How well-informed are you about the foods you eat every day? For sure, most of us are taking it every meal without knowing a single thing about it. Food serves as essential fuel for all human existence, and it is always an excellent opportunity if someone gives you facts about it. Or perhaps, you just accidentally read random facts online or in a magazine. Well, you better not call it an accident because, for sure, fate intentionally turned that page for you. 

Ready to blow your mind and make your eyes dropped? These following series of weird food facts will surely captivate your attention. They can be insane, but they are absolutely right. Take a moment to enjoy these weird facts about food, and you will surely have a new and different view about those prepared foods on your table. 

Square Watermelons Are More Expensive


Have you seen a square watermelon aside from the circle ones? If not, this is probably one of the weird facts you should have known earlier. There are actually square watermelons that exist, and they are more expensive to the regular circle ones. They usually cost around $85 because of the exhaustive work in putting them into shape. 

Ripe Cranberries Can Bounce


Growers let the cranberries drop to test if they are ripe or not. Cranberries consist of air pockets inside, which make them bounce. Once it doesn’t bounce, the cranberries are considered damaged. The good cranberries are segregated and packaged. 

Lobsters and Oysters Were Considered As Food For Working Class


Lobsters and oysters were considered sea insects, and they were usually served for working-class people. There was also a public law before, which indicates how much lobsters and oysters you could give to the prisoners. Too much served to them was considered as cruelty. Crazy but true. If your grandparents hate it now, better not ask why, it could be the only food they had during the great depression. 

A Gambling Addict Is A Reason Why Sandwich Was Invented


The invention of the Sandwich indicates that humans are genuinely savvy and wise. You may not believe the story behind its invention, but once you have learned, the Sandwich on your desk will not be a piece of Sandwich any more. 

In the year 1762, the dining catalyst took place. Sandwich’s discovery story began with a legendary person known as the Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu while playing his cards. Since he didn’t want to move from the table to get something to eat, so what he did was, he asked his staff for the two bread slices, which was the replacement for his roasted beef, which he used to eat it using his bare hands quickly. That is exactly the time when the Sandwich came in being. However, until now, it’s not clear who initially prepared the Sandwich for him. Either one of his stuff or John Montagu himself.

Flies Are The Reason Of Chocolates Production


If you’re thinking that you’ve just misread it, then reread it because it is absolutely correct. Production of chocolates had not been possible without flies. The reason behind this fact is that there are many microscopic midge species present which is vital for the cacao plant’s pollination. This leads to the production of millions of chocolates. 

Cheese is the Most Stolen Food in The World


Did you know that before that cheese is the world’s most stolen food but not your expensive roast beef, Iberico ham, or white truffles?  Well, if you haven’t known it yet. Today is probably your luckiest day. According to experts, over 4 percent of produced cheese in the whole world gets stolen in just a blink of an eye. There is a black market for all stolen cheeses. See? This is how a mere cheese values like gold.

There Was a Believe that Tomatoes Can Cure Various Ailments


Doctors believed that tomatoes consist of different curing properties that could deal with various ailments, including diarrhea and indigestion. Way back to the early 1800s, tomatoes were one of the main treatments for patients. In the 1830s, a doctor from Ohio turned tomatoes into a concentrated pill. 

A Burger Patty Contains Different Meat of Cows


Fond of hamburgers? Well, this will definitely give you a temporary shock. It is stated in the Washington Post said that the usual burgers we eat in fast food consist of different meat from cows. They are usually a jumble of different animals and consist of unfamiliar muscle tissues. Do you still love burgers? Yes, of course. Who doesn’t want to taste heaven-like food? 

White Chocolates Are Not Chocolates


This fact inevitably blows your mind. Who doesn’t want the sweet taste of soft texture of what we commonly call “white chocolates“,  but this is the right time to correct this misconception of your friends and yourself with this real fact. Regardless of the name and color mentioned, white chocolate is not really chocolates. They are just made of various products of milk like vanilla and the perfect mixture of sugar, lecithin, and cocoa butter.

The Popsicle was Invented Accidentally By An Eleven Year Boy


The original story of the popsicle invention has been part of the multiple debates for years, but NPR assures that it was a young eleven-year-old boy named Frank Epperson who invented a popsicle by accident. This boy’s name was Frank; he left a blend of soda and water, which was placed in a glass openly for a night. That mixture got frozen, and Frank ate it. At first, they called it “Esicle.” Years later, children start calling it “Popsicle.”

 Raw Oysters Are Alive When You Eat Them


Chefs serve oysters alive quickly as the oysters tend to die very quickly. So basically, at the time of their serving, they are still breathing, and of course, you will eat it alive. Some oysters can live more than fourteen days, and once they deteriorate, they can’t stay for long and healthy enough to get eaten. It’s a really beneficial yet surprising thing that oysters have not an ordinary nervous system like other animals and humans. Thus, At the time when they are being eaten, they don’t feel any pain.


After reading those series of weird food facts mentioned above, take the chance to share it with your family, friends, relatives, classmates, or workmates. Perhaps, when you are about to take your meal in a restaurant or fast food and saw a familiar food that has a story behind it. That is the perfect way to share your knowledge. As they say, sharing is caring.