Economics is a study that involves a lot of brains. Believe it or not but some people think that economics has everything to do with numbers. But that’s not the case, economics study is a lot more than that.

If you are an economist you need to give an eye for detail. You also need to have good prediction skills or need to develop them with time.

A good economist also knows to read the highs and lows in the market, predict financial market conditions, know the supply and demand, and consumer behavior.

Keeping these things in mind, if you feel like pursuing a degree in economics, then go for it! Pursuing an economics degree is sure to open a door to a lot of opportunities.

When I pursued my economics degree, was the one I trusted. It helps a lot to ask for assistance during studies.

Coming back to the economics degree, you must be wondering what door of opportunities does it open?

Well, in this article we are going to discuss all that you can do with an economics degree in India. Well, if you are wondering if are there so many options? Then remember even a finance minister requires an economics degree to be one!

1. Actuary

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This is a career pursued by a few. But it is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world.

An actuary is an art of risk management. People who take up actuary have to measure risk and uncertainly of finances and the market. These are the people who are at the roots of designing insurance, financial, or major marketing policies. You really need to study a lot and understand the concepts to perfection.

And there are not many who take up this career in India, so you could be one who makes a difference! The professionals in this domain also predict the future of the market and how certain things impact the market conditions in the present and the future!

2. Lawyer

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Yes, an economist can be a great lawyer. The practical and prediction sense that an economist degree provides is like no other. Plus, if you become a corporate lawyer, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful one. The only thing required for your success is the knowledge of economics. A corporate lawyer is a profession that is in high demand these days.

After your economics degree, you might be required to do pursue a degree for lawyers, but that should not be too difficult for an economics degree holder!

3. An Economist

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This is such an obvious thing, that an economics degree holder can become an economist. But there are various types of economists. An economist can be hired by a private firm, corporate office, law office, SMBs, or anybody that requires help with finances.

Thus, being an economist allows to you explore the workplaces and choose the one that matches your talent the best! This means you can choose a workplace according to your convenience. If you want to explore corporate life you could do that, or you could be an economist for start-ups, SMBs, and more.

There are so many start-ups in India, and you never know, who is the next billionaire that you are going to assist!

4. Market Analyst

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This is another one of the high-paying jobs, for a degree holder in economics. A market analyst provides the best analysis of the market and advises on financial transactions.

A market analyst is also very important for a person who invests in stocks, shares, and bonds. They can predict the market status and can be consulted for safe investments.

Their predictions are so strong and true, that almost all the fortune 500 to fortune 1000 companies have market analysts working for them. These market analysts help companies make big money by telling them about the best investments.

The market analysts also guide the company by telling them about the company’s market status and how consumers demand their products.

5. Statistician

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If you have the problem-solving kind of brain, love challenges, and have an economics degree, then you certainly should be a statistician.

A statistician is involved in developing solutions, theories, techniques, and providing answers in a particular field. They require to use their thinking and research skills to design surveys, opinion polls, and experiments. This data and findings then help companies to generate policies, products, and services according to customer demands.

A statistician is highly trusted by the company to provide the exact data for its consumer base.

6. Business writer/reporter

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If you have an economics degree, you can utilize your vast degree by writing awareness and consideration articles to educate people. If you survey the market, a maximum number of people in India do not have the basic knowledge of stocks and share markets. Thus, you can provide them with basic knowledge in simple words. These articles can go a long way in guiding someone to understand the complexities of the market.

And if you love media and journalism, then you could be a business reporter. A business reporter informs the audience about the market finance conditions, challenges, and solutions. People who are investors rely a lot on business news to place, raise or remove their stakes.

To conclude

You can see, how an economics degree holder has so many options! Also, we have enlisted the best high-paying six jobs for an economics degree holder. But if you have a detailed perspective of the market, and trust your instincts; then you can be a great investor and make lots of money. And if you plan to study further you can end up in the finance ministry and help the country make better financial decisions.

In the initial years, you may find that economics study may get tedious. So, when you need to study the definitions, make tables, and understand the complexities. It might seem like a daunting subject, but in the end, you will come out to be brighter and wise. So, pursue your dreams and help various industries with your expertise!