According to Forbes, Python tops the list of the 10 most popular tech skills in 2024 (in India) and coming years.

That’s right. Knowing Python can open up countless job opportunities for you.

You can apply for the role of a backend developer, data scientist, data analyst, machine learning expert, and more. Even freshers in the Python domain get a good pay package.

So, to strengthen your grip on Python Coding, you must start from basic and gradually learn advanced frameworks.

Luckily, you can start learning python programming today from the Edureka e-learning platform. Edureka has a versatile catalog of Python framework courses and domain-specific certifications.

These courses in India start from 5000 Rs to 17,000 Rs based on difficulty level. But don’t worry, you can SAVE up to 35-90% fees using the Edureka coupon code and offers. There are other Data Science Courses also that offer comprehensive industry vetted curriculum so that individuals can become job-ready.

So, here are some of the Top Python Courses for you

1. Python Scripting Certification Training


Python scripting certification is an entry-level course for you.

You’ll understand the basics of python coding such as conditional statements, command-line arguments, various loops, OOPS concepts, and file handling.

As you get better at writing code, the course will teach you NumPy and Pandas libraries.

This certification is suitable for students, freshers, and data scientists. The fee is around 8.5k, which you can further reduce using a special Edureka coupon code.

2. Python Programming Certification Training

Curated by industry professionals, this course is a level up from the previous one.

Apart from basic python coding, you will also learn data visualization using Matplotlib, data manipulation using pandas, GUI programming, and web map development.

The course also makes you aware of the OpenCV framework.

After clearing this course, data science would become easier for you. And you’d be able to write optimized scripts.

This python course is suitable for freshers, software developers, data analysts, and data scientists.

The course price is roughly between 16k-17k. But the good news is, you can get a DISCOUNTED deal using Edureka coupons.

3. Python and Django Training and Certification


Python and Django go hand-in-hand in many companies these days.

If you know Django Models, Rest framework, AJAX, JQuery, then no one can stop you from getting a fantastic job.

This particular Edureka course offers all of that. You will learn the database integrations needed to design the web app.

The advantage of mastering Django and python can make you a dynamic coder.

Opt for this course if you want to become a FullStack Developer or a UI developer. The price range is somewhat similar to the previous one.

4. Python Spark Certification Training using PySpark

Big data is also a wonderful domain in the tech industry. The Hadoop ecosystem has become the backbone of many applications.

Python Spark course using PySpark will help you master Hadoop, Spark SQL, data frames, Apache framework, and Spark Graphx.

It’s perfect to land the job as Big Data Analysts or Big Data Architect.

As it’s an advanced course, the fees are a bit higher. But if you still want to gain expertise in Big data without investing a lot of money, try the Edureka Discount code. It will certainly lift some weight off your bank account.

5. NLP Certification Training with Python


If you are interested in Natural language processing and machine learning, then this course is for you.

Within 3 weeks, you can learn text mining, text preprocessing, analyzing sentence structure, and text classification.

NLP has applications in both tech and non-tech fields. So you have a lot of career options.

This course is suitable for students, freshers, as well as tech experts to amplify their knowledge.

The course fee is around 16.6k to 17.5k.

6. Data Science Certification Training with Python

This particular course is perfect to master Data Science. If you already have basic python knowledge, Data science certification will further improve your skillset.

Mastering data science can also be beneficial to develop machine learning applications such as recommendation systems.

The course will first make you aware of the basics of python, followed by advanced scripting knowledge. Then you get to learn how to use python scripting for data manipulation, supervised/unsupervised learning, and data mining.

Practically, the course is more suitable for developers, tech team leads, analysts, and ML experts. However, students can certainly opt for the course to have a plus point on job applications.

Data science certification is priced at around 22k INR.

7. Python Developer Masters Program


If you want to learn all the above courses collectively, then this master’s program is an ideal choice.

The program starts with basic python certification live classes and goes all the way through ML, Data Science, NLP, Spark, and Django.

As this course teaches you everything from scratch, you don’t have to have any previous knowledge. Students, tech graduates, industry experts, or any tech enthusiast can enroll. Completing the course can improve your chances of getting a high-paying job.

Alumni of the python master’s program are working in big companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Dell, and more.

The master’s programs are a bit pricey; at around 70k INR. Although, if you browse for the Edureka coupon code, there is a big chance of saving tons of money on this.

Final Thoughts

In India, the average salary for a python developer is 5 to 15 lakhs/year. It’s all about how well you can understand the framework and write optimized code.

Edureka certification courses can get you started with the journey. And if you already have a job, it’s always good to polish your knowledge with these courses.

So don’t wait. Apply to the course at a discounted price. Check out websites like Greatbuyz to find the latest coupon codes and SAVE BIG on online certifications.