What is email verification?

Everyone who has run a marketing campaign knows that e-mail verification is a very important step towards a successful campaign. You collect email addresses and you’re happy you have new subscribers. But, you’re not sure that the addresses you’ve collected are valid ones if the typo happened or you got a fake email address altogether. This is why email verification is so important. It is the process of making sure that the emails you’ve collected are real and are indeed being used by someone.

Why is it important?

You need real, valid emails that people are actually using. Fake or temporary email accounts can affect your deliverability.

What is the Purpose of Email Verification

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There is this thing called Sender Score that speaks about your reputation. There are some factors that can determine your Sender Score such as spam complaints, mailing to unknown users, industry blacklists and more. Your Sender Score can be anywhere between 0 and 100 and by knowing yours, you can work on improving your reputation and inbox placement. The higher you score, the better are the chances for you to end up in someone’s inbox instead of the junk folder. Because of the high number of spams and frauds that are out there, ISP is really busy trying to keep them away from users. That means that you have to do your best to prove that your emails are relevant and wanted.

So, a bigger bounce rate means your sender reputation decreases which consequently leads to bad ROI. And you don’t want that. There are email verification services such as TheChecker that are there to help with the whole process.

There are some email addresses that act as spam traps. Their name is pretty self-explanatory, they are created in order to expose illegitimate senders that add email addresses to their list without asking for permission. If one of those ends up on your list, either will your ISP deliver a hard bounce and you’ll have the chance to remove the email from your list before it gets marked as spam, or your “from the domain” will be blacklisted. Email verification will help you stay clear of those emails and will keep your email list clean in order to improve your deliverability.

What is the Purpose of Email Verification

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How to keep your Sender Score high?

Every so often you should clean your list of emails and subscribers in order to get rid of the emails that aren’t being used anymore. Also, every new email needs to be validated in order to prevent hard bounces from happening. A hard bounce is when an email gets rejected by an email server.

You need to keep your spam complaints under 0.1 percent. Spam complaints will happen from time to time, it’s inevitable, but you need to keep your subscribers happy and interested in order for them to be excited about receiving emails from you. You can minimize the number of these complaints by sending high-quality, interesting content and by not doing it too often. If you send too many emails too often, users are going to get bored and unsubscribe.