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No matter what our age is, belly fat always seems to be accumulated in the tummy and we end up losing shape and getting health issues at the end. A recent study suggests we carry up to 30 billion fat cells. As you know, abdominal fat always accumulates around our liver, heart and other organs that are very sensitive. And fat is always blamed for various health issues. Though having abdominal fat is very common, having too much of it can be dangerous in your body.

This is why you need a slimming belt. It is known to burn a lot of unwanted fats and can help you burn calories to get leaner. It makes you sweat a lot and lose both calories and fat.

Basically, a slim belt has a lot of features like sturdy material and Velcro closure. If you are looking for the best slim belt for women & men, this guide is for you.

Do Slim Belts Really Work For Weight Loss?

Many people buy a slimming belt in desperation to get fast weight loss results. If you are here, it means you want to know whether a slim belt works. Though there are some weight loss benefits of a slim belt, there are certain side effects. For example, if you overdo it, there are chances that you may end up with blisters and other skin problems.

However, a slim belt for weight loss can help you lose a few inches from your arms, waist, stomach and thighs with regular use for around 25 minutes each day. The weight you lose is actually fluid from perspiration through a slimming belt and you may gain it back soon. So, it gives short term results in weight loss.

Ladies or gents, If you want to achieve long-term benefits with a slim belt, be sure to combine it with a balanced diet and regular exercise. It is a permanent way to lower down your fat and lead a healthy life.

What Are The Benefits of Slim Belts?

You must have seen that Teleshopping ads and commercials often portray these fitness belts as the proven way to lose weight without any effort. According to manufacturers, a slim belt helps you sweat to look slimmer and lose liquid weight.  

In 2006, the Electronic Retailing Association had warned consumers that these belts could be helpful only with effort. You need to employ proper exercise and diet for long-term benefits.

Well, it doesn’t mean a slimming belt is useless. It could also help you achieve better results. Here are some of the benefits you can achieve with slim belt.

1. Posture

When you sit at your desk or work out wearing a slim belt for the stomach, it improves your posture gradually. It helps you sit straight. Improved posture and back support are needed to lower down neck and back pain.

2. Self-confidence

You may see improvements with regular use of a slim belt and it will also improve your self-confidence. You may feel motivated to work even harder to achieve weight loss benefits. Combine it with exercises and a balanced diet for the best results.

3. Relief from pains and aches

If you suffer from pains and aches on the back occasionally, a slim belt can help you achieve relief. It can help improve posture to relieve pain by creating a warming feel. You can easily sweat off a few pounds. It can heat up the cores and keeps the lower back warm, though it alone is not enough to lose weight.

4. Makes you look slimmer

A slim belt alone may not help you lose weight, but it can definitely make you look better in any clothes you wear. If your core is looser, it shows through what you wear. This way, a slimmer belt can hold you in and give a bump-free, smoother look. When you wrap a slimming belt, your shirt may seem flattered and waist looks well-shaped when wearing it.

Best Buy Slimming Belts Online In India

1. Saundarya Shaper Belt Non-Tearable Tummy Trimmer for Men & Women

Saundarya Shaper Belt Non-Tearable Tummy Trimmer

Buy From Amazon

Saundarya Shaper belt non-tearable tummy trimmer for men and women are made of light material to improve your fitness routine. It is designed to slim down tummy, waist and tights and is ideal for normal day-to-day life, exercise or for running.

It provides lumbar support and quick abs compression to keep your body warm and it can heat up your core abs area so you can sweat more when performing daily routines. It helps burn abs, waist and tummy fat. It improves overall well being by increasing core temperature.

It has got great compression and scientific design to improve posture, firm tummy, flatten abdomen, and love handles to ensure a visually trim and well-toned body. It is ideal for day-to-day life, exercise and for any exercise.

It is made of strong material and fibers for great compression in the waist and abdomen which results in increased sweating. It helps burn tummy fat and weight loss. It improves posture with great back support. It gives the lifts, bends, tucks, and pressure on all right areas.

It improves core temperature, maximizes workout regimen, and slim down your tights and tummy. So, you should go with this slimming belt for the best results.

Customer Reports
Aadarsh Chauhan

This is a good product for people who can give time for some workout or cardio. Less workout needed if you are using this belt. Stay fit.


Fitted perfect and work to good. If u workout then its sweat better and work good.

2. FitPick Sweat Slim Belt for Women & Men

FitPick Sweat Slim Belt for Women

Buy From Amazon

FitPick Unisex Slim belt is made with best and smart heating 3mm latex-free Neoprene which improves body temperature wherever it comes in contact with skin and it stimulates sweat by around 3 times with physical exercise to help speed up the fat-burning process with ease.

