If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you definitely like to collect new games on your laptop, but sometimes, you might face problems while running them.

If you are facing problems in playing a game on your Laptop, there may be multiple reasons for it.

The issue may be related to the software or it may be related to the hardware. Now, whatever the problem is, there are a few bug fixes that you can try.

Here, we have discussed a few troubleshooting options for times when you are facing problems playing your games.

Check out these.

Check if your laptop system is compatible with the game specifications

If your game isn’t running on your laptop, one of the reasons may be that your system does not meet the specifications that it requires.

You can easily check this on your laptop. Go to the game’s support site and find out what are the system requirements.

Having Troubles Playing Games on Your Laptop

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Once you know the requirements, you can compare them with your laptop’s system to see if it matches.

In case of your laptop’s system specifications do not align with the game’s requirements, this must be the case why it isn’t running on your device.

If you still go about running the game, it may show black screens or crash when you launch it.

1. Unable to Verify Your Game Files

Sometimes, it is possible that your gaming file isn’t installed properly. In such cases, you may face problems in running the game.

This problem can be fixed by verifying the integrity of your files. If you use steam, you can do so by launching the software and verifying the game files in the Library section of the software.

Sometimes, it happens that steam may not even open your laptop, so you are unable to verify the game files. Well, that is fixable too. To know about ways to fix Steam, view source here.

2. Run Games with Administrator Rights

Sometimes, the game needs administrator rights to run properly. Allowing administrator rights makes sure that your gaming application has full rights to do the things it needs to make the changes it needs to make on your computer to run properly.

Since this procedure is a bit risky, Windows automatically shuts off these privileges. However, if you trust the source of your application, you can run the administrator rights and see if the game works.

3. Update the Video Card Driver

If your issue with your game is related to its graphics, you can try updating the video card drivers on your laptop. This should fix the issue.

To update the driver, simply go to the driver manufacturer’s website and see if any updated version is available. If so, download the latest version and run it on your laptop.

Update the Video Card Driver

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4. Keep your Operating system Up to Date

Regularly update your operating system. This helps all your device’s applications to run smoothly.

Check for updates every now and then and whenever you find a new update, install it immediately. You can also set your Auto Update settings on so that whenever a new update is available, it is automatically installed on your laptop.

Final Words

Here are some expert tips to run the games smoothly on your laptop. These bug fixes should help you solve your issue and let you enjoy a seamless gaming experience on your computer without any kind of trouble.