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Nowadays, most of people are suffering from obesity. Due to this, many of them are losing their confidence and are not trying any trendy clothes. They are sticking to the plus-size or lose clothes to not show their bodies.

However, everyone wants to look slim and fit to wear their favorite clothes. What if this can be achieved with just an undergarment? Sounds interesting right? These undergarments can tuck your fat and shapes your body to look slim and fit. These are called shapewear.

There are a lot of many types of shapewear that are available in the market. These include shapewear for every part of the body where fat accumulates like thighs, tummy, hips, glutes, breasts, etc., Most of the people commonly have a large tummy problem.

So, in today’s article, we are giving some guides to buying shapewear for the tummy, top 10 products of our choice, benefits and health problems of using shapewear. Go through these, and buy proper shapewear to hide your tummy fat and look gorgeous.

A Beginner’s Guide To Shapewear


When you want to shape up your body using shapewear, if it is your first time, then you have to know a lot about shapewear before buying it. Choosing a wrong one will never serve the purpose and will ruin your cause and hate the product forever. So, follow the below guidelines before buying shapewear and then go through the products.


There is a misconception that if you wear shapewear which is smaller than the actual size it might make your tummy look more flattened. However, this is not the case. It will rupture your skin and you won’t be able to breathe properly.

Similarly, if you choose shapewear a size bigger, then you won’t achieve what you looked for. So choosing exact size shapewear is key. You can go with your dress size or inch size based on the product

Using only 1 shapewear

Choose shapewear that you intend to match with your dress. One shapewear cannot go with all kinds of dresses. Some work for short dresses, some for jeans and some for party wear. Based on your dress type and style, choose the one which fits well.

Loo Frequency

If you are a person who tends to use the bathroom more often or outdoors, then choose shapewear that allows you to go to the loo. Some shapewear won’t be convenient for this purpose and you may feel really uncomfortable

Maternity Shapewear

If you are on your pregnancy and want to cover up your tummy, then select shapewear that especially suits for your maternity purpose.

Now that you came to know the factors to consider before buying the shapewear, go ahead and see through the products and select one that best suits you.

Best Buy Shapewears Online In India

As you have seen, there are many advantages to buying shapewear. However, you need to choose the shapewear that best suits you and is cost-effective. So, let’s go through the below-recommended list of our choice for buying shapewear. We have done an ample amount of research and consolidated them into the top 10.

1. Adorna Women’s Cotton Body Bracer Shapewear

Adorna Women's Cotton Body Bracer Shapewear

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The first shapewear from our recommended list is from Adorna. It not only helps to shape your tummy but also gives full-body coverage. The material that it is made of is from natural fiber. This fiber helps to absorb moisture and keeps you comfortable even if you wear it in the hot summer.

It will keep you relaxed and soothing. The shapewear allows you to wear your own lingerie for bust and the shapewear blends in so well that no one can view any kind of shapewear and will compliment you for sure. This shapewear gives you full-body coverage and covers from torso to knee and you will look like an hourglass figure.

This shapewear also helps you to uplift your bust to give a firmer look. It can be worn with a comfortable slip-on method and is very easy to slide into it to blend with your curves. There are adjustable shoulder straps for ease of use. Adjustments can be done based on your preference.

The shapewear is suitable for all skin types and is stitched very strong. It comes in all sizes from Small till XXX-Large size with the size chart too.


  • Whole-body shapewear
  • Uplift your bust and comes in open bust style
  • Excellent material made of natural fiber to absorb the moisture and keep you comfortable for a full day
  • The straps are adjustable
  • The slip-on method helps you to wear shapewear easily.
Customer Reports
Gayatree M.

My bust is 37 n hips 43, i was recommended to buy XL, but still went with medium. It worked amazing. Was successfull in tucking my tummy as well as leveled out my love handles. Comfortable fit and now i can wear my favorite dresses without any inibitions. Its always recommended to buy one or two size lower so that it comresses ur mid portion. Fabric is also comfortable and doesn’t cause any itching. Got it in a very reasonable price.. So very very happy with the product.

Aarti Bhandare

My hip size is 47, waist is 44, I wear jeans of 38. But still I ordered M size. And it perfectly fits me. The fabric is good. It doesn’t suffocate at all. it tones up the body and somewhat reduces the size. A very good product.

