India is a mix of tradition, culture, and contrasts, vibrant, and interesting country. This country is on the wish list for every explorer and wanderlust.

The foreigners are amazed by a way of life in India, the country of spices. In the article down below you can read about 19 interesting, and weird facts that can only happen and be seen in India.

There are 6 seasons in India

In India, we have a Hindu calendar with 6 seasons, two more than in regular countries. The list goes like this: summer, autumn, winter, spring, the monsoon season, and the winter`s eve season.

If you were wondering what kind of monsoon season is, it is a rainy season from July to September with humid weather. It is called the rainy season, but also there is a dry phase.

source: wikipedia

There is an agreeing gesture

In India, you will not see nodding anywhere because Indian people move their heads with a motion from side to side. We might not figure out that that motion is a ’’Yes’’, to us it is like a condemnation. In the same way, they say ’’No’’. Are you confused?

India is the largest vegetarian country in the world

More than half of the Indian population is vegetarian because it is the part of the tradition. A big part of Hinduism is vegetarianism, and they almost do not buy and eat meat. Their cuisine is based on fruits and vegetables, and spices. Only 40% of Indians consume meat products.

India is the largest English-speaking nation in the world

English and Hindi are two official languages in India, but their government goes for 23 more languages. In this large country you have 1,650 dialects, and two classical languages Sanscrit and Tamil.

The air is polluted

The air pollution is a huge deal in India, especially in big cities. All population has breathing problems, and tourists and visitors have issues with this. The statistics said that if you are in Delhi or Mumbai just for one day, it is like you have been smoking 100 cigarettes. Pretty awful, don`t you think? Even if you are a smoker can you imagine that state?

All the world`s major religions are found in India

This is the country of people who follow Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Islam, and of course, Hinduism. The majority of people are Hinduism, nearly 80%.

The biggest family in the world lives in India

If you think that big family is when the parents have five children, you are wrong. The biggest family ever lives in India, the husband has 39 wives, who gave him 94 children. Did he remember all their names?

source: youtube

Children`s Day

This is one of the most important holidays in India, and it is celebrated on November 14. The importance of this holiday is huge because it increases the level of care and education for children in this country.

Police are paid for their mustaches

The mustache is an important part of the Indian folklore, and Indians have argued that men with a mustache are more manful and respected in his surroundings. This is a very interesting topic when it comes to police officers in India because they have a bigger paycheck if they wore a mustache.

Indian currency

The local currency is Rupees, and it comes in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 notes and 1, 2, 5, 10 coins. The tourists and visitors cannot take rupees with them their home. The Rupees cannot leave India.



Cows have ID cards

The Indian government will spend 500 million rupees to an identification of the cows. All state cows will have an ID card with photo. The government will do this to keep track of the kettle, protect kettle from the smugglers…

It is the country of spices

India is the largest producer of spices, and spices on our markets are probably from this country because 70% of all spices are made here. Some of the most popular spices are turmeric, ginger, cumin, black pepper, coriander and star anise.


At this moment India has 1.5 billion people, and with that number, it is a country with the highest population on Western Hemisphere. In a couple of years, India will have more population than China.


India has the lowest divorce rates in the world because it is the country of arranged marriages. On 100 marriages goes 1 divorce.

divorces in india


“Love Commandos“

“Love Commandos“ is a group in India, which supports couples from different castes. This non-profit organization helps all Indian couples in love from harassment. When you want to marry for love in India first you call this organization.

There`s a new way to use popular beverages

If you were wondering how Indian farmers grow those beautiful fruits and vegetables, the answer is very simple, they use Coca-Cola and Pepsi. These beverages are used instead of expensive pesticides in their gardens and fields.

Women can be very rich

If you combined stocks for USA, Germany, Switzerland, and the International Monetary Fund you still will not gain the percentage of gold which is held by Indian housewives. They own 11% of the world`s gold and can be very rich.

divorces in india

source: youtube

They rejected civilization

Sentinel Island is controlled by India, and it is a territory that is untouched by modern civilization. This archipelago in the Bay of Bengal is home to the Sentinelese.

The homeland of chess

The original name of the game is Chaturanga, which means 4 divisions of an army, and divisions’ names are elephants, chariots, cavalry, and infantry.  From India chess spread to Persia and from there Muslim people brought it to Europe.