Learning a new language is challenging as well as time-consuming. However, doing so has its own benefits to offer. And if you are considering learning German, you must be thinking why you should learn it across India. To help you, we are listing some advantages of learning the language below. Also, Superprof is a great website where you can learn German directly from the experts.

German is an Easy to Learn Language

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Contrary to what many people believe, this language is easy to learn, especially if you are well-versed with English. So all the jokes about this language being impossible are nothing but a myth.
English and German language are similar in a way that they share the Germanic root. Additionally, thousands of German and English words are closely related. For example, chin in English is referred to as Kinn in German. Water in English is known as Wasser in German.

Contrary to languages like Russian, Chinese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, etc., you don’t have to learn any alphabets. There are only a few letters you need to place here and there to understand.

Job Opportunities All Over the World

One of the most crucial reasons why people learn this language is their career. Germany is the world’s 4th largest by nominal GDP, the largest economy of Europe, and the second-largest exporter of the world. All of these reasons combine to make it a necessary language to study.

Since Germans are world leaders in the field of engineering, fluency in this language will open a plethora of job opportunities for Indians in medicine and healthcare, logistics, education, mass media, tourism, financial services, information technology, outsourcing, entertainment, tourism, power and utility, and automobile industries.

German powerhouses like Volkswagen, BMW, Adidas, Daimler, Bosch, Deutsche Bank, SAP, Lufthansa, BASF, Allianz, and Siemens are established throughout the world. So, if you have it written against your language skills in your resume, it will impact your chances of bagging a job in these companies.

Widely Spoken Language in Europe

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Deutsch or German is a widely spoken language in Europe. In fact, Germany is not the only nation where it is spoken. Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Germany share a common official language – German.

You will find a fair amount of German speakers in Bosnia, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, North Italy, Russia, Romania, Namibia, Czech Republic, and other European countries. Almost 185 million people and 100 million native people speak German.

It is the Language of Innovators

Germany is known as the nation of inventors and innovators. A significantly notable percentage of achievements in the world was initially coined in this country. The citizens have collected for a hundred nobles prizes for their accomplishments in medicine, literature, physics, and many other areas.

This number doesn’t include prizes from two major German-speaking nations – Switzerland and Austria. Additionally, many Nobel prize winners from other nations have trained at German universities. So your aim to achieve this sort of height in your life, learning this language would be a good start.

Career Scope in India

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There is an increasing demand for German translators, proofreaders, trainers, content writers, and interpreters, as a number of international businesses have set up their offices in India where they look for fluent speakers. So, your job opportunities increase.

You can also seek employment in the German embassy in New Delhi as well as consulates in Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai. Additionally, a number of MNCs like Accenture, BMW, Amazon, Volkswagen, Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Audi, etc. are looking for employees who are experts in the language for offshore and outsourcing work.

Study in Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Germany is a land of innovations and ideas. The nation offers a range of courses spread across a number of bachelor’s, doctoral, masters, and post-doctoral programs. Their degree is respected well across the world.

If you research, you will find that universities in Germany have a great international reputation. Additionally, a number of academic institutions in Germany are free for native as well as international students.

Travel, Hospitality, and Tourism Industry

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Germany boasts low unemployment and strong economic growth. Germans make a good amount of money and are offered six weeks of vacation every year. This is why they are the most significant spenders of tourist dollars worldwide.

Every year, India sees millions of German-speaking tourists for vacation but are not fluent in English. If you learn German, your career scope in the tourism, leisure, and travel sector widens.

Germany has a Very Strong Economy

Germany is not only a good option for academics; entrepreneurs who wish to take their business global should also consider learning German. This country has the biggest economy with the extensive European Union and stands at the fourth position in the world economy. It abodes hundreds of international enterprises and position at the forefront of adopting new technology.

The schooling system encourages students in Germany to know basic English, and when you are communicating with them in their native tongue will help in building good faith. Furthermore, it will facilitate effective communication and help in establishing long-lasting business relations.

German Holds a Strong Online Presence

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If you are a blogger, then learning this language can turn out to be truly valuable for you. German websites have a strong presence on the internet. When it comes to a domain affiliated with a specific nation, .de (Germany’s domain) is the most popular domain in the world. After .com, .de holds the most number of websites.

If you learn Germany, it will give you access to 15 million additional websites, excluding the German websites that have .net, .info, and .org domain. So if building brand visibility is on your agenda or you want to attract more global audience, learning this language can be quite helpful for you.

Learning a new language can be beneficial for you in many ways. If you have to pick a tremendously valuable language to learn, German will stand at the forefront. Above we have mentioned some tremendous benefits of learning this language. Along with being extremely easy to learn, it is versatile and helps with a wide range of aspects in life.