Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia, which is famous for its tourism. The reason for this is the sandy beaches, beautiful islands, caves, modern-day city and capital of the country Hanoi, rural areas of the Mekong Delta, and the historical city of Hanoi An. When a country has these several places, all having their own essence and range of activities, it is obvious that tourism is famous there.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam as a tourist, you must ensure that you are not exploited. To ensure that you get the, here are some packages that will be suitable for you, within your budget.

Highlights of Vietnam- 12 Days


As the name suggests, this package will ensure that you travel and explore all the main places in Vietnam that are famous among tourists. This tour package is recommended for those tourists who are active or solo travelers, or young groups of friends. This is because there are a lot of places to visit and this package includes places from all over the country.

This package includes an overnight cruise at Halong Bay and who wants to miss this chance of not spending a night by an island that is so beautiful. Moreover, you will be taken to the ancient towns of Hue and Hoi An, where you can get to know about the history and ancient cultures of the country.

This package is great as it takes you to sightseeing tours to places that are not only famous in Vietnam but in the whole world such as the Halong Bay. Additionally, you can sense the hustle-bustle in the streets in Hanoi and have a relaxing and peaceful time in places like Hoi An and Hue. The best thing about this package is that the tour guides will give you personal time at each destination so that you can explore the place deeply and with freedom.

Best of Vietnam- 15 Days


This tour package will take you all around Vietnam, from north to south. A good thing about this package is that it is not fast-paced. For all the tourist’s convenience, the tour will be undertaken at a steady speed. This is why; this tour package is somewhat suitable for families with children.

The best thing about this package is that you can book this package with security and confidence. You will get your money back if for some reason you are not able to make it on the trip.

This package does not include any thrill or heavy adventure. It has more to do with sightseeing and experiencing the beauty and nature. Moreover, if you are fond of different cultures and traditions of a country, this tour package is definitely for you.

In the north, you can experience the urban lifestyle in the bustling capital of the country. You can also see the ancient town such as Hoi An, enjoy the peaceful environment and historical essence of the city. Talking about peace, which place is more breathtaking than Halong Bay in Vietnam? This package includes an overnight cruise in Halong Bay. After experiencing the modern lifestyle in the north, the tour takes you to the Mekong Delta to have a glimpse of the rural lifestyle in the village as well.

Vietnam like a Local- 14 Days


As the name suggests, this tour will not take you around Vietnam as a tourist, but as a local. You will meet and deal with such people as if you are one of them. There is no gaining advantage of visiting a country until and unless you do not live like the local people over there and this tour package lets you do just that.

You will be taken to the southern part of the country and the people over there mostly observe a simple lifestyle. Here, your accommodation will be homes of the locals who are extremely friendly and hospital. The Mekong Delta will inform you about the life and work of the farmers. At the floating market, you will get a chance to bargain with shopkeepers for every day and daily items, which is n adventure of its own.

Other tour packages include visiting the Halong Bay on a luxurious cruise but this tour package is a bit different. You will visit Halong Bay on a junk style boat and even spend the night there to have a different experience. Other exciting adventures in this tour package include exploring Hanoi on a motorbike and having the amazing and affordable street food of the city.

The essence of Northern Vietnam- 8 Days


This tour only covers the northern part of Vietnam. This includes the lifestyle, cities, culture, and history associated with the northern part of Vietnam. This tour has a lot of sightseeing as it takes you to the hills and waterfalls of Sapa as well as walks through the rice terraces and interacts with the ethnic minority groups.

You must be ready for some road trips on this tour package as there are a lot of road transfers to go from one city to another. An exciting part about the tour package is that you will explore the rural villages of Mai Chau on a bicycle. A train tour is also included in this tour package when you are transferring from Hanoi to Lo Cai.

The final part is when you have to spend the night at a junk boat at Halong Bay. This includes a lot of other activities such as island visits, swimming, and kayaking. If you are not that adventurous, your experience will be complete if you have a relaxing and peaceful time by just looking at the mesmerizing view of the island.

As discussed earlier, Vietnam is a vast and diverse country. Different parts of the country have different cultures, landscapes, lifestyles, and people. From the hustle-bustle of the city to the peaceful and calm islands and ancient cities, you can experience anything.