2. LACE AND ME No Rolling Down Tummy Tucker

LACE AND ME Laceandme

Buy From Amazon

The next item is a Tummy Slimmer Full Torso High Waist Panty. It is invisible from the outside and is very comfortable to wear. It covers the full torso and comes with a high waist design. It is very efficient in showing a slimmer feminine look cutting down the waistline.

You do not need to worry about the shapewear rolling down. Its exclusive light boning system helps to keep it in place for the whole time you wear it. It is perfect for tucking your tummy and it definitely looks flatter and slimmer. It is made of Polyester/spandex and is comfortable, antibacterial and sweat-free.

Because of this reason, it can be worn a whole day without feeling uneasiness. It provides support to the backbone and helps relieve pain if you have any.


  • Full torso coverage
  • Comfortable, antibacterial and sweat-free
  • Efficiently tucks your tummy
  • Stays in place without rolling down
  • Gives back support and improves posture
Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

I am recommend to buy. Thanks lace & me. Very soft and comfortable.

Janhvi Singh

This is something very perfect. It does it’s work very well. Its fitting is really very accurate. It doesn’t slides up or down. Worthy buy. My mom is also like order this for me as well!! She is also impressed by the product.

3. Costafrey Women’s Shapewear with Anti Rolling Strip

Costafrey Women's Shapewear

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To make your tummy look toned and tighter, use this next item from our list. It provides firm control to the torso and provides a great look. It is designed as a high waist and if you have any muffin top, it prevents it as it comes just under your bust.

There are 4 steel bones present at the waistline which helps it to not roll down and at the same time gives you comfortable movement. It is made with high-quality material making it comfortable to wear for more time and is very soft serving the purpose. It is invisible to others.

It gives support to lower back, buttocks and tummy. Be it a regular occasion or a special one this can be worn without a doubt. It is suitable to wear in any season under any garment. This shapewear comes in 2 colors.


  • Suitable for all types of clothes
  • Comes with 4 steel bones helping to not roll down
  • Comfortable high waist design
  • Helps to prevent muffin top
Customer Reports

Perfectly does what it has to. Awesome product, and very comfortable. The fabric is super soft and does not bothers.


Fitting is good. After my delivery, wanted to tighten my stomach, which was very helpful.

4. U.S. CROWN Belly Trainer Corset Body Shapewear

U.S. CROWN Women Best Waist Cincher

Buy From Amazon

If you are a person who loves the hourglass figure type, then this shapewear is for you. This provides 360 degrees of tucking in the mid-section of your body. This also eliminates the back fat. It comes in a beautiful design with a floral lace pattern.

Tight grip with 3 hooks and eye columns. It has a high waist design with a boning system. This doesn’t allow the shapewear to roll down helping you to be comfortable when you wear it. After pregnancy, your tummy may feel loose. This shapewear helps you well after pregnancy to get you back in shape with a firmed and toned tummy.

As it comes with 3 hooks, there is a bottom opening which helps you to use the restroom conveniently. Made with Spandex material for good elasticity. It is antibacterial, sweat-free and allows you to wear for a long time without discomfort. It provides back support too. The shapewear comes in 2 colors.


  • Convenient opening in the bottom to use the restroom
  • Made with spandex material which is highly elastic and antibacterial
  • Gives back support
  • Helps to tighten post-pregnancy tummy
Customer Reports
Shalini K.

This is awesome i am not so fatty girl but little chubby and it fits on me this shapewear is bomb it does not roll down very comfortable very breathable fabric and better than jockey one and does not look you slim but make your body looks in shape it is true shapewear.


My first and best product. This product gave me the best impression on amazon. Thank you amazon and pretty cat beige. Good quality and fit as expected so I would suggest this to everyone but make sure choosing the perfect size. All the best for those you buy this enjoy!

5.  Pretty Quttos High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper

Quttos High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper

Buy From Amazon

The next one from our list helps you to shape mid-thigh and tummy. It compresses tummy well and looks smooth on your skin. As it goes down till mid-thighs, the panty lines won’t be visible and is a very good choice for dresses.

Another problem we generally find is it clings to clothes. But with Quttos shapewear, new sleek yarns will not do this. It is made with high-quality microfiber. It comes in 2 colors. The design comes in a high waist.


  • Gives shape to your thighs and tummy
  • Firmer look
  • Smooth cloth for a comfortable feel
  • Panty lines are not visible
Customer Reports

Very good fitting, is very elastic, and gives good tucking to tummy and thighs.


