For Indian businesses of all sizes, email is the most essential corporate communication medium. The main threat channel for cyberattacks is it as well. Mass spam and phishing emails have given way to highly targeted phishing attempts that can spread ransomware and zero-day malware.

To trick companies into downloading malware, malicious parties have gotten more skilled at intercepting emails to access sensitive information and/or impersonating emails in order to direct recipients to phishing websites.

Organizations must implement a layered security solution that goes beyond anti-spam and anti-malware in order to guard against these continuously changing email threats.

Benefits of Email Security

1. Protection Against Phishing Threat

A phishing email is made to take advantage of the staff members at your company by using social engineering. An attacker can steal login information and other personal data or infect the employee’s machine with malware if they persuade a user to click on a harmful link or open an infected attachment. From there, the hacker can gain more access to the corporate network, steal important information, or launch other attacks. Install robust email security solutions like Perception Point for better security.

2. Protect Private Information

Existing mail data must be kept private while sending and receiving mail, including everything from contract information to the most recent sales figures. Private financial information, delicate negotiations, and top-secret company information can all be made public by a single mistaken click, leading to a data breach. Email encryption safeguards sensitive data, including credit card numbers, bank account information, employee PII, and intellectual property.

3. Eliminate Identity Theft

It’s common to receive emails from your workplace that include sensitive information. However, if the data is sent through unencrypted mail, people become exposed to identity theft. Anyone who knows your username and password—which you use to log into your mail servers—can read the emails you send and even send phony emails on your behalf if they have access. You can prevent this by using mail encryption, known as corporate mail compromise.

4. Time Saver

The most crucial factor for businesses is time. Therefore, it’s crucial to automate straightforward processes. You’ll save a tonne of time by doing this. Companies used a variety of programs in the past to safeguard their data. Additionally, they were encrypting their data using a variety of methods. It was crucial to keep several copies of the mail. You don’t have to stress about these issues right now, though. You can encrypt your data with the aid of email encryption software. As a result, you don’t have to worry about doing anything in order. You’ll save a tonne of time by doing this.

5. Avoid Spam Mails

Your name may be used by hackers to send bogus emails. They may be able to deceive your contact list with this. Additionally, you’ll come out as unprofessional. Your mail server needs to be safe, so make sure it is. You can include a digital signature with each mail if you are using email encryption software. By doing this, you’ll make sure your receiver can validate your mail. Whether they have email decryption software is irrelevant. By examining the digital signature in your email, they can validate it. They can therefore stop worrying about spam emails. Your mail server will have greater client confidence.

6. Determine Suspicious User Behavior

The evaluation of outgoing messages for the detection of known spam and dangers can be aided by email security. Having this control over outgoing email messages can aid in identifying account compromise or other suspect user behavior. When users start sending or receiving bulk emails, as well as vast amounts of outbound emails, the ideal email security platform should be able to identify them and notify them. A compromise may be indicated by such behavior.

Best Email Security Practices

  • Use robust passwords.

Make long, complex passwords with at least eight characters. Keep your name, address, date of birth, and the name of your pet out of your submissions.

  • Employee training

Teach your staff the best practices for online safety, such as how to spot phishing scams. Your employees are less likely to fall for a scammer’s ploys if they are more informed about email security. They won’t open a virus-carrying link or harmful attachment.

  • Make use of two-factor authentication (2FA)

At all times, use two-factor authentication. “Two-factor authentication” is likely a phrase you are familiar with. In addition to using a strong password, it’s a great choice.

  • Connect using encrypted protocols

Unencrypted data can be viewed by hackers and other cybercriminals, as well as anybody else who intercepts it in transit. Although a public Wi-Fi network has a password to prevent eavesdroppers from accessing your data, this security measure is insufficient to protect it.

    • Back up your files.

On a server or an external hard drive, you should frequently back up all of your files. This will guarantee that you have a backup copy kept somewhere else. You still have the information stored away in case you ever lose crucial emails.

Another option is to employ a cloud-based system that regularly backs up any changes to your information. Because cybercriminals frequently target small firms, this is crucial. They presume that they lack the means to respond.


You must continuously run updates and security filters on your work devices to keep them safe. By installing updates, you may safeguard your devices from intrusions by ensuring they have installed the most recent security fixes. Email security filters keep incorrect emails out of your inbox.

You must keep an eye on your security, given everything happening in the world. The security of your company is a top issue right now due to the difficulty of the scenario.

You may encrypt your emails with email encryption software. Only the intended recipient will be able to access your emails, thanks to this. The use of email encryption has numerous advantages. You’ll be able to save time and money thanks to it.