Do you belong to the group of people who consider ironing to be an anti-stress therapy or is it a nightmare for you? Each of us has certain household chores that we would like to do as quickly and easily as possible or if we could simply avoid them. If you would like to do ironing more efficiently and faster, with a steam iron now it’s possible!

If you have problems ironing creases on clothes, standard irons can help you, but with steam ones, your job will be much easier. The best iron is one that is easy to hold, practical, and which has good steam and strength to do the job right. Below we will reveal to you how you can choose the best steam irons for your home.

Things to consider when buying a steam iron


As with buying any device, you need to know what to pay special attention to. To make the right choice and buy the perfect steam iron for you, we will give you a few tips on what you should take care of.

  • Optimal steam pressure

The higher the steam power of your iron, the more likely it’s that it will do a better job in the end. In the past, people used a tea kettle steam to be able to iron places with larger folds. Steam power is key to this product. Therefore, it’s considered that any iron that has more than 50 g of steam per minute, are irons with high power and they’re highly recommended.

  • Possibility of a steam shot


With persistent creases on the fabric, steam firing is of great importance. If you drop a larger amount of steam in a certain place with one button, your job will be more successful. You have to take care that a certain amount of time passes between the two shots.

  • Tank capacity

Depending on how often you intend to use the iron, it will also depend on the capacity of the steam iron tank you want. If you have children, we believe that you iron linens and clothes much more often, so you will need a larger water tank accordingly.

  • Anti-scale filter


A very important thing when buying a steam iron is an anti-scale filter. Over time, the amount of steam you use can create a certain layer of limescale. Your iron must have this filter so it can be cleaned and function properly.

  • Cable length

Ironing board or ironing place will be of great importance when choosing a steam iron. If your ironing board is very high, it is clear that you will need a longer cable to be able to do the job smoothly.

So, what would those best steam irons be?

There are many home appliances stores that you can visit to get to your desired product. The offer is huge and we have to opt for one of many steam irons. Today, online shopping is becoming more and more popular, so a proven website like can easily lead you to a solution. From the comfort of your warm home, take the necessary time and make the right choice choosing steam irons. We offer some of them to help you choose better:

  • Tefal FV9788 steam iron


This manufacturer always follows the trends in the production of steam irons. The iron has incredible lightness and at the same time great strength and power. It can be used for various types of fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, and synthetics. Due to the catalytic plate, its gluing to the fabric is almost impossible. It will take you only a few minutes to heat the steam, so ironing will become a quick job to do. Due to the large tank, the water you put in it will be able to last longer. Its maintenance is very simple due to the anti-scale filter. It allows steam to flow smoothly and the steam is clean and prevents stains from remaining on your fabric.

  • Philips steam iron GC9642 / 60

This model is the best-selling model from the Philips brand. This iron will meet all your expectations, which after use you can see in the durability and quality of your fabrics. It can be set to the optimum temperature to prevent the burning of delicate materials. The tank is also large enough so there is no frequent pouring of water. Also, the water tank is detachable and generates an additional amount of steam. It has a slightly shorter cable and a 2,5-year warranty.

  • Rusell Hobbs 25090 stream iron

Due to its ease of use, this model of steam iron is very popular. For all of you who don’t like additional settings, numerous buttons, and reading instructions, you will love this device. This model has only one temperature setting and only the steam power is controlled. It heats up quickly and has a large inlet hole for easy water filling. The optimal amount of water tank will allow you to use this iron with only one filling for about 15 minutes. It also has an automatic shut-off, if put for half a minute face down, it will turn itself off, which is a great advantage of this device.

  • Bosch TDA 503001P

Steam iron which stands out from the offer due to its price is the Bosch TDA 503001P. Although we are often guided by the fact that price dictates quality, this is not always the case. This iron has controlled steam and great power. During ironing, you must take care of the amount of steam that comes out, because due to its strength for some materials it can be too much. The length of the cable is 2.5 meters, which means that it will help you with smooth ironing. After 8 minutes of not using this appliance, it will turn itself off, which is more than practical, especially if you have a house full of children.

Before buying a steam iron, take a closer look at what performances they have. It is another in a series of home appliances that we expect to last a long time and to be functional. Whichever model you choose, make sure it suits your needs. Keep up with the trends and make ironing a family game in which you will all participate.