WhatsApp is a very popular chat app that connects you with thousands of people from around the world. This app is regarded as one of the best in its category due to the various features and accessibility it offers its users.

A large part of the app is the group feature, which allows you to create or join groups where you can chat with your friends or family members.

But since WhatsApp first came around, people saw the potential based on how many members can join a group chat. It’s safe to say that there is no limit when it comes to inviting people to your chat group, and users sought to exploit that.

As technology slowly creeps into all aspects of life, people have seen the potential and sought to use it. Since WhatsApp is one of the first and best communications apps, the potential for growth was huge.

Since anyone can create a group and invite their friends, some went on a step further and made their group public for everyone to join through special invitation links that the group generates.

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These links were then posted through various forums and messaging boards so that like-minded people could join and connect with others.

This created a sense of community where people who share the same likings could get to know each other better. The links work the same as the new and popular app called Discord. Discord is an app that is predominantly used by gamers where they can connect with other people and play games together. WhatsApp links do the same, but it’s meant for everyone instead.

So with all that said, where is the best place to find WhatsApp groups that you can join and communicate with like-minded people?

As we’ve written this article to help you get a better understanding of what WhatsApp groups are, we’re going to tell you where to find groups for virtually anything. The best source of WhatsApp links is a website called groupslinks.com. There you can browse their vast library of posts and find niches relative to your liking. Do you enjoy playing PUBG? Then why not join one of the WhatsApp groups designed for it. Do you enjoy Mobile Legends? Fear not as you have the option of chatting with other people that can share their tips and tricks about the game.

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But these groups aren’t meant only for gamers to exchange profiles and play together. A popular feature of the app is a thing called WhatsApp Status Video. WhatsApp status videos are short videos, usually around 30 seconds long, that act as a way to share how you feel about a certain thing. The most popular types of videos are New Year celebratory videos, where you can send your closest friends and family members a short 30 seconds video wishing them a Happy New Year. There are of course other types of videos, but we won’t spoil you and let you explore them on your own.

So what are you waiting for? Find the appropriate groups you like, join them and start meeting like-minded people.