Indian tradition and mentality may be specific for some people. However, when you look closer, people who live there have the same habits as people worldwide. If you ever get the chance to visit this wonderful country, you will hear many young people saying that online gambling is one of their favorite activities.

Just like in any other part of the world, people in the second most populated country in the world like to play different gambling games. However, the most popular one is online roulette without any doubt. There are many reasons why roulette is experiencing popularity growth among online gamblers, and we would like to highlight them all in this article. Who knows; maybe you change your way of thinking and try out your luck and skills by playing this game more often.

Finding a Reliable Online Roulette Is No Longer a Problem


The sense of security when playing online roulette at some Indian gambling sites is probably the number one reason why we witness a popularity growth. Fortunately, finding a reliable roulette casino is no longer a problem, and even beginners can easily recognize them.

It is always good to hear the pieces of advice that some gambling experts have. According to Luke Holmes, a chief editor at, the best roulette casinos online are always RNG tested. Despite that, they will all offer different types of bonuses that players can use to test their luck and boost their skills without spending money.

The message we have for you is pretty simple to understand. Check the features of a casino, the bonuses they offer, as well as the licenses that confirm they are working legally. If you see everything is fine, then the last step is to create an account and enjoy!

People Can Find Free Version of This Game Online


Flexibility is one of the reasons why online casinos are popular in India in general. The same rule counts when we talk about online roulettes. If people struggle to organize their budget properly, they can try out the free version of the game and confirm it is the game they would gladly play. On the other hand, no one says that you have to spend a fortune whenever you play this game. A lot of roulette operators will allow people to gamble with a few rupees and have fun.

The Game Is Pretty Easy and Entertaining


Different variations of poker, for instance, require strategy development. You will need to learn how to bluff, read people’s mind, determine when is the right moment to fold, etc. These concerns do not exist with online roulette because it is a luck-based game. Your only task would be to learn the rules of this game (that are actually pretty simple) and organize your budget properly. It is quite important not to spend more than you can afford and quit your account when things start going in the wrong direction.

People in India want to relax and have fun after a tough day at work. Skill-based games often require a lot of energy and practice, which is probably why they are not among the most popular ones.

Roulette Appears in Bollywood Movies


It is not a secret that movies and mainstream media have a strong influence on people’s habits and behavior. For instance, the classic newsboy cap has experienced popularity growth because of Peaky Blinders. You can see a lot of people in all parts of the world wearing them.

The same thing happened in India when we talk about roulette. Bollywood released many gambling movies such as The Casino, Teen Patti, The Striker, and others. In all these movies, the main characters were professional roulette players/gamblers. Indeed, playing this game online is not the same, but it is a good replacement, and it seems that more and more Indians are gladly using that opportunity to have fun.

It Is Completely Legal!


People that do not live in India should understand that gambling laws in that country are a bit specific. All the residents of India can gamble on lottery, rummy, and horse racing. However, gambling at online casinos is not illegal, and people in India can enjoy all the games from the comfort of their room. After watching the movies that we previously mentioned, many people get the desire to try out the same activity and test their luck. However, when they don’t have the opportunity to do that in land-based casinos, playing roulette online is the only legal and legit alternative they have. That’s why roulette casinos are getting more and more customers.

Final Thought

Among many entertaining things you can do in India, online roulette is one of activities that will help you have fun, and potentially get familiar with the culture and mentality of people that live there (via live chats).

These five reasons are the main ones why online roulette is the most popular game among Indian players. If you desire to play the game after reading this article, we need to remind you of a couple of things.

First of all, check the features of all online casinos you can find and confirm they are using RNG. Despite that, be sure you will at least get a welcome bonus as a first-time customer. These bonuses will allow you to check out whether online roulette meets your requirements or not. In case you are a beginner who is not ready to spend money, then you can play the free version of this game and get familiar with the

rules. Are you ready to start your journey?