Indian kurtas are one of the most liked clothing across the world. They are in high demand because of their elegance and ease of styling. Kurta is an outfit that never goes out of fashion. It comes in a variety of colors, fabrics, and designs. You can wear an unembellished kurta or a designed kurta with Salwar or pants.

Kurtas are also available in various lengths. Some are short-length, some are mid-length, and others are pretty long. Even the buttons and sleeves of the Kurta vary a lot. Some have cuff sleeves, whereas others have simply folded sleeves. The collar is another factor that depends on the length of the Kurta. So, you get a lot of options for styling your day to day look with these Kurtas. You can also style them according to the event you want to attend. Here are some of the best ways to flaunt in Kurtas:



Dhotis are pretty famous in India and are liked by all generations. The white-colored Dhoti is an ultimate choice for youngsters to wear with dark-colored Kurtas like blue, green, chocolate, red, black, pastel, and purple. A combination of blue kurta with white Dhoti is definitely stylish.

You can try a floral print kurta with silk Dhoti and Tiledar Shoes if you have to attend a colorful event. It’ll give an ethnic and luxurious touch to your personality. However, if you have to attend some religious gathering, then you can go for a basic kurta with simple Dhoti and Kolhapuri Shoes. You can complement this look with a simple watch and a brooch.

Dhoti comes in different fabrics such as cotton and silk. You can select the cloth depending on the weather and event. However, we’ll advise you to avoid Dhoti in Winters.



This one is an elite combination. You can slay in any function with this pair. Either you want to carry a short kurta with a narrow hemline or, you want to wear a long Kurta and narrow Pajamas. You will decide the length here. You should buy the same fabric for both Kurta and Pajama if you are buying it from different shops.

Pajamas can be of Jamawar, Silk, Cotton, Linen, Denim, or any other material. You can wear mules, khussa, moccasins, or sandals with your chosen outfit.

Nehru Jacket and Kurta


Nehru Jacket or Modi jacket is the modern version of waistcoats in India. Nehru Jacket is a bit shorter and has no collar as compared to the waist. You can wear any of these two with the Kurta. But Nehru Jacket is in demand these days. You can wear it with Jodhpuri pants for a stylish look.

These jackets give a luxurious look to your personality. If you carry them with any basic set of Kurta-Pajama. If you haven’t tried wearing a Nehru Jacket with a kurta, we highly recommend it. You can select any waistcoat that complements your dress style. It could be simple or floral as well.

Shawl with Kurta


Most of the time, people don’t know the difference between a shawl and a dupatta. It is bigger than the dupatta. The Shawl is best to wear in winters. You can use a simple or a striped shawl with Kurta and Dhoti. You can also match it with Kurta-Pajama. It never goes off fashion and looks spectacular with the dresses. Silk shawls can be sed with brocade or silk Kurta.

Indo-western Kurtas


Indo-western Kurtas are a treat for those who love to wear something unique. Asymmetrical Kurta and Agrakha-style Kurta are trending this year with Dhoti or Pajama. Many celebrities are spotted wearing this Kurta in India as well. You can choose this outfit for formal dinner or family gatherings.

You can wear men’s pendants to enhance the stylish look of this dress. Flowered buttons and printed pockets are other things that you can try if you want a funky look.

Accessories to Carry with Kurta


You can steal the show with a simple Kurta and light accessories. In whatever outfit you’re wearing, some simple accessories can really brighten up the look.

If you are attending a big event, you can add a Kanthimala with the dress as well. Remember, don’t go for heavy mala unless you are a king or a groom. Some accessories, like a watch or a men’s brooch, enhance the attraction of the suit. You can use a floral brooch or a long pin-like brooch as well.

For a traditional look, you can try a Turban with a Kurta-Dhoti. Various turbans are available in the market, like velvet turban, brocade turban, stonework turban, silk turban, and simple turban.

Things to avoid


Carrying a Kurta is no big deal if you are wearing a right bottom and recommended footwear underneath. People often avoid the importance of wearing matching footwear with Kurtas. However, you can wear sneakers or joggers under a kurta if you are styling it with denim jeans. But you can’t wear these shoes under a short Kurta or a Chooridaar Pajama. It’ll ruin your look.

Similarly, wear dark-colored Kurtas with white bottoms. Don’t go for light Kurtas if you are wearing light-colored bottoms. If you don’t like to try vibrant colors for Kurta, you can try wearing all monochrome. You can even wear all black with a reddish-brown or skin-colored shawl.

Final Words

If you are living abroad and have no access to the local shops of Indian dresses, you can buy these ensembles from online shops that deliver worldwide. Remember to choose trusted stores like Nihal Fashions when buying Indian dresses, saris, kurtas, and other pieces of clothing. They have a wide selection of Kurta-Pajamas, Pathanis, Sherwanis, and others.

The kurta has been such an important part of Indian culture. It has been worn for ages and it has definitely evolved into different styles over the years. Whether you prefer simplicity or extravagance, there’s always a way you can style a kurta according to your needs. And with a few accessories, you’ll definitely be turning heads.