Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS: GO as it is more popularly known, is considered to be one of the most crucial parts of the gaming and eSports industry. CS: GO has inspired legions of gamers to play the game on a professional level and show their talent to the whole world. The game has an immense fan base and more and more new players continue to join it to try the game out for themselves.

One of the most integral aspects of CS: GO that keeps its players always on the grind is the countless weapon skins the game has for each weapon. These skins introduce their own style and aesthetic to the gameplay and some rare skins are especially coveted by millions of CS: GO players.

According to, skins have been, and still are, one of the most significant features of CS:GO and it was introduced long before other games like PUBG and Fortnite started copying the system. This is the reason why many players who play CS:GO on a regular basis are ready to spend huge amounts of money to get their favorite skin.

But where exactly do you get these skins? Which platforms are safe to purchase from? How do you securely purchase a skin or sell it off? We’ll answer all of these questions in this article so make sure you read it to the end so that you don’t end up missing out on crucial details.

Where can you buy and sell your cs:go skins?


Luckily, in today’s date, there are countless options available from where a CS: GO player can purchase the skin he desires, unlike before where it was only limited to the steam marketplace. There are websites dedicated to the trading and selling of skins that are more than happy to deliver weapon skins to players as long as they pay the sufficient amount required.

There is one key difference, however, between the steam marketplace and the various dedicated cs:go skin trading websites.  You can buy and sell skins in steam (through the auction), and you can also exchange skins between players. The difference in this case is that it is more difficult to exchange in steam than on third-party sites, since you first need to agree on an exchange with another person.

On the other hand, the dedicated skin trading websites not only allow you to purchase or sell but also allow you to trade between their inventories in case you want to get rid of a skin you have for a better alternative.

Additionally, the marketplace charges boisterous commission fees as high as around 14% which is a lot if you are making big transactions. You are also limited by steam’s transaction limit that only allows you to transact a maximum amount of $2k, which is especially limiting if you wish to purchase/sell off a particularly rare skin.

Trading websites don’t have these constraints and they also charge way less commission fee of around 6% which is less than half of what the marketplace charges. Not only that, but the trading websites also permit you to trade between multiple in-game assets without considerable difficulty – a feature in which steam finds itself severely lacking.

How to securely transact skins in the Steam market?


If you have no qualms with paying a considerable amount of commission fee to Steam, and want the most secure platform for your transaction, then Steam is the best choice to do so.


  • Either open the Steam application on your desktop or open it through any browser and log in with your correct account details.
  • Go to the marketplace subsection under the community category.
  • If you have other games that have a marketplace for their commodities as well, then CS:GO might not show easily at first. Do not worry, because all you need to do is click on Counter-Strike Global Offensive in the browse by games section (which should be available by default but at the chance it isn’t, click on advanced options).
  • You’ll be directed to a meticulous search option where you can use the variety of features available to search for the perfect skin for yourself. You can choose which weapon you want, set the price range and even choose the skin condition.
  • Clicking search will yield you hundreds of relevant results. You can choose from any of the listings you prefer and simply purchase them.
  • Only steam wallet is used to purchase items. It is possible to buy with a bank card only steam games, but in-game items – only through the steam wallet.


  • Go to your steam profile page from the browser or dedicated app.
  • Enter your inventory and finalize the skin you want to sell. Press the sell button.
  • You’ll be transferred to a page where you will be asked to type the buying price you want your asset to have.
  • Put in the price according to the current market rate – no more, no less.
  • After clicking the sale button, your listing would be available in the marketplace for buyers to see and purchase.

How do you use third-party websites to trade?


Third-party websites are relatively cheaper than the marketplace and are much easier to use.


  • Simply go to any trustworthy and safe trading website. It’s crucial that you do your research about which website is safe and which isn’t.
  • Go through the website’s store and through their various listings. Choose any skin you like that fits your budget.
  • After adding your card details, you can purchase the skin from any of these listings without any problem.


  • Go to the Sell section of any dedicated trading website. Many stores should automatically have it but in case the store you are browsing through doesn’t consider looking for an alternative.
  • It will prompt you to connect your steam account if you haven’t done so already.
  • When your account is done with connecting, the store should display your inventory and the various items in it.
  • Simply click on any of the items, set the price you want, and put it up for sale.
  • When someone purchases the skin, you would be funded with the priced amount without being applicable to any taxes.


There are various ways you can securely purchase or put your in-game assets on sale. If this article was insightful for you, consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.