Material is good and comfortable. Plus point is it gives cover to half Thai. U can were any short one piece without hesitation. It tucks well but if u r more fatty u will need some more Large or thick material, all over good.

6. Gassa Women’s Slim n Lift Body Shaper High Waist

Gassa Women's Slim n Lift Body Shaper

Buy From Amazon

The next item is from Gassa – a trademark of “Regular Retail Pvt.Ltd”. It instantly makes you look slimmer and look 10 or 20 pounds thinner. It helps to tuck tummy, lift buttocks, slims thighs and hips making you look fitter without the extra fats or bumps. It doesn’t show out panty lines as it covers the thighs as well.

It is made of Nylon and Spandex material helping you to feel comfortable and easy to wear. The support straps are detachable and the shapewear never rolls down. There is a split opening for comfort and always keeps you dry. It comes in 2 colors.


  • Easy to wear shapewear
  • Made of Nylon and Spandex
  • Compresses tummy, thighs and hips
  • Doesn’t show panty lines
Customer Reports
Manish Kumar

Good tummy tucker help to reduce tummy if wear daily gave an instant results after wearing 3 to 4 inch less.Go for it.


Fits perfectly fine. Gives my dresses a smooth look…. i dont geel very hot in it and it doesn’t roll down too! Its breathble fabric keeps you going all day and doesnt make u too sweaty or give rashes.

7. Clovia Women’s Tummy Tucker With Silicon Grips

Clovia Women's Tummy Tucker

Buy From Amazon

Another high waist design for shapewear to cut your side fats or muffin tops. It is from Clovia. This high waist design helps the shapewear to be in place without rolling down. It comes with silicone tape for the extra grip and stays in place the whole day.

The fabric is stretchable and feels like wearing nothing. The material used is spandex. The shapewear is seamless at sides and is very comfortable to wear. It is quite invisible to others and ideal for regular usage.


  • High waist design
  • There is a silicon tape for extra grip
  • Made of spandex for high-quality elasticity and comfort
  • Invisible to others
  • Seamless wear
Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

Perfect buy from. Really a beautiful product at low price. Thanks amazon. 5-star from my side it will fit easily. Look good cloth was also nice. I recommend everyone to try this one.

Vartika Dwivedi

It adds a lot to my confidence. Loved the product. Fabric was above my expectations in such a low price. Grip is very good. I wear it for whole day and found it too comfortable. Complete ‘paisa vasool’.

8. Dilency Sales Grip Wire No Rolling Down Tummy Tucker

Buy From Amazon

The next item from our list helps to trim your waistline up to 3 inches. The main area it focusses on is the tummy and the buttocks. It helps to slim down your tummy at the same time shape up your buttocks.

The shapewear uses a wire control feature that doesn’t roll down the shapewear while wearing it. Along with this, there are soft flexible support strips that even more help the shapewear to not roll down. This shapewear hides the excess fat and comes with no zippers or hooks. The panty lines are invisible which makes it comfort wear. It compresses the hip area too.


  • Lifts the Buttocks to the desired shape
  • Helps to slim down tummy and hips
  • Made of Polyester, cotton and spandex.
  • Comes with soft support strips
  • Doesn’t roll down while wearing
  • No visible panty lines
Customer Reports
Anshita Jain

Really comfortable and good quality.

Mohammed Yadul

Today I got this product delivered..This product is very soft and comfortable. I have ordered this product to reduce tummy which I got after c-section. I suggest u to order one size small. I ordered xl size Which fits perfectly fine. It instantly reduces your tummy size and makes u feel comfortable. U don’t feel any discomfort. Give it a try. Good luck.

9. Mysha Grip Wire No Rolling Down Tummy Tucker 

Mysha Grip Wire No Rolling Down Tummy Tucker 

Buy From Amazon

This shapewear helps you to tuck your tummy well. It helps to show a firmer look and comes in high waist design. Along with this, it comes with a wire control feature helping the shapewear to not roll down while wearing. The shapewear helps to slim down hips too.

It is made of Polyester, cotton and spandex material. Hence, it is very comfortable, elastic and dry to wear. There are soft flexible support strips also that will not roll down the shapewear. It comes in 2 colors.


