When you consider upgrading your kitchen you may fit it out with new decor and a whole range of new appliances. However, if you are just looking to modernize your kitchen with one or two purchases what would be the best appliance to install?

Should you look for something that will save time or an energy-efficient model? Smart devices and appliances are all the rage, so should this be your route or do you need something much simpler and practical.

Choosing the right appliance

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Firstly, you should need a new appliance or you will be buying for the sake of buying. If you are looking to make a purchase then no doubt you are already thinking about a need you have or something that is missing. Are you looking to make life easier for the family or maybe, you are looking to make mealtimes easier for yourself, or perhaps to reduce the utility bills? Electric tandoor ovens are great as they work economically and can make mess free food as do roti makers.

Here are some other options that are becoming popular in Indian kitchens for saving time and money, and adding functionality.

Convection steam ovens

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Convection ovens cook by circulating hot air with a fan. They don’t need oil and they can crisp and make food look brown and golden. Steam ovens meanwhile use moisture at a high temperature to cook food in an equally healthy way but cannot crisp up skin or food. Both of these cookers are appealing for many good reasons but there is now a new option.

Convection steam ovens combine all the advantages of the above two cookers in one. These cookers provide moisture, eliminating the need to constantly baste or worry about food drying out. They also use hot air to make sure the food cooks evenly and crisps up in the way most people like.

They can cook healthy nutritious meals with most of the nutrients locked in as opposed to other methods, however, it means replacing your standard oven in many cases, and also they can be very expensive.

Instant Pots

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These appliances have been available in India for a few years and are growing in popularity. When you think of the best small appliances you can’t do without, the Instant Pot is high up the list for many. It cooks in the same way that a steam oven does but also has the disadvantage of not being able to crisp or brown food. They do however now have an air fryer attachment which means you can have the same functions of a convection steam oven for less money and not have to install a full-size cooker. They are ideal for cooking soups, curries and also pulao and make an interesting addition for any kitchen.

Air fryers

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Many people love fried food. Although it is something everyone knows is not healthy, it is still a hugely popular way of cooking. If you are thinking of buying a deep fat fryer to make fried chicken, chana dal fritters, and vegan fried okra then there is an alternative.

To see the differences and the pros and cons of air fryers against deep fryers you can view it on Corrie Cooks but here is a brief rundown. Air fryers cook by heating the air to a high temperature and then use a fan to circulate that air to cook the food. It means you end up with golden, crispy food without the excess fat that makes it unhealthy.

Smart faucets

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When you want to buy something cool for your kitchen you might not think about the taps. Now though, some very good products on the market can save you money.

Smart faucets and taps help to reduce water wastage and add some extra features you didn’t have before. According to India Education Diary, every Indian wastes up to 45 litres of water EACH day, much of which could be avoided. Smart faucets include features such as automatic closing, voice activation, providing hot water for coffee and tea, and even have custom presets for how much water to dispense.

Smart fridges

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Many people in the modern world may take their fridges for granted but what if they started communicating with them? Smart fridges can connect by WiFi to your smartphone and let you know what is in the fridge, what needs to be ordered, and let you know if the ice is low or the door has been left open.

As around 25% of Indians have a smartphone it would seem that in the future more of the home’s appliances will be communicating with their owners via mobile devices but it will take some more time to become truly widespread. Experts say that smart fridges will pay for themselves over the years but if you are looking for a normal fridge then check for the Energy Star sticker to make sure you have an energy-efficient purchase.

Anything that connects to WiFi

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It appears that voice speakers, virtual assistants, and smartphone apps are going to take over the kitchen and household so you might want to look for appliances that let you be lazy but at the same time control everything with a few touches and swipes.


What you purchase will depend very much on your needs and requirements but a small, effective appliance might be better than making whole-scale changes. A study by IPSOS has shown that over 70% of Indians are now cooking western style food at least once a week at home. This may explain the interest in newer appliances such as the Air Fryer or the Instant Pot. Whatever device or gadget you decide on you will be joining the continued rise in kitchen appliance sales across India.