In some cultures, young people do not have the question of how to find a wife: the tradition remains that parents choose a bride for their son. However, most young people do not know where to start when they think about starting a family. Where to find the only one with whom you can live a long and happy life? Let’s see what opportunities there are today for finding a wife.

Single men often ask their married friends this question to see what they don’t have in the family. Friends usually guffaw, but in the meantime, the question is serious.

Here are a few reasons why men get married:

  1. Love. This is a profound emotional connection between two individuals, an enduring affection that transcends superficial attraction or infatuation. This kind of love is not to be confused with sexual attraction or the initial stages of “falling in love”. It is a deep bond that has been tested and fortified by time and by shared experiences, particularly those that challenge the couple. It is a shared understanding and acceptance, a mutual respect and admiration that forms the foundation of a long-lasting relationship.
  2. Sex. Sexuality plays an integral role in a romantic relationship. For some men, the significance of sex in a partnership can be influenced by factors such as age or personal libido. They may desire a partner with whom they can maintain a regular, consistent intimate relationship, satisfying their physical needs and fostering a deeper emotional bond through their shared intimacy.
  3. Life. Generally more manageable with a partner. Sharing the responsibilities of daily life, such as managing a household or saving for large expenses like real estate or travel, can be easier and more efficient. This partnership can reduce individual burdens and allow for mutual support in both mundane and significant aspects of life..
  4. Status/career. Some men perceive marital status as a boost to their career or social standing. The perception that a married man is more stable, organized, and dedicated can be beneficial in professional environments. This stability might also be thought to allow more energy to be focused on career advancement rather than seeking personal or romantic satisfaction.
  5. Continuation of the family. Some men feel a strong urge to continue their family lineage. This can manifest as a desire to have children, to raise them in a loving environment, and to pass on their personal values, traditions, and legacy.
  6. The desire to have support. Every individual has a basic human need for warmth, care, and affection. Some men seek a partner to fulfill this need for emotional support. They desire someone who will be attentive to their needs and feelings, but also someone to whom they can offer their care and affection in return.
  7. Societal Expectations and Traditions: Many men might decide to marry due to societal expectations, cultural norms, or pressure from friends or family. In some cultures, marriage is a significant event, eagerly anticipated by the entire family. (for example, for an Indian mail order bride).
  8. Unplanned pregnancy. An unexpected pregnancy can lead to marriage. This decision might be influenced by a sense of responsibility, societal norms, or a desire to raise the child in a two-parent household.
  9. The settlement, material interest. Some men might marry for practical or material gains. These could include financial stability, citizenship, a promising job opportunity, or other advantages. While not the most romantic reason for marriage, it does underscore the variety of motivations that can influence such a significant decision.

Specialists in family relations can cite many more possible motives for marriage. So it is essential to figure out what motivates you to understand what you expect from marriage.

No matter how you look at it, man is a creature of couples. The institution of marriage has changed greatly in recent decades, but despite this, people continue to marry and get married. Sooner or later, almost everyone comes to the idea that living in a marriage is better than living alone. It may happen at age 20, 40, or 50, but sooner or later, it does happen.

How do you tell if a man wants to marry you?


Identifying if a man wants to marry you can be nuanced as it heavily relies on individual personality traits and communication styles. However, here are some general signs that may indicate his intentions:

  • He talks about the future with you: If a man often discusses plans far into the future that include you, it’s a good sign he sees you in his life long-term. These plans could be about living arrangements, travel, career plans, or even starting a family.
  • He introduces you to his family and friends: When a man is serious about a relationship, he will want you to meet and get along with the important people in his life. If he’s eager to introduce you to his family and friends, it’s a sign he wants you to be a part of his world.
  • He’s interested in your thoughts about marriage: If he frequently brings up the topic of marriage and is interested in your thoughts and feelings about it, it could be because he’s considering it with you.

  • He’s comfortable discussing commitment: A man ready for marriage is usually comfortable discussing commitment and doesn’t shy away from such conversations.
  • He makes sacrifices for you: Marriage involves compromise and sacrifice. If he’s willing to make sacrifices for your happiness or for the betterment of your relationship, it’s a sign he could be thinking about marriage.
  • He invests in your relationship: This could mean investing time, effort, or even financial resources. If he’s investing in shared experiences or assets (like buying a house or adopting a pet together), he’s likely planning for a future with you.
  • He openly expresses his love: If a man frequently tells you he loves you and shows it through his actions, it’s a clear sign he deeply cares for you. While it doesn’t always mean he wants to marry you, it’s often a prerequisite.
  • His lifestyle aligns with marital life: If he’s settled in his career, financially stable, and his lifestyle aligns with the stability of married life, he might be ready for that step.

Remember, everyone is different, and these signs might not apply to everyone. The best way to know for sure is through open and honest communication with your partner.