A road trip is always fun. However, if you want the experience to be truly enjoyable, you must prepare for all the eventualities well in advance. You must understand the rules and regulations for riding in a particular country. Likewise, you must be comfortable with the bike that you wish to ride. And finally, you need to ensure that all the bike parts are functioning properly. If you are planning a bike trip in India it is a good idea to begin by checking how well the bike parts are functioning. If you need to replace parts like the windscreen, you can look here for convenient options.

Some Common Things That You Should Keep In Mind When Planning A Bike Trip In India

Choose The Right Bike

Most people love riding a fancy bike, but when you want to go for a long road trip, then comfort should be your priority. So you should be comfortable with the bike’s seat, its gear, its handle, etc. Many people change the seats and gear system if they are not comfortable with it. However, before making any change keep one thing in mind, you have to ride for long hours, so do not go for something that is new and rather stick to the things that you have used for a long while.

Get The Parts Fixed If They Need Repairs

Some components of the bike, like the windscreen, the tires, and the side mirrors, are often neglected by riders, but they are vital for long trips. You might not need the windshield on a regular basis, but they are great for protecting you against the hot, dry air on a sunny day or the rain in the monsoons.

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If you are taking a cross country trip in India, the windshield is of particular importance to you as many places in India have warm winds blowing all through the summer months. Likewise, many regions of the country get torrential rain, and the windshield provides significant protection to the biker’s face and chest against torrential rain.

The side mirrors are as important as the windscreen because they enable you to ride safely. Many people do not get the mirror replaced if there is a simple crack across the side mirror. However, getting the mirror replaced is vital as a cracked mirror might affect its reflectivity, and this might affect your ability to see other vehicles properly.

The tire is probably the most important part of any vehicle as it is responsible for the friction that prevents the vehicle from sliding on the road. You must get your tire checked before you embark on the journey. If you are going on a long trip, you will most likely cover several kilometers on highways, and bikes do not have spare wheels, so it is a good idea to get your tires thoroughly checked before starting out.

And finally, you must pay attention to the headlights. If you plan on riding during the evening or the night, then having a headlight to increase your bike’s visibility and to see the road ahead is absolutely must.

Prepare The Route Map Well In Advance

If you are planning on a long trip, then you will need to take quite a few breaks before you reach your final destination. You must plan your trip in such a manner that you get some rest after every six or eight hours, depending on your riding ability. Rely on maps and GPS applications to fix a route. Again, it is always a good idea to contact a few locals before you finalize a particular route. Locals will be able to tell you about shortcuts, and they will also be aware of the routes that you must avoid.

If you are traveling in a group, it is always a good idea to travel with someone who knows the local language so that you can get out of any problematic situation that you may land up in.

Have Some Emergency Contact Numbers

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Before starting out on the journey, you must have some important contact details like that of a towing service, your insurance agent in case your bike breaks down, etc. Also, you must know common numbers like 100 is the number for contacting the local police station just in case you meet with an accident or if you get robbed.

Know The Law Of The Land

You must know the law of the land before you embark on a road trip. So you must have a valid driving license to ride in India. If you are planning to travel across many states, you must have a national permit. You also need to have third party motor insurance for riding in India. A third party motor insurance makes sure that if you hurt someone while riding, that person gets compensation.

And finally, you must obey the traffic rules. You must stop at traffic signals, pay money at toll booths and wear helmets at all times when you are riding. Also, if you have a pillion rider, that person should also wear a helmet at all times.

Drink Lots Of Water And Carry A Small Backpack

The climate in India is hot and humid, so if you are riding for a long time, you must drink water at regular intervals to prevent dehydration and dizziness. And you must not overpack; you should only carry those things that are absolutely essential for traveling because you have very limited space for luggage on a motorcycle.


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A bike trip is a fun and thrilling activity, yet there are several things that you need to keep in mind if you want the trip to go smoothly. It is very important to take precautionary measures for your safety, and hence the tires, headlights, etc., should be in perfect condition. You must also pay careful attention to local traffic rules and adhere to them if you do not want to land in any kind of trouble.