It circulates air in the body to keep itself dry outside and keep you cool and fresh when retaining the heat of the body.

FitPick Sweat Waist trimmer for men and women offers added support for abs muscles and lower back to improve posture. It maintains therapeutic heat to calm down sore muscles, improve blood flow, promote circulation, recovery, and muscle stability.

It makes major muscles calm with compression stretchable elastic to reduce cramps and fatigue. It also reduces the loss of energy with compression quickly from excessive vibration and motion on exercise. It helps avoid injury and protects it. It compresses, cushions, and supports abs and lower back muscles.

Customer Reports
Tridisha Thakuria

This belt works effectively. Functions properly when I’m exercising or in the sauna. Each time I exercise, my tummy becomes flatter.

Ain Khaleeli

I’m so glad I bought it. So many people ask about the size, so let me start by saying that this would fit just about anyone. It couldn’t be too big on an adult because of how it wraps, and I would guess that at least 90% of adults could get this all the way around their waist.

3. Saundarya Slimming Belt Waist Shaper for Men & Women

Saundarya Slimming Belt Waist Shaper

Buy From Amazon

If you want to achieve weight loss goals quickly and simple, look no further than the Saundarya Slimming belt waist shaper for men and women to help you in your workout routine and get fast results. It raises inner body temperature so you can sweat more and burn more calories.

You no longer have to worry about belly fat. It is designed for both men and women. It helps burn belly fat and reduces your waist and abs. It improves core body temperature and overall well-being. It provides great lumbar support and abs compression as it slims down tummy, waist, and tights.

It is designed to heat up core muscles and keeps your body warm so you can sweat more when exercising. It helps burn tummy fat and slims down your waist and abs. It is light and comfortable enough to improve your fitness routine and is ideal for normal daily routines and exercise.

Customer Reports
Nishant Jain

Must buy for those who want to sweat in winters also. I wear everyday evn while going office. Best for people who workout.

Kishenn Sharma

Super amazing m so so happy. If you are flabby this is the best thing for you to buy it not only fits amazingly on your body but you can even wear your clothes confidently it makes you look lean and helps you sweat a lot while in workout.

4. Saundarya Yoga Wrap Sweat Belt Tummy Trimmer for Men and Women

Saundarya Yoga Wrap Sweat Belt Tummy Trimmer

Buy From Amazon

Saundarya Yoga Wrap Sweat Belt tummy trimmer for men and women is the best premium waist trimmer to make you sweat. Its thermotech revolutionary fabric is its main secret here. It insulates body heat and supports lower back as well as core muscles for 360-degree waist trimming. You can use this premium waist trimmer when on the gym doing home tasks.

You can use it during a home workout, aerobics, yoga, and waist trimming. It is machine washable. It preserves body heat and stimulates more sweat during routine jobs and exercise. It helps lower weight and is very lightweight, cozy, and improves fitness routine.

It is ideal for normal daily routines, exercise or for any physical routine. It improves overall well being and core body temperature.

Customer Reports

Fine quality worth for price which has been delivered in good condition in time! Wow!


Nice product to wait loss nice clothes covers and I should satisfied for this product.

5. Spike Sweat Slim Belt for Men and Women

Spike Sweat Slim Belt

Buy From Amazon

Spike Sweat Slim belt for men and women is made to help you achieve faster weight loss results. It is designed well to improve core body temperature during workout sessions for best results from a workout. It offers the next level of fitness and weight loss results.

This waist loss trimmer is very user-friendly and it retains heat in the core abdomen area and improves sweat levels. You can lose weight more and improve posture with its compression. It provides added support for back and abs so you can exercise and do weight lifting safely.

It is made up of neoprene material and it is contoured to fit well around your waist. So, you can enjoy great flexibility and support to perform a workout. Don’t wear it for longer than 2-3 hours and wear it during exercise only. Adjust the belt to a specific position before exercising and wrap it well around the abs. Wear the belt under your clothing.

Customer Reports
Sonu Malav

It’s too comfortable and elastic better than other product, light in weight. It’s better better for me. Material of belt is good.


I had pain in my back and this belt has helped me with my pain. Now I am able to move my back while I do my exercises. I recommend this belt! It looks premium and strong does not roll down so very comfortable. If it wasn’t for the sweat, I would forget I have it on.

