No matter what, buying goods never goes out of trend as well as need. Everybody requires different kinds of stuff every now and then. Online purchase has become one of the most common ways of shopping. Whether it be electronics, beauty gadgets, gaming goods, or anything, online purchase gives us great offers.

We get many perks while buying anything from an online platform. It might be in terms of discount or bonuses. One benefit is also that you get to compare the price with other products and select the best one for yourself. The other benefit is that you get to read the experience of customers, i.e. product reviews.

A customer review is an online review of any product or service given by a customer who has purchased and used it. Product reviews are considered to be of great importance. From the perspective of a customer, you review any product only if it is too good or too bad. So when you see reviews on a product, you know it is one of these two.

As a seller, having your products reviewed is very important. It strengthens your impression and increases your chances of getting your product sold as well. In addition, collects reviews from online shoppers who have purchased from, Flipkart or any Indian online market places.

Benefits of getting your product reviewed


Getting your products reviewed are very beneficial. As a customer, you might think that your product review won’t make a difference. But it does make a difference. Each online review gives many benefits to the seller. Some of them are listed below:

1. Reviews, especially positive ones, increase the credibility of the seller. When people see a positive review on your product, they tend to be more attracted towards it. This makes you trustworthy as a seller.
2. Online reviews carry the strength to influence the decision of the customer. If your product has more positive reviews, it can make people instantly grab one for them. On the other hand, more negative reviews will give second thoughts to the people who were willing to buy your product.
3. You can have your sales increased by getting your product reviewed. Positive reviews can attract many customers towards your product.
4. Online reviews help you to communicate with the customer. You will get a chance to know an honest feedback regarding your product. If you get a positive review, everything is well and good. But even if you get a negative one, you will get an idea of where your product is lacking.
5. You get a chance to improvise your product or service. When you know the defect f your product, you know exactly which part to focus on. So eventually you will improve our product and gain the trust of the customer.

Ways to make your customer review your product


While getting an online review is important, it is not that easy. Many customers easily overlook your request of giving a review to your product. So there are some ways to convince your customers to review your product. Some of them are listed below:

  • Deliver good service
    It is the first and most important part of getting your product reviewed. Before asking for a review, make sure that your product has no defects. It should be a great product and be up to the mark. If your product is not good, you might end up getting bad reviews instead. That will put an opposite impact on the sales and the credibility of your product. So try to give the best service only then ask a customer to review your product. For the first few times, you can opt to take personal feedbacks as well.
  • Make them feel wanted
    Many customers feel that a review is not so important. And even if it is, you might be getting reviews from other customers. They believe that their one review is not going to make any difference to you. So you should convince them that their review is equally important for your product. You can remind them via several ways and verbally request them to review your product while delivering it. There are many other ways of making them feel wanted.
  • Send email
    Emails and messages always work. When a customer buys your product from an online platform, obviously you will have some details about him. Email address is one of them. You can send follow up emails requesting the customers to review your product. Those mails might encourage the customer to leave a review regarding the product. But remember to set a limit. If you keep sending emails constantly, it may irritate the customer and that can have a bad impact on your organization.
  • Reward your customer
    This trick is very helpful, especially if you are new in the business. When a customer purchases a product from you, you can send them a bonus. It can be something very simple and affordable. The customer might find it to be a sweet gesture. You can write to them on that bonus product requesting them to review your product. This trick usually works on every customer. It might not be much profitable for you right now, but it will give you a profit in the long run. The profit will be both in terms of increasing the sale of your product as well as earning the trust of the customers. So you can always go for this trick.


  • Conduct a survey
    If mails and rewards don’t work, you can conduct mass surveys. You can conduct those surveys via mails. But make sure to make that survey easy and convenient. It shouldn’t contain a section where the customer has to write anything bulky. You can simply include questions and give them options to choose one from. It will make the survey easy and won’t consume more time as well. This might attract your customers and might end up helping you. You can also include star ratings as an answering option.
  • Give them bonuses
    Sending a reward product is also away, but giving them reward points is also one. You can maintain a system where when a customer reviews your product, they can get something off for future purchase. It could be promotional offers or bonus points. This might attract more customers to review your product, doesn’t matter if it is a great review or not.
  • Give time to your reviews
    When you receive a review, your job doesn’t end there. You should give enough time to read those reviews and understand what people think about your product. Once you are done reading the reviews, make sure to thank all the people. You must personally thank every person who has reviewed your product. This creates a nice impact on the customers.



Online reviews are very important as well as influential. This can have a huge impact on the sales of your product. Positive online reviews also help you to gain reliability among the customers. So you should always try to get one for your product. When your product gets much credibility, the number of reviews will automatically begin to increase. But when you are in the initial phase, you should always do some hard work to get these reviews.