It is very important to maintain your wig in regular intervals of time in order to achieve maximum life span and appearance. It is not a difficult task, but this process requires patience and attention while cleaning. All the types of wigs need special attention, and they must be handled gently because Wigs are already processed; because of this process, hair wigs may become fragile.

Remy human hair is more sensitive and requires more care than processed ones. In this article, we will be discussing the tips and tricks on how to maintain a human wig and how to increase the lifespan of a human wig by washing it in regular intervals.

Types of wigs


Before knowing about the process of maintaining the wigs, it is essential to know about the types of wigs that are present in the market. There are many types of wigs, but the most commonly used wigs are mentioned below.

  • Lace front wigs

This kind of hair wig has a sheer lase base hairpiece, and because of this piece, the wig looks like natural hair. It will be present in your front of the hair to provide an original feel and natural look.

  • 360 lace front view

This type of wig has the lace piece in and around the outer sides and outer edges of your wigs. This kind of wig is very much suitable for a ponytail kind of hairstyle because a high ponytail may show off all the scalp present in your neck.

How to wash your wig


Is it necessary to wash the wig daily?

It is dependent on the preference of every individual. But before washing, you should know that the lifespan of the wig will reduce because of frequent washing. Cleanliness is important, but in this case, your wig will lose its appearance if washed frequently. So you can just give a rinse than washing the wig completely because washing in Coldwater will not damage the wig. You can visit here to know more about human hair wigs and how to maintain them without losing their appearance.

Below are the steps to wash your wig:

  • Pre-wash care

Before starting the process, you should first comb the wig gently by using a wide comb. If you have a stubborn and heavy tangle, then you must spray the conditioner on the wig to loosen them. Many saloons and beauty parlours suggest sinking your wig in a tub of water, but it has some risk factors too.

  • Rinse

If you sink your wig in a tub of water, then the chances of getting tangled are too high. So what we suggest is you can place your wig underwater for some time by keeping them in the sink. For long-haired wigs, you can place them in the shower to make them wet. By following this procedure, you can avoid the formation of tangles in a wig. Allow cold water to flow into your wigs, and make sure that your wig is the completely wet top to bottom.

  • Shampooing and rinsing your wig

Excessive water can be removed by gently squeezing the hair wig. Apply some authorized shampoo and gently rub all over the wigs. Never twist or turn it because twisting and turning may damage your wig, and the lifespan may decrease because of that. Use some cold water to rinse all the shampoo present in your wigs. Rinse the wig gently and remove the presence of shampoo completely. The excessive water must be removed before conditioning.

  • Conditioning the wig

Like wig shampoo, a reputed wig conditioner can be used to smoothen your wig. The wig must be in wet condition; while applying the conditioner, do not apply it on the bottom of your wigs because it may loosen the knot. After applying, leave the conditioner for five minutes. After five minutes, use cold water to remove the conditioner completely, and you should make sure that the conditioner is removed from all the sides of your wig before drying it.

  • Drying and styling the hair wig

The cleaning process of your wig is now completed now it is necessary to dry the wig before styling it. You can use a lightweight towel to remove water, and after that, it can be placed in a wig stand. A warm sitting hairdryer can be used in some emergency situations. Other than that, never use blowers, combs, and brushes in the wig before it is completely dry. Make sure that the hair wig is free from wetness, and now it is time the style your hair wig according to your preference.

Increasing the lifespan of lace wigs


We have seen many essential tips on washing and maintaining the hair wig, and now we can have a look at prolonging the lifespan of your wig.

  • After usage, place your wig in the wig stand. By placing the wig in the stand, you can maintain the style, and it will be free from tangles. Keep your wig standing away from dust. This may help in keeping your wigs clean, and you can avoid washing them regularly.
  • Never use hard water, chlorine because it may damage your wig. Use only cold soft water.
  • Never use wigs while sleeping to avoid hair damage.
  • Use dark colors so that you can prevent your hair from having additional processes, as light colors require more processing.
  • Place your wig in dark places. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight.
  • You must be very careful using hair care tools and products. Avoid using straighteners and curling irons to increase the lifespan of your wig.

Final words

Now we have seen many points on maintaining wigs. Handling the wig with care and using it in a gentle way will increase the lifespan. By following the above steps, anyone can easily maintain and increase the lifespan of wigs. The styles can be changed as per the mood and preference, and maintenance should be done in regular intervals to have a natural look.