If it weren’t for your parents, you wouldn’t be here today reading this. You cost them thousands of dollars and caused a large portion of their white hairs, not to mention years of their lives. The least you can do is get them a nice gift for their anniversary, a date that is very important for you as well. It marked the beginning of a relationship that eventually resulted in you.

As people get older, anniversaries tend to become big deals. After all, celebrating 10 and 40 years together simply isn’t the same. Love and dedication needed to spend such a long time with one person is becoming a rare commodity in our world and should be celebrated. Not many couples stay together to have such important anniversaries.

Each anniversary has its own name. The first is paper, the second cotton, etc. Bigger numbers get better names, obviously. The 20th is porcelain, the 30th pearl, the 40th ruby. Later we have gold for 50th and diamond for the 60th.

The list continues and ends with granite for the 90th wedding anniversary. You can use these names and incorporate them into your gift. Getting gold or diamonds can be a tad expensive, so you can use symbols instead. Of course, this is optional, and you can get a great gift without even mentioning these names.

Finding the best anniversary gift for your parents isn’t easy. If you were getting just a present for mum, you could simply go to EternityRose and pick something out. But if you have to get one present for both of them, things get a little tricky. It has to be something both of them would enjoy or like, and finding something like that is hard.

That is why we have prepared this list. Some of the gifts can be bought, others have to be made. It is up to you to select the one that you think your parents will like the best.

Luxury Cruise

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A lavish cruise on a luxury cruiser to their favorite part of the world is a great way to mark your parent’s anniversary. They get to spend a couple of weeks on the sea,visiting exotic places at your expense. The best thing, aside from being free, is that they don’t have to bother with planning since these cruises are usually planned in every detail. All they have to do is pack and get aboard the ship.

Anniversary Scrapbook

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This is a great way to commemorate their years together. Making a scrapbook filled with their memories and pictures of previous anniversaries, sprinkled with a few details, will be very appreciated by both of them. Make sure to include pictures of all family members. What is even more important is the fact that you took the time to make it yourself and didn’t just go to a store and picked up a bottle of booze.

Digital Frame with Pictures

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Chances are your parents aren’t familiar with the technological developments and latest gadgets, so you will probably have to explain what is adigital frame and what it does. Once they figure it out, they will love it, especially when they realize that they can change pictures at will and add new ones.

In-Home Dinner with a Private Chef

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Taking your parents out for a diner on their anniversary is all nice and well, but you can step it up a notch. How about organizing them a nice, romantic diner at their home, with a professional chef to do all the cooking? Mum will love it because she doesn’t have to do cook anything and she gets to pry out culinary secrets from a real chef. Dad will get to enjoy a great meal and talk to someone interesting. It is a win-win situation.

Framed Family Tree

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Nothing puts one’s life in perspective like a family tree. To be able to see where you came from and what are you leaving behind is a great gift idea, and a family tree does exactly that. That is why it is an excellent opportunity to summarize your parent’s lives at important dates, like anniversaries. Feel free to leave out family members you don’t really care about. You can always say there was not enough space if you need an excuse.

Then and Now Photos

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Nothing says I love you like showing people pictures from their youth when they were young and handsome, with lush hair and wrinkle-free skin. Jokes aside, your parents will probably enjoy this gift, although it will offer them a visual reminder of how many years have past and how much they have changed. You can also try and prove that old saying that after a certain number of years in marriage, married people start to look like each other.

House Cleaning Service

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Chores tend to get harder as you get older and having a professional housekeeping service clean your house from top to bottom can be a marvelous surprise. This is especially true if your parents, like many older people, tend to let things slip. This way, you save them the effort of doing it themselves and treat them with a freshly cleaned home.

Recreate Childhood Photos

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Recreated childhood photos have been a hugely popular gift idea in recent years. Find some of the old pictures, the older, the better, and get all participants to pose for a new one. It can be a prom or graduation day, or the first day of school. Extra bonus for silly poses. You parent will be laughing and smiling every time they see it, so make sure they place it somewhere prominent.

Free Yard Work

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Similar to professional housekeeping gift, but you do all the work. You can also hire a professional, but this is a more intimate solution. You can get them involved as well and make a fun day on the fresh air for the entire family. If they have grandchildren, make sure to involve them as well.