There are many beautiful places in the world, and some of them will probably never come on your mind unless someone points out their beauty. Vietnam is considered to be one of those places, unfortunately, and although we think that it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world, not many people know about the amazing attractions that await your presence.

Due to the war conflicts that were happening in Vietnam years ago, people often think of this place as a battlefield that looks like a wasteland, but that’s just a huge misconception, and we are here to prove it.

General Vietnam Facts


Before we start talking about the wonderful attractions that can be seen in Vietnam, let’s take a look at some general facts about the country. It is located in South East Asia, and the country has a culture that is considered to be one of the older ones in the entire region, dating back to 2000BC.

There are so many interesting traditions and cultures that you’ll see if you ever decide to visit, and Vietnam is just a wonderful place to be if you want to feel the beauty of Asia. About ninety-five million people live in this country, and whenever we mention this number, people are often shocked since they don’t expect that much population because of all the war things that were going on in the past.

Things that are worth visiting for

Besides the untouched natural beauty that you get to enjoy in Vietnam, there are many other things that you should visit. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why people came back from this country and said that they had the best time of their life.



We’re not sure if you know about this, but Vietnam happens to be the second-largest coffee producer in the entire world. When you are so significant in the coffee industry, you have to learn a thing or two about creating the perfect brew, so expect to taste some of the best coffee ever made if you decide to visit Vietnam. If you are a fan of milk, the entire experience will be even better for you, because they always serve it with condensed milk, and this is a huge part of the culture in this country.



Do you enjoy learning interesting facts about foreign cultures and getting some first-hand experience about the way people live? Well, you’ll find all of it in Vietnam. Traditions are everywhere, and you will be impressed by the cool things that you get to see in both the cities and villages in this country. We don’t want to spoil these things for you, so let’s just say that you have a lot to see.



The food in this country is unlike anything that you’ve had before. All of their meals are healthy and include tons of vegetables and various sorts of spices. Vietnamese people are notorious for eating spicy food but don’t worry, if you are not into that, they’ll prepare a meal without the spicy ingredients. Many specialties are available for you to try in their restaurants, and we guarantee that you’ll love their food.

It’s not expensive at all


Vietnam is not an overhyped tourist destination that has all sorts of boasted prices that make you re-consider purchasing something out of the regular souvenir shop. The country has very affordable prices for almost anything that you want to try, so not only that you’ll have a great stay there, but you won’t be leaving empty-pocketed. Some people say that you can spend the day with just fifteen dollars.

Breathtaking rice fields


If you want to see how people work on the rice fields, make sure to visit Sapa, a hill station that is located on the Northwest side of Vietnam. This is a very popular spot to visit, and you can even take a hike through it and make some amazing photographs that will be a reminder of this beautiful country. Anyone who’s been here said that Sapa is completely breathtaking.

Things that you need to know

Before visiting Vietnam, you’ll have to find out if you require a visa or not. To do this, you can visit and finish the quick form. Worry not, if you need a visa, you can get it very easily and quickly without going through tons of paperwork. The entire procedure can be done on the internet, so it isn’t a problem at all.

Plan your visit accordingly if you are not the type of person that loves colder temperatures. If you visit in the summer, you’ll be able to take hikes and endless walks on the beautiful beaches of Vietnam, but in the winter, this will be quite difficult to do. However, some tours might be cheaper in the winter, so it is up to you to decide what you’ll go for.

Not everyone speaks English in this country, and although the people are very friendly and heart-warming, you still might run into a few “conflicts” with communication if you are visiting there without someone who speaks their native tongue. It shouldn’t be much of a problem though, because technology nowadays allows us to quickly translate anything and establish a quality conversation without any issues.


There are numerous activities that you can do in Vietnam, so you should think about the things you love the most if you only plan to visit once. Exploring and just enjoying both nature and culture is what we recommend, but there are many more things that are fun to do, which always brings us to one final thing, which is visiting Vietnam multiple times.

Anyone that’s been in the country said that once is not enough if you want to fully experience everything. Some traditions there are done in different seasons, so you can’t see everything in one go, unfortunately.

Luckily, this country is not expensive at all, so you will be able to visit multiple times without breaking your bank completely. We hope that you have a nice journey if you ever decide to go there and remember to stay safe and have tons of fun.