Investing in potential outcomes of various sports events represents one of the most popular types of gambling. It is not a surprise since millions of people enjoy watching sports every day. For most of them, sport is said to be the best way of spending free time. There are some advantages when compared to other models of gambling.

First of all, it is the only option where your knowledge can make a difference. If you are passionate about sports and follow news and games all the time, chances are great that you will manage to predict some outcomes. Luck is still an important factor, but it is not crucial like in other options.

Moreover, there is a great selection of events, and there is always something that you can combine and play a ticket. Still, it is recommended to choose only sports you are familiar with. For example, if you are from Europe, chances are great that you are not familiar with baseball and best teams and players in the US since this sport is not that popular in the old continent.

Similar differences can be seen all over the world. For instance, soccer is not popular in Canada and the US as it is in South America and Europe. Also, hockey is very popular in Russia, Norway, Finland, and many other countries on the northern hemisphere, while countries on the south prefer cricket much more, especially in Australia, New Zealand, India, and Pakistan.

It might be a surprise for people from all over the world, but cricket is popular in India like football in Europe. That also leads to an increase in the popularity of online betting, and you can check TheTopBookies for the best Indian betting sites. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the main reasons why betting on cricket is a trend in this country.

It is Their Favorite Sport


As we already mentioned, this sport holds the same popularity as Champions League in Europe or NBA in the US. They have an amazing league, which is not a surprise since they are one of the most populated countries in the world. Therefore, there are a lot of teams while the stadiums are always crowded.

That leads to amazing ambient that will motivate players to give their best in each game. There are some great international titles as well. The biggest rival is Australia, and they are often playing against each other in the final rounds of big tournaments. While the wages are not as high as for most popular soccer and basketball players, top players are receiving millions of dollars every year.

Great Selection of Online Betting Sites

Another reason why online betting on cricket became so popular is related to technology advancements where almost everyone has a smartphone with an internet connection. Even rural areas and less-developed parts of India are now covered with internet connections. Also, there are numerous sites available, and they are competing by offering some great deals for newbies. Therefore, you can receive free funds after making the first payment.

When it comes to this sport, it is recommended to use sites from countries where it is more popular because you will get much better odds and improved selection of available events. Besides that, it is crucial to pay attention to the security and only choose well-known platforms. Also, pay attention to the time of payment processing, which should never be longer than two or three days.

A Lot of Available Games


It is simple to understand that improved selection of available events can bring better chance to win more often. That is the feature of leagues in India, where events are played almost every day. Besides the major IP league, there are many other competitions like Ranji, Vijay Hazare, Irani, Punjab, and more.

It is quite interesting since there are leagues where teams from different parts of the country are combined, which makes the games more exciting for their fans since there is a level of rivalry between the regions as well.

It is Simple

While there are some complex systems that you can also implement, the key is to keep it simple and play on the teams with bigger chances to win. Besides that, you can also choose margins and total points. It can be helpful when you are not sure about the favorite in the following game, but you know that previous scores between these teams had a lot of points.

Still, it is crucial to pay attention to some other factors, like with any other sport. Also, surprises are always possible, which means that you should never be too sure that you will win, which might lead you into investing more than you can afford.

Always check the head-to-head score, and pay attention to potential injuries of key players, importance of the following event, and even weather conditions. Sometimes only minor details can make a difference that will help one team to win.

Last Words


It is not difficult to understand why there is a rise in popularity of cricket gambling in this country when we know that it is their favorite sport. Also, it brings some benefits since you can choose a lot of events, and the frequency of these games is perfect for gamblers.

If you are not familiar with this sport, that does not mean that you should always avoid betting on it. You can research more about competitions and check the best teams and leagues to create some predictions.

In most cases, it is not recommended to invest more money on sports you are not familiar with, but it can sometimes be a great way to increase the value of your ticket. For example, when the leader of the league is playing against the team that is in poor form. You will get a much lower odd, but chances to lose are very low as well. Combining such games is a great way to win easy money.