Although a lot of people will say the newsletters are insignificant when it comes to advertising, they could not be more wrong. When perceived as a part of digital marketing strategies, newsletters are equally important as social media platforms. However, in order to attract new customers, one has to be careful when writing this email, and in the following text, we are going to tell you how to do it.

The most important part of a well-written newsletter is obviously the content. It is amazing how many people use emails only to list new products. In order to captivate the attention of the people and attract them to your website hence your brand, it has to be so much more than that. Clearly, the whole point of this email is to advertise new merchandise, but you have to find a way to make it appealing and interesting.


No one is going to open an email that consists only of ads, and if you send them on an almost daily basis the chances are your email address is going to get blocked. Create a balance, and make your messages education. Try to include different topics that are connected to your business and inform users not only about your new products, but also the news related to a certain subject.

Think about your target audience. This is essential because not everyone will find a certain message equally likable. If your customers don’t consist only of millennials, but also older people, then it is a good idea to write more than one email. You want them all to click on that link, and the only way to make sure that they will, is to create a content that will interest them, and often this means you have to design more than one message.

Furthermore, since people receive dozens of newsletters every day, you have to come up with a headline (subject) that will make it stand out from others instantly. People usually do not open newsletter the moment they receive them, and you have to ensure that is not the case with your message. If they don’t read it immediately, they will probably forget about it and in the end, it will be buried among new emails.

Try not to use many industry terms, expressions, abbreviations, and so on. You are probably used to reading them, but your potential clients are not. Use layman’s terms and provide an explanation for each expression. If you don’t do this, people will not understand most of the email, and they are definitely not going to google every utterance.

In addition, keep this type of email short and simple. People are busy, and they are not going to spend their free time reading your essays. Ensure that they can get all the information quickly and without much trouble. Even if you have many ideas, you should not compose them all at once. Instead, work on each of them, and send them over a certain period of time.


Let’s discuss some practical aspects of sending newsletters. First of all, you need a verified address. Why is this important? Well, we all love the Internet and use it constantly, but at the same time, we are aware of many dangers, which is why we tend to ignore emails that have not been sent from a verified address. The easiest way to make your address trustable is to use tools, and you can learn more about them on this website. If you don’t get your address verified, people are not going even to open the email.

Lastly, when it comes to the frequency of sending these emails, it depends on your business. You should never send them if you have nothing interesting to say. This is the worst thing you can do because the users will get annoyed and start ignoring them after some time. However, there isn’t a specific rule, but everything between once a week and once a month is okay.

All in all, these are some of the most important features of a well-written email. Take as much time as you need, follow the guidelines and you cannot go wrong.