6. Frokht Sweat and Slimming Belt for Men and Women

Frokht Sweat and Slimming Belt

Buy From Amazon

Now you can lose faster with this user-friendly slimming belt from Frokht. It removes additional water weight and retains heat in your abs area, lose more fat and calories, and improves your sweat levels.

 It supports your whole body with a strong core and provides easier breathing, better balance, healthy posture, and improved circulation. It is made of top quality latex-proof neoprene with well designed interior and anti-slip technology to repel moisture and sweat to avoid bacterial buildup.

The grid inner lining of the belt holds the belt in place and also limits bunching and slipping on a workout. It has stretchy and easy to adjust neoprene fabric which is pleasant enough to wear it.

Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

It’s one of the best belt I had ever used. Very good quality material is used. M fully satisfied with this product. This can make u sweat within 30 min.

Amazon Customer

An excellent slimming belt with its great technology. I ordered for Medium size. Got it well in time. Fits perfect on my belly. Good width. Used it today around my waist, real heat effect, got sweat out of my waist and felt very light on my stomach. Please do buy. A genuine and Quality product. Narinder Nanda, Shimla, H.P.

7. EASY BREATHER Smart Sauna Belt Slimming Healthy for Exercise Weight Loss

EASY BREATHER Smart Sauna Belt

Buy From Amazon

EASY BREATHER Smart Sauna Belt Slimming Healthy for weight loss is the best and cost-effective way to keep in shape and lose weight. It helps improve blood circulation and leads you in faster weight loss for the user. Along with it, it has got magnet therapy to help you regain natural balance.

This sauna belt improves weight loss results with proper diet and exercise. It is capable to relax the stressed muscle and improves metabolism. It can provide proper relief from back pain and burns unwanted calories.

Customer Reports
Bikash Kundu

I am very much impressed with the performance of the product. As per the diet guidance with the product, I am using the belt and getting good results.I can control heat and I have not seen any side effects. Before using the belt, follow instructions properly. Affordable price and easy to use. Highly recommended to purchase sauna belt.


When I received the item , I was a little upset as the regulator seemed to be used and brand new, but as far as the performance of the product is concerned, it works. Only one has to be careful if one is using it on bare skin, as it might leave heat or burn marks. Better to wrap it around while having clothes.

8. Jsb Hf59 Slimming Massage Belt With Heat For Women And Men

Jsb Hf59 Slimming Massage Belt

Buy From Amazon

JSB HF59 slimming massage belt is an ultra-pro oscillatory belt as it retains heat for men and women and it is the latest addition to JSB’s slimming belt range. It is an effective and compact belt that takes low energy and is still powerful enough to meet your massage and slimming needs.

It is designed for oscillation, vibration, and heating approaches and it has got different speeds and modes to go with your body needs. The belt is easy to adjust and makes it fit for all waists. It can be used on your waist for burning additional fat.

You can also use it to lower down the fat on your calves and thighs. Along with slimming, you can also use this multi-functional belt to improve blood flow and relieve pain. You can also relieve back pain or shoulders and neck to relieve stiffness.

Customer Reports

I had tried many weight loss programmes and have been disheartened as I could see no result. But this belt has helped me get a couple of inches closer to my dream waist size in two months. I hope I wil keep using it and lets see what results I can get in long run.


All together, the product is good, whether as a massager or a pain releaver. The motor and the rollers are really strong that you feel it worth while using it. Would recommend to all that you won’t regret buying it, as a musle toner or exerciser.

9. Tdas Sweat Slim Belt For Men And Women

Tdas Sweat Slim Belt

Buy From Amazon

Tdas Sweat Slim belt is capable to reduce up to 1 to 3 inches off your waist and sculpts your hourglass silhouette. Its smooth Velcro design makes it easy to adjust for a perfect fit all the time. It helps both men and women to develop a slim body.

By wearing a sweat trimmer belt while doing a workout, it helps remove additional water weight in the abdomen area by making you sweat. It improves the efficiency of your training and helps you achieve your weight loss goal faster.

It provides best back support if you constantly have back pains, really bad pain or poor posture at working hours. It gives added support to abs muscles and lower back. For sizing accuracy, it has dual compression and flexible tapes to provide robust support to your stomach, waist and back.

Customer Reports
Geeta Bisht

This is best if you have a back ache. Its sturdy, good quality and also becomes warm. I feel quite relief when I wear it to the Gym and at home too. But if you are looking only for a sweat belt than this is not it. You feel warm and little sweaty but it does not work like a sweat belt.

Rachana Thakar

This product is saviour for me because it’s easy to ware and best part to reduce my tummy after my pregnancy. It is so durable and can fit anyone so some times even my husband wear it to reduce its tummy.

