Esports betting is one of the hottest and freshest topics on the internet and media in general at the moment. In just a few years, the Esports community has skyrocketed the stock of the gaming platform to levels that we’ve never expected.

The gaming experience is one of the most surreal ones that you can have. It is a highly skillfully designed piece of software that has been introduced in recent times. We started with elementary and 8-bit games such as Tetris but now have changed monumentally over time.

We now have gaming experiences that indulge people in stories and worlds that take them on an emotional rollercoaster. The experience only gets better and better with time.

Imagine being in a space that you have majority control over. Something crazy to think about indeed: we’ve changed the face of gaming with the inception of multiplayer gaming, and honestly, it has been an absolute rollercoaster of fun and competition.

At this point, it doesn’t even feel like a game anymore as friends get together on the platform and hang out using voice chat and texting systems. First-person shooter games have been garnering a high number of awards and demands.

They are easily the biggest and largest games in the industry with the most need for the genre. Visit to know more about the skins of the guns and how you can avail many offers on them.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Esports betting scene and how gambling on skins takes place. With that being said, without any further ado, let’s get into this!

What Is Esports?


You’ve heard of cricket, football, baseball, basketball, rugby, hockey, and much more. All of these come under the category of sports. Well, we know for a fact that these are games that are physically played and have existed for over a century.

The world is now changed with the emergence of software that is highly sought after. Esports, as the name suggests, is ‘Electronic Sports.’ The viability and certainty of calling video games a sport has been under speculation for over a while and is mired in controversy.

But that goes to say that people have long undermined this sport and still choose not to recognize it as one. But Esports has been doing some groundbreaking work, and the world is seeing just how much demand people have for it, and whether they love it or hate it, they definitely cannot ignore it.

Thousands flock to stadiums to see their beloved competitive champions race to the trophy at the end of the year, and the environment is breathtaking.

Introduction To Esports Betting


Gambling. A concept is as old as time. People are wanting to become richer by predicting the outcome of something. Put your hand, go over or under 21. Will you get three 7s in a row? Will the ball land on red or black?

Always bet on black, and thanks to a ruling in 2018, it’s now legal to bet on sports in some US states, and betting on sports is a vast industry. In 2017, the sports betting market was over 104 billion dollars, with a projection to reach 155 billion by 2024. eSports are already a billion-dollar industry on their own.

Still, even though the pandemic and subsequent lockdown have significantly increased the number of people betting on eSports, the numbers raised on average by eSports betting are only a fraction of what you see in traditional sports betting.

Why is this? ESports are a much younger form of entertainment, but it’s a good deal more complicated than just that.

How Esports Betting Differs To Normal Sports Betting


Let’s get a basic understanding of how normal sports betting works. Whether you’ve heard the name or not, everyone understands the concept of a money line bet. This means we think Team X will beat Team Y, and we’ll bet 20 bucks on that.

Depending on the odds calculated by the bookmaker or bookie, you can win back a profit if your team wins. Another type of bet standard in sports betting is what’s called a prop bet or proposition bet.

This bet predicts that something will or won’t happen in a game, and it’s found in both traditional sports and eSports. An example of a prop bet in a football game would be to say, Ezekiel Elliott, the running back for the Dallas Cowboys, will get over or under thirty-five rushing yards in the course of a game.

An example of a prop bet in eSports would be for double lift the current ad carry for TSM to CS over or under 200 creeps in the first 20 minutes now, which of these seemed easier to understand of these bets as us saying this guy will run at least 35 yards.

The other part of us is saying this guy will kill at least 200 of these tiny minions commonly referred to as creeps in the first 20 minutes of this game.

Skin Gambling


One of the murkiest things about the bright and light side of a game such as CSGO is the gambling of skins. What is skin gambling? We’ll start with what skins are in the first place.

Unlike the real world, in Cs Go and other competitive gaming, you can customize how your gun looks to different colors and different shapes – even in the form of dragon shapes, modeled from the elder lore and other fictional worlds.

Skin gambling is essentially putting up wagers on a type of skin that you want on specific sites.

This, again, is highly risky to do as you can be ripped off more often than not. In all of this, our best bet is that you do not take part in these because, more often than not, it represents the downsides of betting and gambling and hardly any profit from it.