Every year you should be thinking about upgrading and improving your email marketing strategy. It is not just about following current trends but learning more about classic email strategies. Since 2015, email subscription is what email marketing strategies have been focusing on.

Brands and products are trying to send as many relevant emails as they can and keep the customer’s journey, the main focus of email marketing strategies. This demands real effort from the email marketing team. If you want to improve your marketing, you must invest in the popular marketing technologies of 2024.

We’ve made a list of the top ways to use marketing technology to keep you and your subscribers happy.

1. Interaction

source: jooinn.com

Interaction with your customers has been the best trend for email marketing for the last three years and for a good reason. It allows customers to engage with more content without ever leaving their inbox.

Interactivity comes in many methods such as reviews, carousels, hotspots, forms, but the most effective interactive method is when you ask for customers’ feedback. Many subscriber emails in 2024 have a star rating which you can click in your inbox without having to be redirected to a browser. This way of collecting information about your customers has proven much more effective than in previous years.

2. A.I (Artificial Intelligence)

source: hitinfrastructure.com

The amount of subscriber data is growing every single day, which makes exploring it much more difficult than previously. Research studies show that the median number of data has jumped from 15 in 2016 to 23 in 2019, which is an incredible 60% increase in just three years.

While marketers do have much more customer data to use than before, a lot of them have issues to make any sense of it. Research has shown that only 40% of marketers have successfully managed to make sense of their customer data.

This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) comes into play. AI makes the marketers’ jobs easier by spotting trends and understanding correlations between data. Instead of going through hundreds of data sources, the AI will help you find out the health of the customer, offer you suggestions, and free up the marketer’s time.

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3. Personalization and Automation

source: aioma.com

Automation and personalization are popular trends that have been used in previous years of email marketing campaigns, and they are here to stay.

Automatic email marketing services are set up just once and triggered after a certain customer’s behavior. For example, if the subscriber has abandoned a full cart. The customer then will receive an email about their abandoned cart when they don’t complete their purchase. This email will show the specific product the subscriber was looking at and an offer to finish the process or even offer a discount easily.

If you utilize a customers’ data properly, the automation service will allow marketers to create a personalized and unique email for each and every subscriber. Personalized emails are proven to increase brand-customer engagement, retention, and customer satisfaction. Personalization makes customers feel important and relevant by making subscription emails don’t look like they are common to spam.

If you are looking to better your email marketing, then make sure to follow our quick guide for 2024’s trends and technologies for a better email marketing strategy.