  • Comes in high waist design
  • Tucks your tummy and hips well
  • Support strips both in front and back for not rolling down
  • Made of polyester, cotton and spandex material
Customer Reports
Dr Melita Wesley

I usually write critics for most of the products but this time I wanted proof as well. The product fits fine and moreover reduces the extra bulge in your tummy. I had undergone C section delivery 4 months ago and was depressed cause of the mummy tummy. I wanted to fit in my dresses like before. I’ll be genuine saying that though this product doesn’t make a flatter tummy, it does help in reducing a couple of inches. I’ve attached evidence for referral. From sideways you won’t find much of a difference but it definitely works.


This is the very first time that I have used a shapewear.. And I must say it’s worth every penny.. It does exactly what it’s supposed to.. It’s comfortable and hides my bulges perfectly. Also the bulgy -post c section tummy looks quiet shapely. I am happy with the product. The wires help in keeping the shapewear in place.

10. Dermawear Women’s Shapewear Mini Corset

Dermawear Women's Shapewear

Buy From Amazon

The last item from our recommended list is manufactured by Dermawear. This is a mini corset that supports weak abdomen muscles to get firmer and instantly shows a slimmer waist. It has 4D stretch fabric massaging your skin.

This corset improves the lymph and venous circulation helping to not accumulate the fat. It also gives strength to your abdomen and tones up your muscles. You need to be careful while washing this undergarment. Available in 2 colors.


  • Improves lymph and venous circulation
  • Strengthens abdomen muscles
  • Ideal for weak abdomen muscles
  • Made of 4D stretch fabric which helps to micro-massage your skin
  • Tone your muscles and look slimmer.
Customer Reports

I am using Dermawear corset since last 3-4 years. And product is as it is I bought it. This z my second purchase just becoz of my good experience with dermawear.

Supriyaa Sharma

I bought this to use afterbmy delivery. This keeps the tummy from getting saggy. Limits the food intake and gives perfect shape.

Benefits of using Shapewear (Tummy Tucker)

Shapewear has been there for centuries and women are using them to feel and look great. However, with modern shapewear material and technology, it has become more comfortable to use without feeling any uneasiness. Let us look at some of the benefits of using shapewear.

1. Slim Figure

Without much hassle, you can achieve your desired slim figure by wearing the shapewear. It can reduce your figure by a couple of inches and you can fit into smaller size clothes.

2. Cost-friendly

The shapewear usually doesn’t cost you more when compared to other slimming solutions. If you just put some money on a few shapewear undergarments you can use them under your desired dress.

3. Invisible

As this shapewear is undergarments and is made with special material, they are invisible to others and no one knows that you are wearing them except you. This is a major benefit when you want to look special on a particular occasion.

4. Support

Sometimes, you might need extra support for your tummy. As shapewear compresses your tummy, you will get good support especially when you had recent surgery. Shapewear helps you to heal fast as it increases thermal activity and helps blood flow. This causes the part to heal faster.

5. Muscle strength

Many people use shapewear while they are working out. As these bring strength to your muscles and maximize muscle exertion.

These are the benefits of using shapewear. However, you will have to do your own research and consult a doctor if required before using them.

Health Risks & Side Effects of Using Body Shapewear

When you select shapewear, it is very important to select the right size as people are getting from health problems from using the wrong size. Too much of anything is always dangerous. So, when you use shapewear for a long time or regularly, it might affect your health. Below are the health issues that might occur due to over-usage/using the wrong size.

  • Patients have complaints of nerve pain who were wearing shapewear regularly.
  • As there is compression on tummy, digestion might be a problem.
  • Issues like varicose veins, blood clots and back pain.
  • Urinary tract infections if you are controlling your bladder.

These are some of the issues that you might face if you are using shapewear for a longer time than recommended and also if you buy shapewear with poor fit.

Bottom line

Without any doubt, shapewear is a good option to choose to fit in your favorite clothes and to look slimmer and fitter. Whether you are attending a party or hosting one, it is always the best option to choose.

However, keep in mind to use it for fewer durations and consult a doctor if you find any of the above-mentioned symptoms occurring to you. Doctors will be of good help and they will suggest you with good medical care if needed.

Apart from this, shapewear is used by so many people and they are having very happy results and they are feeling very good about it. As we mentioned, too much of anything is a poison. So, beware and use shapewear for your special occasions cautiously and remain healthy and look fit.

From the above-recommended list of ours, choose the one which is more appealing to you and be assured to discover the wonders the shapewear can create on your looks. So, go ahead and glimpse through our list get the guidelines and read the health risks and benefits and look beautiful.

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