Apart from marrying, celebrating and uniting the two families, the wedding is turned into a ceremony that lasts for several days.

Bright colors and jewelry are indicators of tradition and culture. Red or pink, the traditional sari wedding gown is decorated with various materials of different colors and patterns, and of course, jewelry. Jewelry gives the girl beauty, power, and authority.

The symbol of marriage is a gold or silver pendant on a necklace, which in Indian culture binds around the neck instead of changing the wedding ring. The pendant is a symbol of the union of two souls, and the bride is traditionally given the bride by her mother, who symbolically guard her for the rest of her life.

Their culture, which has remained preserved for centuries, is actually unknown to most of us. So, for example, many are delighted with the aesthetics of Indian women, not knowing what each piece of her wardrobe and jewelry actually means.

Special symbolism is worn by the Indian bride, which is associated with the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, symbols of beauty and femininity. We are explaining the meaning of some of the symbols that can be seen at a wedding in India, as well as some other customs and the best Tamil song for your wedding.

Maang Tikka

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This piece of jewelry is placed on the forehead, where according to the Hindu religion, there is an “ayna chakra” in charge of knowledge or perception. Put in that very spot, it allows the bride to have insight and control over her “third eye”.


Unlike the previous one, this is worn on one side of the head and symbolizes unity and union with the groom.


Indians believe that evil spirits enter one’s body through an opening on it. Earrings on the ears are protected against them.


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Brides from different Indian cultures, wear different bracelets. Bengali youths wear gold that belonged to their mother-in-law, those in South India wear green as a symbol of fertility and prosperity, while those in North Punjabi wear ivory and red bracelets that they do not take off 40 days after the wedding.


This piece of jewelry is traditionally tied around wrists by sisters and relatives, and it symbolizes their good wishes and blessings.

Hand flower

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Flowers are a very important symbol in the Indian tradition because they symbolize new life and happiness. This jewelry consists of one ring on each finger, which is chain-linked to the bracelet. Today’s brides carry a simpler version of the “hand flower”, which consists of only one or two rings.

Ring in the nose

In some Indian communities, the size of this ring depends on social status and the amount of wealth.

Waist belt

This belt is called “kamarband” and has a dual function: the first is related to tradition and the second is related to functionality because it adheres to the sari. The place where it stands is called “Manipura chakra” and signifies confidence and power. It is traditionally bestowed by the mother-in-law, thus shifting power and responsibility to the bride.

Music is an indispensable part of every beautiful ceremony, including weddings. Most weddings have live musicians playing, but it is also essential to have a list of music to play at certain times. When the newlyweds enter or when the musicians take a break to rest. We will present to you the best Tamil wedding songs and you will find that most are closely related to Bollywood. If we don’t mention everything, you can see the rest at masstamilan.

Selfie Pulla – Kathithi

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A newer song, from 2014 and the famous movie Kathithi. It has become a real hit and has millions of views on the internet. The song is performed by the film’s lead actor. It has even become popular beyond the borders of India. Particularly in Romania, where the title of the song is a certain play on words, which we will not explain to you this time.

Vaarayo Thozhi Vaarayo – Pasamalar

This is one every green. It describes relationships in the bride’s family before the wedding and the happiness that is present. Everybody loves this and it has to be heard at every wedding.

Ottagathai Kattikko – Gentleman

Again music from a famous Tamil movie. The song is interesting because it has a lot of rhythm changes in it. The right song to make the atmosphere even more lively.

Varahe Nadikarayoram – Sangamam

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When you want people to go out on the dance floor and everyone dance, then play this song. The singer is known for cheerful music. Although the film did not achieve much success, the main track did. Everyone will feel merry when they hear it and you won’t have to tell them twice to come to the dance floor.

Nenachapadi – Kadhalar Dinam (1999)

The song is from an album that is considered one of the best in Tamil cinema history. It’s also ideal for dancing.

Athan Varuvaga – Dumm Dumm Dumm

It quickly became an indispensable part of a Tamil wedding. The movie gained a great viewership, a real family fun.

Anbil Avan – Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (2010)

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This song has a strange story. It’s about dating an ex-girlfriend and still not married. You decide in the second that you don’t want to miss the opportunity and want to get married right away. So fast you don’t have time to call your closest family. But isn’t that enough? Just the two of you.

Other customs

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The groom traditionally wears a “dhoti” suit of pastel colors. Before the ceremony, the groom removes his shoes, and future sister-in-law tries to take them off, and if they succeed, the groom must buy them.

One of the more important rituals is the exchange of wreaths, that is, the acceptance of a spouse. Modern Indian weddings may include older and contemporary rituals. The most important part of the ceremony is the ritual in which the vows are exchanged followed by the ritual of walking around the holy fire. Each circle has its own meaning – an abundance of food and a life full of respect, physical and mental strength, spiritual strength and blessing, happiness, the well-being of all living beings and noble offspring, communion and understanding, loyalty to unity and fellowship, and peace in space.


We wish you a good time at the wedding with great music and happy life after the ceremony.