Moving to a different country seems like a challenging task. However, if you gain enough knowledge about that particular country, you won’t face problems. Some people often make the mistake of not researching well before deciding. Unfortunately, they face plenty of problems. If you don’t want to put yourself in such a situation, you should always consume information.

Australia is one of the most popular countries in the world. Many people want to get citizenship there. But it is only possible if you clear the test. The good thing is you can now prepare and practice through this test. Many websites and platforms offer these services to people. If you want to know the best one, you can click here. You won’t have to struggle a lot when preparing for the Australian citizenship test.

There might be many reasons for you to move to Australia. It can be your work, your studies, or more. Still, you need to make your decisions after analyzing everything. We are here to help you. You might be eager to learn some things about this country. So, let’s not waste any more time and get started with the same.

What are the things to know before moving to Australia from India?


If it’s your first time moving to a new country, you should gain some knowledge. Here are the things that you need to know about Australia:

  • Australia is a massive country: Australia is well-known for many reasons. One of the reasons behind it is that it is pretty huge. You can see it on the map and understand how large the area is here. The larger the country is, the more opportunities there are. We are saying this because Australia is a country where you can do various things. From studying to finding a high-paying job, everything is available here.

Some people move to Australia from India because they think there are better opportunities. Well, it is true. But it depends on your thinking as well. It is essential to explore as many places as you can in Australia. As there are many options, you can explore various cities.

  • The climate varies from time to time: Another essential thing to know about Australia is that the climate changes from time to time. You have to consider the weather change, especially if you are moving to Australia. The primary reason is that you have to make sure that you can live in these conditions.

After analyzing everything, you should make a decision wisely. Also, note that different places in Australia have different weather conditions. So, you have to think about which place you will stay. You can check the weather conditions of that place to get a better idea.

  • Sun is always bright in summers: Australia is also a country where you will experience high temperatures and heat. Sometimes, sunlight in some regions is so harmful that it can affect your health in some ways. So, you have to be aware of the consequences. Many animals have died due to extreme heat waves.

The ozone layer above this country is thin compared to other countries. It further means that if you don’t take measures to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, it will be dangerous. So, put on sunscreen, especially in the summer. It will be good for you in many ways. It would help if you also take other preventive measures.

  • Bushfires are common: Almost every forest in Australia faces bushfires, especially when high temperatures. Thunderstorms are also responsible for the same. So, if you plan to move to Australia, you should know where these bushfires occur. It will be better to know these things before moving to Australia.


Natural phenomena like lightning might be harmful as it causes destruction. However, you can save your house from damage by taking preventive measures. The most crucial one is keeping natural debris away from your house. In this way, your house will be safe even in extreme weather conditions.

  • Get suitable healthcare facilities: Australia is also known for providing the best healthcare facilities. You will be surprised to know that many Indians move to Australia to treat some medical conditions. You will meet professional doctors that can help you recover from a specific medical condition. Apart from that, the cost of treatment is not so high.

The citizens of Australia get better options regarding healthcare. We are saying this because healthcare is free in the country. Therefore, the first thing you should do after moving to Australia is citizenship. It has a lot of benefits. Then you can save yourself from high costs regarding healthcare.

  • Enjoy the snowy mountains: The snowy mountains in the country will surely attract you. The best part about snow is that you can enjoy various activities while there is snow. There are many spots where you can participate in their activities. Skiing is one of the most popular activities that people are always curious to try. If you also want to do it, you will get this chance quickly.

People living in Australia love to do some adventurous activities whenever they get a chance. Well, it is much more enjoyable than you think. So, you can make a bucket list before going to Australia and do all the things you have mentioned in the list.

  • The rule of walking on the left: Some people don’t know that Australia has a rule of always walking on the left side. So, always remember it while you are on foot and going somewhere. Well, you won’t have to worry about getting fined if you walk on the right. Nobody will ask you for it. It is always better to follow this rule for your protection.

The Bottom Line


Life in Australia is pretty different from life in India. The rules and regulations also vary. Moving to Australia is a big decision. So, make it after gaining knowledge about the country. It is always better to research before planning anything. In this way, you will know whether it is a good decision for you or not.