An Indian wedding isn’t something you can attend many times in your life (unless you’re Indian!), and if you have the opportunity to do so now, be sure that this event will leave a unique impression on you. Their traditional wedding ceremony has never been modernized and has always contained cultural landmarks and customs.

If you’ve ever read about this country or watched a good movie about it, then you know for sure that such happenings aren’t possible without a big family celebration, special dress code, and plenty of food, among which there are many local specialties.

These details properly depict the traditional spirit of this state through frames of high elegance. Immediately upon entering, you will surely ask yourself: “How long did it take to organize all this?” as all these carefully planned small details will surely leave you speechless.

This type of wedding has delighted people all over the world and it happens that newlyweds decide to organize a themed Indian wedding. According to Mr Flavour, for this day to be perfect, it would be good to consult a professional wedding planner and explore all the possibilities.

Indian rituals can leave you amazed and confused at the same time, and that’s why it’s time to start getting ready because this is perhaps one of the most exciting weddings you’ll ever attend. In the following lines, you will be able to read some tips on how to properly prepare for a ceremony like this. Don’t leave your camera at home since we assure you that there will be a lot of moments that you would like to capture.

1. Clothes really matter


The dress code is the first thing you will notice if you have ever watched weddings like this. And “what could I wear?” is probably the first thought that comes to your mind. There are a few guidelines that can help you make a good choice to fit in better with this atmosphere.

It’s acceptable to come in elegant clothes that they are used to, but in that case, it would be good for men to wear colorful instead of one-color buttons. On the other hand, more modest clothing is recommended for women, which includes covered knees, avoiding tight clothes, and choosing a dress in bright colors. In that case, don’t choose red because it’s reserved for the bride, as required by their culture and customs. Black and white clothes are also not welcome, since black and white are considered the colors of mourning.

Of course, don’t forget about jewelry, which is an important part of the dress code. Don’t skimp on it – decorate your arms, neck, legs, and be sure it’s never too much!

2. Take the opportunity and enjoy traditional Indian specialties


Here is one perfect opportunity to try Hindu food and break down any prejudices you have about it. Try to stay open-minded when it comes to national specialties and you may like it, even though you doubted it. The wedding feast is full of different, perhaps unfamiliar tastes which simply lure you to try them.

At the beginning of the wedding, upon arrival at the scheduled place, an appetizer and snacks are served first. When the ceremony is over, it’s the main course time. Different parts of India have different rules – in some places exclusively vegetarian dishes are served, and in some places the food offer is more diverse. If you still think that your stomach won’t tolerate specific oriental spices well, it would be good to stick to snacks and dessert.

The atmosphere would definitely not be complete without the lavish spread of food. Just try to be moderate – you want your belly to survive this celebration!

3. Actively participate in the ceremony


Once you have merged with the atmosphere in the appropriate clothing combination and tried Hindu specialties, it’s time to spend a great few hours. If you came only intending to sit, drink and eat, then it would be better if you didn’t come at all, because such weddings can be fun and unique only if you actively participate in everything.

Indians are one of the most populous nations, they are very friendly and probably both the bride and groom’s families are huge. Therefore, enjoy getting to know them and socializing with them, participate in traditional rituals, and dance. Show that you really enjoy it, because it’s appreciated.

This experience is best enjoyed if you leave home ready to try everything. Open your mind, equip yourself with goodwill and positive energy and everything can turn into one of the best days ever spent.

4. Think of money as a gift


One part of the ceremony is dedicated to gifts and that is also part of the tradition. The most desirable gift at an Indian wedding is money. In that way, with best wishes, the couple gives their contribution to the beginning of their life together when the newlyweds probably expect a lot of expenses. In order not to simply take a couple of coins out of your wallet and hand them over, you can pre-pack it in a decorative envelope with a greeting card. It’s customary to put money in an embroidered bag together with best wishes.

The amount you put inside will depend on your own finances and on how you are connected to the newlyweds or how close you are. If you would rather opt for a regular gift than for money, make it shiny! Decorative or silver items or jewelry would be equally appropriate.

5. Avoid physical contact with the bride


You should really remember this point well. If you come from European countries or some other parts of the world where it’s perfectly fine to congratulate the bride on her marriage with a kiss, a hug, and maybe even a dance, then you should know that this isn’t allowed here.

In the part of the ceremony when gifts are handed out, the reception of guests is organized for the newlyweds who come to congratulate. The atmosphere is very fun and complemented by good music and dancing, but men are strictly forbidden to kiss the bride or hug while congratulating. Their culture has always represented the bride as modest and she must not have physical contact with any man except the groom on her wedding day.

An Indian wedding can really be something unforgettable, as long as you know how to enjoy it. To experience this atmosphere in the right way, you need to go in the mood to actively participate in everything, to stay open-minded to try Hindu food, and to pay attention to the rules that must be followed. And now, quickly, rush to your wardrobe – it’s preparation time!