The 48th largest country in the world is known as the Republic of Kenya. It is located in Africa and has a population of almost 50 million people. It is believed to be one of the most unique places in the entire continent, if not the planet. It has beautiful landscapes, views and many other mysterious destinations that will seem like they are out of this world.

On this land, you will be able to experience at least a hundred different cultures between the people, all kinds of wildlife, beautiful landscapes and many other wonders that will keep your entire visit filled with rich experiences and surprises.

This is why we recommend to every adventurer out there who is looking for a new traveling destination to continue reading our article to check out our top reasons why you should visit Kenya in 2024.

It’s fun and adventurous


Naturally, when looking for new adventures and fun destinations, you probably are looking for a country that is famous for its various activities and popular places to visit. Luckily, this country is exactly that. It is filled with different safaris where you will be able to see animals that you can’t find anywhere else. You could also consider going bird watching, mountain climbing or biking, scuba diving, hiking through the huge desert areas, and many more activities that will fulfill your adventurous needs.

However, Kenya is not just for people who want to experience adventures. There are hundreds of different ways you can enjoy the land while relaxing. You could go sailing on a boat, you could also try fishing if you are into it, or maybe even golfing. If none of this your cup of tea, then you also have beautiful hotels, restaurants, and malls you could go shopping. In other words, this place was made to make everyone happy.

It is quite affordable

One of the biggest reasons why people consider going to Kenya is because it is simply cheap. You won’t have to be spending thousands of dollars just to see some wildlife running around. Not only are the plane tickets, transportation and hotels inexpensive, but every single activity you will have planned will be pretty affordable.

The Kenyan Shilling might have endured a bit of inflation, but a hundred of them are equal to one dollar. It isn’t such a bad exchange rate when you compare it with some other currencies. It is actually much cheaper to live in this country when compared to other places such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe.

You also won’t have to worry about your credit cards getting declined, because everything is accepted. Whether it is an American Express, Master Card or a Visa, you won’t be having any problems. You will also withdraw cash from an ATM if you want, but be wary of the fees the banks have set.

Simple entry


A lot of people avoid visiting countries that require you to go through an awfully long and annoying process of obtaining a visa. And that’s completely understandable. No one likes paying huge amounts of money just to get a piece of paper that will lose its value after just a few months.

Fortunately for you, the entry in Kenya is quite simple. You can get yourself an e-visa for just $50 which quite cheap. We believe that the process is pretty straightforward at since there aren’t any complicated steps or unnecessary costs hidden between the steps.

Great weather

You might be thinking that visiting a country in Africa means that you have to be ready for extreme weather. That you will have to carry only light clothing because you will be under the scorching hot sun, but that is actually not true for Kenya.

It has a tropical climate which does mean that it will be pretty warm throughout the entire year, but the warmth is quite pleasing. The hottest season lasts from January to March, but even the hottest weather reaches a maximum of just 35 degrees Celsius which is not that bad when you consider that Florida, Texas, and Louisiana reach temperatures much higher than this.



Kenya is also known for its very rich history, heritage and culture. Even though there are still ethnic tribes all over the land, Kenyans will always be hospitable toward visitors and people looking for adventure. They believe that all people should be unified and at peace. Their culture has taught them to be hospitable and friendly which means that you will never feel like you are out of place. You won’t be getting weird looks just because you are a tourist in this country.

You will also have a great time learning one of their languages and learning about their interesting traditions.

The Big Five

We already mentioned that Kenya is probably the best place to experience wildlife and safari’s, but what does that exactly mean? Well, by visiting this country you will be able to experience the Big Five or in other words, you will be able to see the most amazing animals on this planet Earth. The Big Five consists of the African Lion, white or black rhinos, the African leopard, Cape Buffalo and last but not least the African Elephant.

Other Wildlife


However, the wildlife experience does not end after you see the Big Five. You will also have the privilege to see hundreds of other amazing species that will leave you speechless.
Depending on when you visit Kenya there is a good chance that you will have the chance to see the Great Migration. If you are in this country somewhere between August and October you will be able to witness the migration of a million wildebeest from the Serengeti all the way to Maasai Mara.

This view is simply irreplaceable and cannot be satisfied by watching videos online. Just watching that huge mass of animals running, eating and playing with each other will be enough to keep you satisfied throughout your entire vacation.