Software development is what powers the world. We are in that tech age where nearly everything is operated by a computer big and small and by some sort of software to back it all up.

Software development is a multi-million $ business and it is growing more and more. The demand for new pieces of software has never been bigger which is why some companies are unable to fulfil the demand of the market or it is looking for a cheaper way to make it. The thing that answers both of these problems is outsourcing. This has the potential to help you meet your demand and to help you cut down on cost because there is always someone willing to do a job for a lot less money.

Now there are also possible problems that might come with this and a couple are whether you will get the quality software that you hoped and will it be on time. It’s hard to keep tabs on something that you outsourced across the planet and you are possibly dealing with a non-responsive third party.

What is interesting are that there are companies like Axonim that take care of worrying for you. They are the ones to turn of you need something like this and if you need it done correctly.

Now the article today will address outsourcing software development to India, one of the oldest and well-established outsourcing destination in the world. Keep reading if you want to find out all about it.

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  1. History

India has been in the outsourcing game for a long time and they have been the destination to outsource any job you had. It all started years ago with call centres. Even today you will get a call from a guy called Mike that sounds awfully like Ranjit from Mumbai, but we have all grown accustomed to that. They have had a lot of time to develop in this area and they have used it wisely. India today is doing an awfully lot of software development, and they are doing a pretty good job. Although being a revered destination India has a lot of history and a great culture that should be respected. They say never judge a book by its covers and when it comes to India and outsourcing a job there, this couldn’t be more correct.

  1. Price

Let’s be honest, few of us cares less about the speed and quality of software that we are getting back. The main concern is the price we are paying for it. This is a plague in this business, but that is the business model of billion $ companies that are trying to save everywhere they can to earn hand over fist. The prices of software development in India fluctuate a lot and it is not an ideal thing but if you catch a good moment you can get a job done for a very small investment. India has a lot of IT grads that come out of very good schools and thanks to that they have become the number one destination for these jobs. This just testifies to the fact that there is a massive supply of willing against a massive demand of those who can get the job done. Thanks to that prices are lower than anywhere else and even if they fluctuate a bit they are never that unacceptable.

  1. Experience

Believe it or not, there is a lot of experienced developer over in India. This outsourcing has been going for a long time which means that there are mature managers that have 10 and more years behind their belt. Thanks to the good schools, that we already mentioned, and fairly well-developed educational infrastructure workers that you will find there are easily adjusted and can find their way out of any problem. With managers that have experiences in this type of work and the vast number of workers that are pretty good at what they do there is no way that this system might fall apart any time soon. Experience mixed with youth and new knowledge is always a great combo.

  1. Language

People in India generally speak English. This is always a great thing with outsourcing. Thanks to university degrees and the time spent in the IT world English language isn’t a problem here. Imagine if the company you are outsourcing a software development somewhere in the world doesn’t speak a word of your language. How do you see that communication developing and what quality of software would you get, if you get any, with a huge language barrier? This another reason why India is the top place to outsource. English speaking country, with low prices and willing and able workers, is a paradise for companies.

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  1. Culture fit

This is a thing that can be but doesn’t have to an important factor for this kind of work. Sometimes the company you are outsourcing to must understand where you come from, where you stand and have at least a general knowledge of your existence to complete the task decently. Indians have worked with a lot of countries and with a lot of different companies so their, at least basic knowledge, shouldn’t be questioned. They are a mixed bag of cultures when it comes to Americans and British, but they understand them pretty well and in 90% of cases they understand and fit with each other business-wise. There can always be some misunderstandings but those also happen with workers in our country, and even with coworkers that know each other for years.

  1. Quality

Now since we are talking about India there will be a lot of you out there that will say “well, they are Indians, they can do nothing except call centre operators; they are cheap hence they are poor in quality”. This is somewhat unfair to them. As we already stated India has a pretty decent educational system and their students and workers are pretty educated. There are some great software developers out there but there are also billions of people in India which means that you just haven’t found the right ones for your job. No, seriously it is really hard to find good workers there and since the good ones get poached a lot by different companies there it’s hard to locate them when they jump around all the time. They are good at what they do, and they produce quality software, you just have to pick the right team or company for the job.