Vietnam, indeed, makes for an excellent holiday destination for Indian travelers, and in recent years the number of vacationers from India has significantly increased. Most Indians undoubtedly find Sapa the next favorite destination. After all, it is the most charming and beautiful location in Vietnam and a smooth and convenient way to discover Vietnam!

What adds to the rosy picture is that both countries, Vietnam and India, are going through an enjoyable phase of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and enjoy an excellent foundation that goes back deep in history. The political trust between the two countries is mutual and scaling new heights. The cooperative potentials and bonds are reaching new levels, and this only adds to the strategic relationship between the two nations.

Let us now take a look at some good reason why Sapa, in Vietnam, is fast becoming the most popular holiday destination among the Indians.

1. Closer proximity and direct flights


Vietnam is located very close to India. There are many direct flights between the two countries that make it easier for Indian travelers to enter Vietnam. Vietnam has seen robust growth in Indian visitors following the launch of these direct flights. Those direct air routes have cut down the traveling time between the two countries and have boosted bilateral tourism. The best way to reach Vietnam is to take a direct flight from Bangalore, and the flight time lasts for about 4 hours.

There are several flights from Delhi to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. More and more Indian visitors are visiting Vietnam, and once in the country, they can reach the beautiful city of Sapa by train. All you need to do is book your tickets from Hanoi via a reliable transportation booking platform such as Bookaway. Later, it would help if you took a shuttle bus from the Lao Cai Railway Station to reach Sapa.

2. Easy to get a visa


Another good reason is that it is a lot easier to apply for a tourist visa to Vietnam from Ind, and all one needs to do is go online and follow the instructions to fill in the visa form for Vietnam. Use your credit card to pay, and you will get the Approval Letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department by email within two working days.

Once you arrive in Vietnam, get the visa stamped by the customs officers and pay for the stamping fee. Keep in mind that the Visa on Arrival option is available only for those tourists traveling by air. Indian nationals can also apply for Visa to Vietnam in the Embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi, and the procedure takes about 2-3 business days.

3. Attractive Vietnam tour packages


Indians love the various tour packages to Vietnam that last for about two weeks and provide them the option of customizing the holiday. The tour itineraries cover the leading Vietnam destinations, including Sapa and explore the entire country right from the North through the Central to the South. Each region in Vietnam has something unique to offer to its tourists, such as the terraced rice fields and spaciously green highlands and a lot more.

4. An affordable and memorable holiday


A visit to Sapa valley takes you off the beaten path, and it is worth visiting. It is no wonder to see it become a top tourist destination among Indian travelers and for good reasons. It is a paradise for anyone who loves being outdoors amidst nature. You can enjoy the most memorable vacation, even on a shoestring budget and manage as the lodging, transportation, and food costs are very economical.

5. Charming people and beautiful location


What makes Sapa alluring are its warm and friendly people and the natural highlights like mountains, rice fields, and waterfalls. The culture and history of Sapa are also attractive, and there are remarkable attractions here to enjoy and experience.

The city and the country have something unique to offer the Indian tourists who go back with some fantastic memories and experiences. The local Sapa population is very proud of its culture and traditions. They are naturally fantastic as hosts and are eager to take their guests into the fields and show them how they cultivate rice or share stories of their families.

6. Spectacular journeys and scenic spots


It will be difficult for you to resist those remarkable cultural tours, local market tours, and sightseeing tours in Sapa. The area is a paradise for hikers, and pleasantly moderate climate and clean and green surroundings only enhance the experience. The blossoming plum and cherry trees add colors to the landscape in the spring season while the rice terrace fields take on a golden hue. During the winters, Sapa is covered by the white sheet of snow and makes for a spectacular view.

No matter what time of year you go to Sapa, you should not miss the most scenic spots like Stone Church, Ham Rong mountain, Fansipan Mountain, Bac Waterfall, etc. Do not miss the opportunity to see hundreds of specimens of orchids and admire the spectacular beauty of the mountains from the top of Cau May.

7. The food in Sapa


And if you’re keen on cooking, then the Vietnam food and local delicacies in Sapa are sure to mesmerize your tatting buds. There are a lot of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The non-vegetarians will love the dishes prepared with chicken, red meat, duck, fish, etc. There are a few restaurants that serve Indian vegetarian food. Beer and cold drinks are a lot cheaper than in India.

You can even take some cooking sessions to learn how to prepare those delicacies and add on to your culinary skills. Some of the most popular and traditional foods that are loved by Indian tourists include Thang Co, Sapa Cap Nach Pork, Pau Play Day Cake, Bamboo sticky rice, Salmon Sour Hotpot, Brook fish, and Tao Meo wine. When it comes to food, Sapa will amaze you with its stunning array of dishes and with tens of cuisine suggestions for a memorable food trip.