding reception.


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Oversized rings are a part of the jewelry decorations on every bride and groom. Brides wear massive stones that are surrounded by just as massive gold ornaments, while grooms wear toned-down versions without stones and are subtle in design. In recent years, brides are seen wearing cocktail rings with large stones, but in a more subtle way.

The massive gold is missing and that’s where the western culture comes in with its more modern influence. They are still large and expensive but are not so flashy and add some elegance factor to the whole attire.

Matha Patti

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The very first thing you will notice on the Indian bride is Matha Patti. Studded headpieces wrapped in gold are the most recognizable jewelry on every Indian wedding. It’s a western counterpart to the vail, only much more expensive. Every bride takes pride in her headpiece, and they carefully choose the ones that will best fit their face shape.

There are many different styles, with stones, or just pure gold, and they vary in shapes.

Nose rings

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These are not your regular gold nose rings – these are gigantic rings decorated with diamonds, rubies, and wrapped in gold or silver. Some brides love massive and bold Nath, or nose rings, while others choose more delicate ones that will not cover much of their faces. In any case, these are unique for Indian culture, and every bride wouldn’t have thought to be without one on her wedding day.


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Bangles are purchased in stacks and they usually go up to their elbows. Again, massive pieces of gold are stacked one on top of the other each carrying different traditional meanings. In the past couple of years, some modern brides choose one or two just to honor the tradition and put the accent on other jewelry like necklaces and headpieces.

They often choose Haath Phools, which are hand decorations that are more subtle with pearls and a bit of gold on their fingers and around their wrists. However, in India bangles are still an unavoidable part of bridal jewelry.


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Kaleeras are additions to the bangles where every member of the family attaches one ornament for luck and prosperity of the marriage. They usually end up looking like the massive chandeliers hanging from the bride’s hands. They can also be purchased and customized per every girl’s wish.

Kaleera is the eastern counterpart to bridal bouquets since at the end of the party the brides drop it on the single girls from the family, and if it manages to stand on someone, that girl will be the next bride. Kaleeras is the latest hype at an Indian wedding and was highly popularized by some Hollywood actresses.


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Yes, ankles are decorated too with studs and gold. Anklets go around ankles, down the foot, and end up with toe rings. Even these pieces are heavy and bold and hold many golden details and precious stones.