Only a few moments in life are truly and universally special, and those moments we remember forever. Of course, there are good and bad moments, happy and sad ones, and even though every single one of them will leave a mark on our hearts, only one provides you a chance to do a complete makeover of your current life and start a new one. Getting married is one of few moments in our life where the entire attention of everyone attending is on us, and of course our significant other, and understandably, we all want to get the wedding of our dreams. Those who are already married will surely agree that planning a wedding is a tiresome, stressful, and 24/7 job that will take every single atom of your energy, but, on the bright side, it will be worth it, and then some.

Wedding is an industry of its own


Wedding is more and more becoming an industry on its own, and Indian wedding is no exception, as it is a 50 billion, yes 50 billion-dollar industry, annually. Hopefully, you now understand how difficult and costly this can get, but there is no need to worry as planning can get much easier and much more interesting than just stressing out about the details. How? Well, continue reading, and you will find out soon enough.

Let’s start with the obvious and say that planning an Indian wedding will take some time if someone wants to get every single detail right, but as for the precise amount of time, it all depends on what someone wants, how many guests will there be, whether the venue and when is free, whether or not to go with the ceremony under the sky or not. These are just some examples of the main decision you will need to make.

Minimum and expected time


It is not easy to estimate how long it will take to plan a perfect wedding, and many couples are afraid that they will not have enough time. Because of that, many of them start with planning the whole year, and some even start planning a whole decade in advance to avoid unpleasant situations and unnecessary stress. On the other side, we have more casual couples who do not think about the time that much, and they manage to plan the perfect wedding in only six months. The time required for planning depends on many factors, so we will mention the most important ones to make things easier for you and spare you from too much stress but still get the wedding of your dreams.

Factors that affect planning time

1. The number of guests


As for the factors about how many months will one need to organize an Indian wedding, the first one is about the number of guests. Those who are planning a small one (if there is such a thing) should send invitations, get an answer, and get everything else in order in a month or so. On the other hand, those planning a large one should set aside a couple of months for all that. If we plan an intimate wedding ceremony with only a few guests, it will not be difficult to plan it. All we need to do is find a perfect location, great music, and prepare food for a few people.

On the other side, if we want big reception with many people, it will be much harder to organize everything in a short amount of time, and we will need more time for that. More guests require more space and more food, and we need to organize it in advance to avoid the unpleasant situation when someone comes to our wedding, and we do not know where they should sit.

2. The venue


The second determiner is the venue. When it is free for booking, and whether that time of the year suits your plans. This one is closely related to the number of guests as not every venue has enough capacity, so don’t overlook this, and just make sure that you avoid booking the venue on some national holiday. Finding a perfect location is not easy because it depends on the number of guests you want to invite, so sometimes you can find yourself in a situation when you find a great location, but it is too small or too big for your ceremony.

Because of that, it is necessary to know the number of guests before you start the search for the location since it is the only way to avoid being in love with some unsuitable ones, which can affect your future choices. Popular venues need to be reserved in time, and many of them are booked for the next few months, so it is necessary to start the search in time to avoid accepting the venue you do not like.

3. Weather


It is not easy to guess what the weather will be like in the next few months, and what we can do is decide in which season we want to get married. It will make the whole planning much easier because we will know the period in which we are searching for the perfect date, and we will know do we need warmer clothes or summer ones. It can also affect the venue choice because if we decide to get married in summer, some open location can be a perfect choice, but if we want a winter wedding, our guests will probably be more comfortable in some cozy and warm hotel.


As you can see, no one can make a precise guess about the amount of time for planning an Indian wedding, but after reading this guideline, planning one on your own should get much easier. Furthermore, don’t forget the wedding planners, as they can really make your life much less stressful, and if you don’t know how to find a reliable and trustworthy one with vast experience, just check, and enjoy this magic moment.