It is interesting to learn about something that you have not heard about. It could be anything. You could learn about some random facts about the world only now. One thing is for sure: Some of these bits of info are unheard of and rare. At least by general public standards.

You do not have to know about everything that goes on in this world. You also do not need to keep track of everything that is happening with people, places, and more. We managed to list down some of our favorites, “did you know facts” that you may only have heard about now.

The list varies across different fields. Do not expect the facts to be all about one thing. After all, where is the fun in learning about one line of fun-facts only? We will give you seven of the most diverse facts that happen beyond the scenes!

Cats Are Asleep Most Of Their Lives


Did you know that cats spend a massive chunk of their day sleeping? Yes, by cats, we mean your pets. This fact includes our favorite companions in our homes. Whenever you cannot locate your cat, he or she is most likely asleep somewhere.

Some of our feline companions can sleep for almost 20 hours a day. Do not worry; these 20 hours of sleep come from different times a day. It is good to know that I can spend at least four hours with my cat before he dozes off into dreamland.

Our lovable feline pets sleep for most of the day and do their hunting during the night. Do not expect to cuddle with your cat and have a good night’s sleep! Chances are, your cat will be too active while you snooze.

Humans Average 25 Years Of Sleep During Their Lifetime


Yes, by humans, we are talking about us humans. Did you know that you and I could average at around 25 years of snooze time? Assuming that you get to live and experience how it is to live up to a hundred, you would be asleep for 25 percent of your life. 25 percent of 100 years is a considerable chunk of time!

Do not be quick to regret this amount of time that you are asleep. Sleep is a vital and integral part of our daily lives. You will not get to function like a normal human being if you trade being productive with sleep. Get a good night’s rest and be productive during the other 75 years you got left.

Another fun thing you did not know is that we average around seven years of trying to go to bed. Yes, our repeated habit of difficulties in falling asleep account for about seven years.

96% Of Candle Purchases Come From Women


Candles are one of the most used items in the entire world. You can use candles for almost anything that needs light. Some candles even do more than the light source requirement. You can find some candles to have a distinct scent and other feminine features.

With this fact, you can use this to your advantage. Now you know the perfect gift to give your loved ones. It could be your mom, aunt, sister, girlfriend, and more. Candles are a safe gift to get any woman in your life. Get the scented one so that they feel more special and loved!

The religious community also needs candles. Maybe 4% comes from the prevalent religions? You can now focus on the fact that women love candles and work around that fact as a gift, token to them.

Eggs Are Vitamin-Rich


You already know that eggs are right for you and rich in vitamins. Well, I bet you did not know that these vitamins include every single vitamin in the book. Yes, you can consume an egg now to get a steady dose of every vitamin.

Aside from Vitamin C, eggs are also a natural source of Vitamin D. You can find Vitamin D in the egg yolk. If you are suffering some extent of Vitamin D deficiency, egg yolks are an excellent remedy.

Eggs are also a good source of ever-so-important protein. If you want to be lean and develop strength, look for eggs to get you the results you need. Of course, you would need to pair eggs with other whole grain foods and a lean diet.

3 Alligators Make Up For A Single Pair Of Boots


Yes, we know that killing alligators for a pair of boots is sad. What is even more disturbing about this fact is that the people behind this act rounds up three alligators for a couple of boots. The next time you get yourself a pair of boots that resemble alligator skin, there is a considerable chance they used three alligators for that one.

You might want to stick to the regular shoes made out of leather. This way, you can help save the alligators. You can be a huge help in putting effort into ecosystem preservation. Alligators are a vital part of ecosystems.

Things may look bad for ecosystems if people somehow poached every alligator to make boots. At the rate that the boot-making business is going, it would not take long for them to go extinct.

Australia Has No Active Volcanoes


Australians do not have to worry about a volcanic eruption happening every once in a while. All seven million kilometers of Australia does not have a single active volcano. Do Australians know this fact about their country? If you are Australian and you only heard of this fact now, then you must be pretty relieved.

All the diverse wildlife in Australia can continue to flourish. This wildlife does not have to fear any volcanic eruption wiping everything out. For humans, they can continue to build cities and infrastructure around their active volcano-free land.


You may not have known or had an idea about these facts before. You do not have to be hard on yourself for not knowing these things. These happen beyond-the-scenes while we live our lives. Maybe we find ourselves distracted by our daily routines. Regardless, it is nice to know interesting facts about how everything around us works.