The Indians are known as the people who eat food with a lot of spices. These spices give a unique taste and make diversity between food from north or south of the country. Also, they represent the small secrets of every cook and housewife.

It is well known that the foodstuffs most used in India provide all the essential ingredients needed by humans. So according to the diet of Indians is very rich in proteins, minerals, fats, and fibers and this means that it is very healthy.

However, despite this fact, there is a problem in India with diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Although used in the diet almost every day, these foods are not being prepared in the right way, and then they do not affect health in the right way.

These foods are very beneficial and can help you stay fit, but above all, they are very healthy if used properly. They can be a solution for those who have a problem with weight and who want to reduce it, as well. In the following text, you will discover which these foods are. So, if you’re ready, let’s start.

1. Pulses or Dal

Pulses or Dal


Dals or pulses are one of the indispensable and favorite foods in India. They are very healthy and rich in minerals (potassium, calcium and iron) and vitamins (A, B, C, E). Also, they contain very important compounds such as amino acids.

Their effect on health is really great because the pulse affects the level of blood sugar and cholesterol. If you want to lose weight, then we recommend moong dal, of course, prepared in the right way, without oil.

2. Roti or Chapatti

Roti or Chapatti


Roti or chapatti are the main foods in the north of this large country, but also Bengal and Rajasthan. The main ingredient of this food was previously wheat branched called atta, but now more are used the combination of jowar, sattu, barley, wheat and bayra.

First of all, these foods are rich in fibers and carbohydrates, which is very important for good digestion.

3. Rice



Rice is a symbol of not only India but also the entire eastern part of Asia. This grain is very popular in everyday nutrition. There are many types of rice, but certainly the most common is white rice. However, if you care about your health, which is surely, then we recommend brown rice.

This species is recommended for diabetics. Of course, you can still eat white rice, but not too much. You can combine it with the aforementioned chapatti and thus make a diet rich in fibers and carbohydrates.

4. Indian Curries

Indian Curries


Indian curries are known for their spicy taste. To prepare traditional curry, a lot of fat is used, but if you want to lose weight, then the goal is to reduce fat. Curry will also turn out to be very tasty if you cook it with less oil and some spices, of course. Also, for a healthier curry use yogurt instead of cream.

5. Paneer


source: wikipedia

Paneer is a food that has very little calories and tastes that everyone likes. It is actually a type of cheese, and the value of calories depends on the type of milk used to prepare it-toned or full cream milk. For paneer that will be excellent for your low-calorie diet, toned milk is perfect. If made from such milk, the paneer will be rich in calcium that affects your bones and prevents the diseases.

6. Curd


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The curd is a dairy product that is excellent if you are aiming to lose weight. The main ingredient is fermented milk containing useful bacteria that are good for your stomach. Curd can be used to prepare curry because it is a yogurt that has low-fat content.

7. Idly


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Idly is the food that is prepared for the dal and fermented rice on steam. It is usually eaten in the morning as breakfast. There is no high-fat content, and it is rich in protein and carbohydrates.

8. Dhokla


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Dhokla is a dish suitable for diabetics. It’s made of fermented dal. It is characterized by a large amount of protein and fiber, as well as a low-fat content since it is not fried.

In addition to this food, you can try some of the specialties that are characteristic of India. They are also very healthy and helpful. We mean turmeric, which can be found in a large number of Indian dishes, and it is famous for its color and taste. It also has medicinal properties as it helps to lower cholesterol level and high blood pressure.

Then, we have curry leaves that give a special taste to every meal, but they also have a very beneficial effect on our organism because they help reduce weight and throw away toxins from the body. Also, cardamom is a spice that helps reduce pounds but is also recognizable by its aromatic taste.

We also have chilly and garlic which is another of the spices you need to have in your daily diet to get rid of unwanted weight.