For most people out in the West or maybe in Asia too, Oman is some exotic country that would probably never reach on their bucket list. I think it is safe to say that it is actually a very well developed country that offers a great time to tourists. Sure, it is quite young with its tourism because, before the 1970s, people didn’t dare to step on this land.

However, soon after the new Sultan finally got his hands on this aspect of the country, he made sure that Oman develops into a world-wide place that everyone can visit and enjoy. Not only is it today riddled with thousands of beautiful landscapes of desserts, mountain masses, and the oasis’, but it is also full of adventure, entertainment, and beautiful hotels. Thanks to the constantly developing metropolis of the world, Dubai, it is becoming an even better option for people who are looking for new and interesting places to visit.

So, if you are the type of person who enjoys both rich tourist experience and the backpacker’s adventures, Oman is definitely the right place for you. But if you want your experience to be perfect, you will definitely need a proper guide to help you find all the right places, you can’t just jump right into a plane expecting that you will have a great time. This is a new place for you, so it won’t hurt if you prepare a bit, right?

You will need a Visa


First things first, if you want to go anywhere, you will need to have all of your documents sorted. You will need a passport that will be valid for at least the next six months and ensure that you have all of your information ready. The next thing you will need to know is that you will need a visa. Unfortunately, you used to be able to get a visa right there at the airport when arriving, but some things have been changed.

Although, that change does necessarily have to be bad. Today, you can get yourself a visa quite easily, maybe even easier than it used to be. Before you get yourself an airplane ticket, hop on any of the hundreds of sites that offer visas for Oman, such as Oman-Evisa, and check what kind of documentation you will need. It should not take you any more than 15 minutes to finish the whole process and you won’t need any more than 50 US dollars unless you plan to stay for more than a month.

Don’t forget to double-check if you put in the right email address, because you will get your visa directly through the mail and you will need to print it out.

Time to visit

So you got every document in order, you got yourself the visa and the will to travel, what’s left? Well, you will have to decide when you are going to visit. Before doing that, you should first know about the weather in this country.

Just like any other place in the Arabian Peninsula, it can get quite hot. Temperatures can reach well over 40 degrees Celsius in the summer and the average is around 25 degrees Celsius in the winter.

So, if you can bear super-hot temperatures, you probably should visit it during the summer days as the prices can be quite cheaper and the weather can be quite nice in South Oman or if you plan on hiking the mountains. Keep in mind, the heat can become quite unbearable, especially if you go backpacking or riding through the desert.

If you can’t bear through the scorching hot sun then you should go for the winter season which lasts from November to April. You will share your experience with a bunch of other tourists, the weather will be perfect all the time, but the prices will be much higher because this is their tourist season.

Is it safe?


While many people believe that countries in the Middle East or on the Arabian Peninsula are ones prone to terrorism or crime, that’s is completely untrue. Oman is believed to be the safest country in entire Arabia and it is entirely terrorism free. It received a score of 0 on the Global Terrorism Index which is the global and annual report for terrorism of the countries around the world.

Omani people are also very calm folk and they never settle troubles with violence. They believe in the power of the word. Even if they didn’t, the severe punishments for even the slightest wrongdoings are good enough to deter any kind of criminals.

What can you do in Oman?

Now that we have gone through all the technical stuff, it is time to tell you about all the fun and interesting things you can do in this country. The land is riddled with both fun adventures for backpackers and with hotels for people who like to enjoy their time relaxing during a vacation.



This needs to be your number one reason for visiting Oman. Muscat is a beautiful city filled with all kinds of museums, homes, buildings, palaces, and forts. Whichever street you decide to roam, you will notice at least one building that will pull your attention with its architectural design.

You can also go to the harbor to witness the craft of the master shipbuilders. Omani are very famous for their shipbuilding skills, so why not look at those beautiful wooden ships from the harbor?

Also, don’t forget to view the Sultan’s Grand Mosque since it the most amazing building in the whole city.

Wahiba Sands


Who doesn’t love to off-road in a desert? Well, these never-ending desert dunes are the perfect place to test the capabilities of your foul wheel rental. There are also several camps you can join where you can sleep through the night and enjoy the silence of the desert.

Wadi Bani Khalid


You can’t go off-road in a desert if you don’t end your adventure with a trip to the oasis. This paradise in the middle of nowhere is the perfect place to cool down, drink a few beers and relax.