Thanks to businesses going global, many Indians, originally part of the subcontinent, have landed in countries like the UK and America. The Indians part of this new diaspora worked hard, sent their kids to amazing schools, and saved their money.

As they grew or had children, their lifestyles changed for the better. Now, a solid family business can pay for an amazing vacation, and their lifestyle has changed over time to include luxury vacations.

Has the Indian Diaspora Changed Lifestyles?


When Indians moved abroad, they got educated, started businesses, and created generational wealth for the first time. These families often send their children to the best schools like Yale and Brown. When those children went to school, their parents often got their first taste of luxury travel. Imagine staying in a beautiful old home in Providence or New Haven. This form of tourism gave way to investing in rented mansions in tropical locations around the world.

Indian families that have worked very hard to have a nice home where they settled also want a house that accommodates them properly during every vacation. Searching for luxury mansions for rent often makes it easier for Indian families to find enough space for their group. Plus, these homes are as quiet as the house in their hometown.

They Have Embraced Luxury Tourism

As Indian families have embraced luxury tourism, they have added it to their traditional travel plans. A family that is flying back to India once a year to see the other members of their tribe might top in a tropical location like San Diego or Florida. Luxury mansions will host a large family group that is traveling, and they can visit many exciting places along the way.

Luxury tourism is a good way for large Indian families to travel safely. Plus, these homes allow Indian families to host their guests. The Indian diaspora community is close-knit, and Indian travelers often have family and friends in each new location they visit. These families can host parties in the large homes they have rented, and they can even hire staff to help around the house.

Indians Are Often First-Timers


Indians are often first-timers when they try luxury travel. These Indian families want to know what luxury travel feels like because they like to embrace new cultures. Indian families that come from the subcontinent often travel around Southeast Asia. Because of this, these families know what it is like to enjoy a more rustic vacation. However, these families can try luxury travel by starting with a rented mansion.

As Indians embrace modern technology, they might be the first to send their children to school abroad. These families might have a net worth over $1 million, and they want to enjoy some of their success. Some of the travelers who are coming to the UK and the US for the first time want to know what these countries are like before their children go to school in the west.

Where Are They Going?

When you are looking for the best places to travel, you should check out the mansion rentals in San Diego on You can travel to San Diego because it hardly ever rains, and you can enjoy the beaches, Fleet Week, haute cuisine, and sunshine almost every day. Plus, you can drive across the border to visit Mexico.

Florida vacation spots are just as sunny, and there are several luxury homes to choose from. Some families like to stay in Florida because they can enjoy the sunshine for days at a time. You might visit the most popular amusement parks in the world, or you could travel to Miami to see the Art Deco buildings around town.

Because these first-timers are trying new things, they prefer to flaunt their wealth as much as possible. They can do that by renting luxury homes, or they might fly first class, stay in a luxury cabin on a cruise ship, or travel in a luxury coach on a train.

What Does A Luxury Mansion Provide?


Luxury mansions provide you with more than enough space for everyone in your family travel group. You can hire a personal chef to work in the house because you are feeding a large group. You might get a house with a pool, or you might find a house that is perfect for entertaining more guests.

The house should have private parking, and it might be in a gated community. You will feel safe because it is like living at home. Plus, you can relax on the patio in the evening to watch the sunset. You might stay on the intercoastal waterways of Florida and San Diego where you can watch boats float by every day. In certain cases, you can actually practice driving a golf ball off the tee of your deck that faces the water.

Indian Parents Can Host Their Families In One House

Indian parents take pride in hosting their families in their rental homes. In fact, many Indians have come across the Sanskrit Proverb Athithi Devo Bhava (Guests should be treated like Gods). (It probably didn’t work when the British landed on their shores but they are past all that.) These homes can be so large that it seems as though the family has purchased a vacation home.

However, the parents can rent this home for a reasonable price during their vacation. If the parents are not the first to arrive, they can allow their children or extended relatives to stay in the house until they get there. This is a good place for a family vacation, and it is a good way to give everyone the vacation experience they deserve.


When Indian families are traveling around the world, they have upgraded to luxury rental homes. Luxury rental homes are a wonderful place for families to stay, and Indian parents can stay in these homes when they visit their children at school, visit tropical locations, and make stops on their way back to India.

Families that have worked hard and saved their money have changed lifestyles over the past few decades, and luxury travel has become commonplace in the Indian diaspora community. Parents and grandparents can create a vacation experience that mirrors their lifestyle at home.