The engagement ring is the most beautiful surprise, even for those ladies who are in long romantic relationships. For every woman, it is a moment she desires and secretly hopes for. However, choosing a ring is not at all easy. So we decided to offer you some creative ideas when it comes to buying an engagement ring , you have to find a trusted seller likeĀ

But, let’s start from the beginning.

Tradition And Symbolism Of The Engagement Ring


We have preserved the tradition of gifting the engagement ring throughout history with some slight changes. However, the meaning of the ring remains the same: Love you are giving to the special person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

An engagement ring is a detail without which we cannot imagine the proposal, and which symbolizes the promise of love to a special person. This ancient custom has existed for a long time and has expanded so much – that we find it in many countries around the world.

Where And When Does Tradition Originate?

Today, we believe that a custom similar to engagement originated in ancient Egypt, from which the ancient Greeks took it over – but we find the first reliable traces in ancient Romans. The beloved girl was gifted with the ring, as a symbol of love and the promise that marriage would follow – if the girl accepted it. Consent had to be made public also: at the wedding, during the wedding ceremony.

According to ancient customs, lovers should wear this ring on the fourth finger of their left hand. There was a belief that a “vein of love” (Vena amoris) is going from that finger straight to the heart. Thus, it was a reminder of love. It was a sign that the choice of the heart is constantly present in the mind.

What Does The Shape Of The Ring Stone Say About Your Love?

Men always have the difficult task of choosing a ring to please their beloved woman. Then they usually consult with her friends, aunts and cousins to buy the right ring for their fiancee. We’ll give you some ideas on how to find the right stone and shape and explain what it says about you and your wedding.

1. Round Stone


The most popular shape is round stone. If your fiancee is a girl to whom this form of stone is favourite – she is a traditional girl who knows how to recognize a good thing. She considers you her best friend, and her chosen one.

In you, she will always see the person from whom she will receive love and understanding and who will be there for her in good as well in bad times. Your wedding will be fabulous and romantic. Something like this will require your hard work that guests will appreciate.

2. Cube Stone


The traditional but also modern form of stone that is being decided by more and more couples – is the cube stone. The girls who choose it most often like things that are shiny and sparkly. They are characterized by good style and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. These are the girls who will be treated like princesses and given a real movie wedding.

3. Oval Stone Shape


The oval shape of the stone is similar to a round but slightly elongated. It is especially popular with young people who belong to a group of sophisticated people who love unique things. People who like an oval stone, like a partner who complements them in every form and who influences each other to create the best version of themselves.

4. The Cushion-Shaped Stone


This stone looks a bit gentler than the classic cube-like shape due to its rounded corners and curved sides. The young people who love this stone are mostly considered to be romantic. However, they also like to be different from others.

Diamonds Are Forever

When it comes to engagement rings, it is almost a “must” to choose a diamond for this occasion. However, there are more types of diamonds, and which one will you choose – depends on the taste of your loved one as well as the depth of your pocket. One thing is for sure – you must be guided by Rule 4C when choosing diamonds. What does it mean? The term 4C stands for Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

Black Diamonds – A Symbol Of Power And Success


These stones are quite popular. Since the popularity of unconventional engagements has grown in past years – the interest for this type of diamonds has peaked. So, what exactly are these? Although this question sounds simple – the answer can be more complex.

According to Segal Jewellery, three types of these diamonds are known. They are a bit different and of course, they have a different price tag. Carbonado is a natural black diamond – which is very rare. There are also artificial and treated black diamonds.

These are usually most sought after. Whatever type you opt for l – the thing that defines a diamond is its chemical composition and its crystalline atomic structure. Whatever you choose, the woman of your life will feel special, successful and powerful.

Colour Diamonds

Diamonds can be colourless or coloured. Naturally coloured diamonds are much more appreciated, especially if they have a higher intensity of colour, while colourless ones are completely opposite. Colourless diamonds have a higher price if the colour impurities are less visible. Natural colours of diamonds can be different and graded according to intensity.

Plus Tips

1. Explore

If you are in a hurry to buy rings, take a step back. You want to think before you get to jewellery stores. First and foremost, design a budget. Couples should always have a budget to decide before they go shopping. Search the local jewellery store website for insights on the different collections and styles you may like. When purchasing diamonds online, pay attention to the diamond photos. Having professional diamond photography marks a brand’s reliability.

2. Consider Personalization

Think about how you would like to make your rings special. ” Want to carve a date or a saying? Or maybe a hidden stone or another symbol of your love?


In the end, love is stronger than the most precious gem. If you honestly can’t wait to share your life with someone, a piece of thread around your finger will make you the happiest girl in the world!