10. Accuspa Slimming Belt Waist Shaper for Men & Women

Accuspa Slimming Belt

Buy From Amazon

Accuspa Slimming Belt waist shaper for men and women helps burn belly fat and reduce your waist and abs muscles. It improves overall well being and core body temperature. It is designed to slim tummy, waist and tights and offers great lumbar support and abs compression. It heats up your core abs area and keeps your body warm.

So, you will sweat more when it comes to performing daily activities.

It has got scientific design and compression to improve posture, firm tummy, and flatten abs. It is ideal for daily use, exercise or running.

Customer Reports

Excellent quality for the price and its working. I was using all the day and i am gettng sweat at my belly part, perfect size, satisfied with the product.


Perfect size. I bought xxl. It fits well. Go for it.

How to Choose A Right Slim Belt For You

Slim Belt Buying Guide
You need to consider a lot of things when it comes to buying a slim belt.

1. Material

It is very vital to consider as the belt is going to be wrapped around the waist over the skin. You should ensure that it is comfortable and soft to wear. You need to choose a belt made of high-quality material and is easy to wear.

2. Usage

You need to check the reviews as you can learn a lot about customer satisfaction and product. You can learn whether the product is trusted or not or whether it has any issues before making final decision.

3. Durability

Well, it is an important feature if you don’t want to buy any expensive product which gets damaged soon. So, you should ensure the product is durable as you will sweat a lot when it comes to wearing a slimming belt.

4. Size

You cannot get all slimming belts for all sizes before buying one. So, be sure it can fit your waist size and it doesn’t tighten when you are having problems in a workout.

5. Shape

It is completely up to you as to whether you look better in a slimming belt or it makes you look weird.

6. Type

You can find different types of slimming belts in the market, even though they are made to burn fat. You can wrap the belts around your waist and it works by generating heat and it produces sweat at the area to tone and lose weight. You can choose from different degrees of vibration and some have batteries.

  • Vibrating belts – Vibrating slimming belts use Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate the contractions of muscles which resemble performing crunches and sit-ups. They help tone the apps and you can slim the waist by inches.
  • Fat burning belts – These belts are much similar to electronic belts. Only a few of the belts come with electrical pulses to contract abs muscles and help tone the muscles.
  • Magnetic belts – These slimming belts come with vibrating sensations. It uses magnets to improve blood circulation in the body. However, these belts are best suited for arthritis patients.
  • Sauna belts – They are a lot similar to weight loss belts. As you wrap around these belts, it improves core temperature and it helps in weight loss.
  • Electric belts – These belts use electrical pulses to stimulate the tummy area. These types of belts use patented technology to improve core strength. Electronic belts seem to deliver positive results for high stimulation and it is something more than most EMS belts available in the market.

How to use Slimming Belt?


Slimmer belts are quite affordable and improve the overall benefits of a workout. They use sauna action to improve temperature around its area to help lose excess water weight. These belts are basically used around the midsection and they are easy to accommodate several waist sizes. Keep these points in mind when using the slimming belt:

  • First of all, remove all the clothing around your stomach. Lower the waist of pants to open the entire stomach. Apply the slim belt directly to the skin. Wear the belt so it can snug and fit tightly and secure it in place with Velcro lining.
  • Wear the clothing back above the slim belt.
  • Start your workout. You can use the slim belt whether you need to take a leisure walk or engage in a full-body workout.
  • Remove the slim belt once your workout is finished. You can wash it by hand or machine. But you need to clean it after each use.
  • Take a healthy breakfast to start your day. Never miss your breakfast no matter what. Your breakfast should have at least 300 calories. It should be a blend of grain and protein. You must have a sandwich with peanut butter or apple butter.
  • A slimming belt can give a toned body for a while. So, you need to have a proper diet plan which can be better than a slim belt. Be sure to use green vegetables and fruits as snacks instead of chips. Be sure to consume low fats and fry them well.
  • For extra sweat, it is recommended to cover the slim belt all the time. This way, it will generate enough heat so you can sweat more when working out.


There is no lack of slimming belts in the market which are made by different companies. There is tough competition in the market among the weight loss products and it is also very difficult to choose the right product. Every company ensures their product to stand out in the competition with its great features. It is vital to choose a durable and high quality slimming belt which is highly recommended as it is the first priority for every customer.

This is why we have listed the best slim belts for you from various brands that have different benefits. It’s up to you to decide which one to choose for your needs.

You need to choose them well so it is worth your investment and you can achieve your weight loss goals in the end. We hope this guide would help you.

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